Genesis 22:1-14: missed flight

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

missed flight

it was an eventful evening for me over at bangkok. i missed my flight to chiangmai, but thankfully, A was with me. he was very calm and i thank God he was there to help.

my flight to chiangmai was rescheduled from 7.10pm to 8.40pm but i was to call to confirm. however, when A called twice at 4ish pm to confirm, the system was down. my dad checked the internet for me and told me that it was neither timing. so, A and i decided to be at the airport by 5ish pm just in case it was at 7.10pm.

however, at the airport, the digital board kept showing that the flight was "DELAYED" and check-in was not opened yet. we checked the counter, it wasn't opened too. we kept returning to check the board 3-4 times...till 7.10pm but the counter was still not opened. so, we went for dinner and when we checked the board at 8pm, it showed "check-in closed". we rushed to the counter (D17) and was told the flight had not taken off. i asked if she could help put me on the flight but she said only if i went w/o my luggage. that was not possible, so i pleaded with her to help me call up the gate counter to ask if anything could be done. i suggested that i bring my luggage on and leave it in the care of the air crew. she refused and told me to choose, bag or me. she picked up the phone and spoke in thai, i thought she was helping me, but A said she was not talking abt my situation at all. she was talking to other ppl abt other matters. at 8.20pm, the man on the next counter realised A was thai, and "tried" helping. but in short, he told me to get to the ticketing counter.

when i got to the ticketing counter, anor lady checked for me and told me my flight had JUST taken off. i asked if she could put me on the next flight, she said i would have to buy anor ticket. i had no choice and booked the next flight and was told to check-in. but the person at the check-in counter (D17 lady) told me i can't check in again. she said i had to remove my liquids (toiletries) and bring my luggage on board. i was really upset cos that was what she refused to do when i suggested that for the original flight. so, i left my toiletries bag with A, who said he'll send it to me by Friday. i ran a really really long way to get to my plane.

at the gate, i got acquainted with a thai lady who really empathised with me and on board, she moved her mom to sit with her kids so i could sit with her. when i got on board, the steward took my luggage and said he has communicated with ground crew and told me to leave my luggage in his care. i mentioned in passing that after paying for anor flight, i still had to do that. he came to me when i was in my seat and asked me for my flight details, saying that i shouldn't be made to pay for this flight. he said that since my flight had not taken off, they ought to have tried to put me on. and when they failed to, they should have put me on the next flight (his flight) w/o having to pay for anor ticket. he told me to write my account of what happened and he'd attach it to his report cos he felt (the airline company) ought to refund me for the 2nd ticket i was made to pay at 2,095baht.

thankfully, koi and p'o (who drove his car to get me) was really kind to wait for me at the airport tho i was late. we had a drink and went home close to 12am.

this morning has been rather alrite. i spent some time doing my quiet time using the titus materials. waited for the washing machine repairman to come before koi came back to get me for lunch. but when koi returned, i told her the man hadn't come. to my disbelief, she told me the new helper (no longer p'prani) said that the repairman came and left alr! (prolly was i was bathing...) haha...

m now sitting on the couch at koi's office. we had lunch by the roadside and m trying to be good and work on my hebrews assignment. we'll be meeting drum for dinner later when koi knocks off.

in summary, although it's been an eventful and rather frightful but adventurous night for me, i thank God for taking care of me all the way.


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