Genesis 22:1-14

Monday, March 30, 2009

5 years old :]

this blog has served me faithfully for 5 wonderful years...on top of that, God has brought me to another phase of my life, so...just thought it'd be nice for a change :] you may now read of God's goodness and faithfulness to me at :]

Sunday, March 01, 2009

sunday with p'nick

thank God for the opportunity to meet up with p'nick. very much looking forward to the next time we meet :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

no mistake 'bout it :)

just about a month ago i blogged about how i wonder if i made the right decision to teach this sunday school class m taking this year.

i thank God for showing me clearly His answer to my question.

with all confidence in the God i serve, i can say that...

i've made the right decision.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

breakfast with daniel :)

breakfast at science centre macs

thank God for friendships such as this! :) genesis law corp hadn't just been a place i worked at for 9months while considering and praying over the Lord's direction for me, met good bosses, learned precious lessons and gained out-of-textbook experiences, but also the place i made pretty good friends :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

"told you to wait"

just slightly more than a week ago, my dad heard me say i wanted to get an organiser and he had told me to wait, and he'll get me a really good one. well...i didn't wait, and went to get one from kinokuniya.

after i spent $28.90 on a chip 'n' dale schedule dad gave me an organizer from barclays. -_-" and when i looked was really good. among other stuff, it includes the monthly page in the size of my preference. he made me show him my organizer, yes, the cheap, i mean chip 'n' dale organizer...and laughed at me. "told you to wait!~" so i asked him, "then what do i do with mine now?"

"throw away la!" =(

sigh...i can't help but silly.

Friday, January 02, 2009

a decision to reconsider

it's been on my mind for some time now...since the last night of Sunday School camp. as much as i'd love to teach this group of young ladies (even more so since i'd be serving the Lord alongside my closest friend), deep down, m really really afraid. i don't deny i fear rejection. i don't deny i fear being compared with the teacher i'd be replacing. and i don't deny...m discouraged. have i made the wrong decision...but worse, have i heard the Lord wrongly about teaching this class?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i failed!

gwyn failed her driving test today! but she's really grateful to all who have prayed for and with her. she's really upset...but she believes she'll be alright after a while. after all, such things (like a license) come only in God's timing, when He feels she's ready for it. for guys can pray that she won't be upset for too long! =/

Friday, December 12, 2008

SS Camp 2008 testimony :)

“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2) This instruction – for believers to teach others, who would go on to teach others – is necessary if we want our church to multiply spiritually. Therefore, it is with much joy, I praise and thank God for moving the hearts of the camp committee to make “Discipleship” and disciple-making our theme this year! Working together with a committee who shared a vision for born-again disciple-makers to learn and apply God’s Word in their lives, was a wonderful, edifying experience. It was encouraging to see the care and support given to one another, especially when most of us were struggling to cope with our busy school/work schedules, topped up with many other commitments.

This year’s camp was definitely a refreshing one, especially with all the new activities like taking the campers through the history of Christianity in Singapore on the “Amazing (g)race”, teaching them practical Quiet Time skills, giving each camper some private time to reflect on their walk with God during “Prayer Labyrinth”, and allowing them to experience what it is like to live as believers in countries facing persecution through the simulated “Underground Church”…all of which I benefited from too, even as a mentor.

I thank God for the privilege of being a mentor and friend to the group, “Philip”. It always brings joy to my heart to see the children and youths come to a decision to take Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or be assured of their salvation. Caring for the spiritual well-being of the young people God placed under my care, and challenging them to live their lives as true disciples of Jesus, was not an easy task, but I was often reminded that it is in my weakness that God’s strength is made perfect, and all I had to do was give my best and leave the results to Him.

Listening to Rev Goh’s messages on discipleship / disciple-making was really spiritually-refreshing! God has blessed Rev Goh with a teaching style that not only engages his audience, but also helps them to remember the lessons through the use of “live” illustrations, action songs, and various acronyms!

Though this year’s camp has come to an end, the committee believes that this is just the “appetizer” to our long-term plan to live as true disciples as well as help others do the same. I was greatly encouraged to see many of the Post O Level students commit to being understudy mentors this year and I pray that many more would follow their examples. It must have been not easy for them to be thrust into the job right away at their age, but they did a really wonderful job by the grace of God. It is my earnest prayer that all of us continue living out the “Great Commission” daily, sharing our faith and equipping others to do the same. I pray too, that the friendships forged would continue to grow so that we may all encourage one another in our walk with Him.

May all praise and glory go to our Heavenly Father Who truly deserves them! ☺

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

SS camp 2008 (day two)

"wait on the LORD, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." Psalm 27:14

goodbye to my W910i
yesterday evening, while on the way home and back to pick up bananas along the way, i lost my hp. due to my carelessness, i had put my hp into my pocket (and the pocket of my brown bermudas is actually rather shallow) and it probably fell out while i was cycling. i've never cried despite losing my hp thrice before, but this time, i really cried non-stop the entire evening and so much that my eyes hurt till the next morning...i could let go of the hp since it's material possession, but i was extremely upset abt losing the many photos, sound recordings and smses that meant a lot to me and would have want to keep. on top of that, i was worried the photos would fall into wrong hands.

i thank God for the timely reminder from His word.

reading from Psalm 27, verse 14 spoke the loudest to me because it greatly comforted me. i was reminded and challenged to wait on the Lord to refresh, renew, and teach me, even when it seems He doesn't understand my situation or the urgency of it, like when i lost my hp...because i know deep down, that He really IS in control.

i thank God too, for the many friends and ss kids at camp who showed me their concern on knowing that i had lost my hp, and how they supported, showed empathy, encouraged and were there for me...special thanks to my 'cher who lent me her shoulder to cry on (i made a mess on it), my shelia dear for her warm tight hugs, alex for the (much) use of his hp and for trying to call mine, and yvonne, who offered to backtrack my route to trace for the phone :) i really appreciate your love and help :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

cf friends :)

introducing to you 3 very wonderful gentlemen who made my TP days really enjoyable, and well, took pretty good care of me. i'll remember how they'd simply call to meet up for a meal between classes, and how they never failed to encourage me spiritually :) so many things that i can still remember, but seriously...just too many for me to name one by one..!

from left: zhiwei, bala, me and timo :)

very thankful for these brothers-in-Christ who never fail to brighten my day each time i see them. it was the case back during TP days, and still the same today...i really thought it was very sweet of them to compromise and come over to JE library to meet up instead of making me go to city hall this afternoon (thank you guys!) a pity it's rare that we get to meet up since they live so far away from me! *sobs*

well, i didn't get to work on my assignments today, but no regrets at all. m really grateful to them for always being the ones to initiate meeting up and i thank them for spending the afternoon with me...i really really missed those CF days and i so thank God for the time of fellowship. looking forward to the next meet-up!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

quick thanksgiving!

now's not exactly a great time for me to blog; m gng thru my busiest time of the year with all the assignment deadlines, preparation for sun sch camp (that's just a week away!), other church commitments as well as personal ones like tuition and time for family and friends. but here's just a very quick thanksgiving. i just checked my grade for a paper i wrote for my Hebrews module and i really m very grateful to God for it.

two weeks ago i submitted that paper, feeling very disheartened; i felt it was very badly done and i've never felt this bad about any other papers i've written. however, like i told 'cher, shelia dear, jasmine and yvonne, i won't be upset for long cos there's nothing i can do abt it besides entrusting the matter into God's hands. on top of this very badly written paper, whilst in chiangmai, i didn't do very well for an exam and i needed my assignments' grades to pull up my overall grade for my Hebrews module. God really is good to me...He gave me a very gracious tutor who read and graded my assignment way beyond my expectations. i was expecting a "perfect" fail. God decided it'd be a perfect score - a score i know i really don't deserve. may all praise and credit go to my Heavenly Father Who is not only full of wisdom and omniscient, but who loves and cares enough for me to bother abt the grades for my Hebrews assignment :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

a relaxing thursday!

an enjoyable day for me :)

spent some time with sis pat's parents and christy by the poolside at amari rincome hotel. it was wonderful having a "deeper than just a-on-the-surface" conversation with sis pat's mom. haa, and playing with christy by the pool, dipping her feet in and playing spot-the-dragonflies probably helped me win her heart a little more. haha :b

went to campus crusade hall this evening for the wedding rehearsal. this is my first time playing the piano for a wedding but i realised that a thai church wedding is so different from one in singapore...and it ain't easy and was rather confusing for me.

aof was really nice to have dinner with me this evening. we had chicken rice by the roadside and i got to recite john 3:16 in thai to the stall owner, haha :)

while she was sending me back to bro nat's home on her bike, aof suddenly said she felt like drinking ovaltine and so we ended up at the snackhouse a stone's throw away from bro nat's home. i thank God for the time with aof...we laughed so much, my stomach muscles hurt. and of cos, we ate so much, i felt like puking!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

geoff's 5th birthday

had an interesting time going to geoff's sch to celebrate his birthday, followed by a birthday dinner with pastor and mrs heng, mr and mrs ngoh and bro michael's family. i shall let the pictures speak for themselves :)

at geoff's school

at a cantonese restaurant

thank God for aof who was so sweet and came to pick me up to spend some time at the ERC. it was fun hanging out there...doing my precept homework, chilling out with anyone who came by, and call me a late-adopter, but...i got myself a hi5 account today! hahaha...

Monday, October 27, 2008

i helped cook!

i know this doesn't look too yummy, but because like what sis pat said - "sometimes the best way to learn is to actually do it" - she gave me an opportunity to fry this evening's vegetables on my own. haa...well, i passed, apparently - since the entire bowl was empty after dinner :) heh

daddy and mommy, if you see this, prepare yourselves for a home-cooked meal by me when m back in singapore! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday in chiangmai :)

thank God for the opportunity to worship and fellowship with the believers of lighthouse bpc once again. it was God-glorifying, heart-warming and definitely, encouraging :) even though i couldn't completely understand all the songs/hymns they sang, i was encouraged and moved by how they worshipped God with all their hearts, souls and minds. i long for such worship in Galilee...where all sing, praise and worship our Lord with joy and love for Him.

had a nice time chilling out at country cafe after worship service and lunch with the thai believers :)

with koi at country cafe :) - the rest were having bible study/discipleship

bro nat and family are finally back from their short holiday in bangkok! very thankful to them for allowing me to put up at their home even before they return...and how they arranged for koi to stay with me so i wouldn't be alone. God has been taking care of me through them! :)

anyway...koi went back to her hostel yesterday. like bro nat said, it's probably not a mistake that i arrived in chiangmai earlier than scheduled. while they were away, it was an opportunity for me to spend time with koi to share, listen, pray with and encourage her. i thank God for a meaningful time we had, esp one fri evening at the coffee house in front of our soi (lane). pray with me, that koi would continue to grow in her walk with God and live with Him as her priority, as she waits on Him for a clear direction at this stage of her life.

Friday, October 24, 2008

a day in bangkok

i guess, as a result of the missed flight saga, i didn't have the opportunity to share about my short but wonderful day trip in bangkok.

wonderful not because of the things i saw, heard or ate...but rather, i thank God for the opportunity to meet up with a bro-in-Christ after not seeing him for abt 3 years. m grateful to God, and to A - probably my 1st thai friend - for taking time off work to spend the afternoon with me, and even waiting for me at the airport for more than 2 hours! m really encouraged, seeing how good the Lord has been to him...and how thankful he is to God for seeing him thru the difficult times. i must say, God is really taking care of this friend. He must be.

anyway, i didn't do much, just went around the city a while. A (a.k.a. issaya) took me there for lunch and brought me to Siam Paragon - where he said i must tell my friends back in singapore and chiangmai that i've been there cos it's the new hot spot? :)