Genesis 22:1-14: November 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

philippians 4:13

for the first time, i cried while reciting my fav verse.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

goodbye exco

it's hard to believe 7 years have gone by. today's my last day in the executive committee. m grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him in this area for seven long years. i've watched this grp transform...from being known as the YTF, to the GTF and finally YF.

i want to thank God for His goodness towards me all these years while i was serving Him in the ex-co. one of the most impt things i learnt is tt, he who honours God, him also will God honour. God has blessed me in many ways and i have never regretted serving Him. He has shown me great and mighty things, and tt He's always in control of everything.

i wanna thank God for the wonderful ppl i've worked with all these years. it's been a joy serving the Lord and working with them...sure, we've had our ups & downs, but thru all these laughters and tears, we've grown together in the Lord! i was very touched by wat rev ong, 'cher, josiah (whom i've worked with the longest - 6 years!), lydia and youren shared abt me during "encouragement to exiting exco members" to thank me and encourage me :) i was so moved i almost teared... i thank God for all of you, too. thank you for taking notice of even the littlest things i did and thank you, most of all, for your thankfulness...

and now, i'd just like to encourage the executive committee of 2006...your work for the Lord is never in vain, for He will reward you according to His riches. with all your heart, may you continue to serve the Lord with gladness and zeal! and at the end of it all, may He say to you, "well done, good and faithful servant!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

my brother's home!

once again, praise the Lord! darrell was discharged this afternoon :) i really thank God cos it's during this time tt i see who are the ppl around me who care...altho it wasn't me in hospital, those who are close enough to me would know how much this darling brother means to me. i thank God for their love and encouragement. today during quiet time, i was studying philippians 1 when i asked myself if we as christians are thankful for the ppl around us and praying enough for them, or are we taking one anor for granted. well...m glad tt many galileans are ppl who never fail to be there when you're in need of prayer and encouragement. of cos i won't forget others like mrs ng & clarence as well :) whilst my bro was in hospital, many ppl kept him and my family in prayer...thank God for these wonderful prayer partners! anyway, altho darrell is home, he has to stay away from rugby for a month! i pray he'll be obedient and rest well.

thank God tt shelia dear is fine too. having fun with her uni friends in KL. was so happy and touched when she called me just now! thanks dear! then there's jaime who's away in india with her schoolmates. may our Sovereign God protect them wherever they go, and may they be a blessing to ppl they meet! as for those still having exams, i.e. nelson, erica & joanne, may our omniscient God grant them wisdom frm above, proper time mgt and discipline to study and finally, bring glory to Him with their results!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

thank you

finally back home from the hospital. very tired, but encouraged. my family and i are very grateful to all of you who came to visit my brother. thank you for all the love you've shown and encouragement you've given. thank God, too, for those who couldn't come but showed concern by asking about him at church this afternoon, or sent their support and encouragement thru smses. i thank God for the christian's really in times like this tt m reminded of how blessed we are. my bro shares a ward with 3 other patients and among the 4 of them, he definitely has the most visitors...(in fact, there's not a single moment in the day he's without a visitor!) m sure they know we're christians and are able to see how our brothers/sisters-in-Christ are encouraging my family. wat a great testimony! to all of you who have been praying, thank you so very much. the doctor has confirmed tt it's dengue and will keep him under observations till his platelets level goes back to normal. all praise and glory be to our Jehovah-rapha, Who is able to wound, and able to heal!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

prayer request

pls uphold my darling brother, darrell, in your prayers. he's been unwell since sunday and had a blood test at the clinic. thank God he was tested negative for malaria, but his platelets count was low and liver enzyme produced went up by twice. today, he was referred to the hospital and put on a drip becos he was dehydrated from all the loss of fluids. by God's grace, he's now able to drink and retain water. ate a lil during dinner too : ) but he has to be kept under observation at the hospital becos his platelets count is still low and doctor suspects it might be dengue...he won't be discharged till it's back to normal becos not enough platelets means he'll bleed and/or bruise easily. thank God he's in good spirits when a few of us visited him after YF this evening...but my family and i covet your prayers : ) tho i pray tt he'll recover soon (cos i miss having him at home!), my prayer request isn't just abt his recovery actually, but also tt he'll draw close to God during this time...and at the end of it, may he be able to give glory to our Great Physician!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

m very excited!

praise the Lord! He has answered my prayers : ) i'll be following my current pre-nursery class up to nursery next year! whenever parents (or grandparents) ask if i'll be teaching PN2 in nursery next year, i'd just give the same "i'm praying i'd get to" reply...and God has been faithful and really gracious by giving me the same class next year! it's been wonderful teaching this class, esp with their parents being so supportive...God has really blessed me : ) isn't He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?! wheeeeeee~

m sure looking forward to a brand new 2006 with my darlings!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

will the Lord make a way for me?

it's one of those times when m faced with a tough decision to make. sunday sch camp's from 5th-9th of dec. as much as i want to mentor at ss camp, i very much would like to join the mission team to chiangmai on the 9th of dec. it seems almost impossible for me to go now...but m still praying hard tt somehow, if it's according to God's will, He will make a way for me to go...will you pray along with me?

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4:6

Saturday, November 12, 2005

proverbs 3:5-6

thank God tt this week is almost coming to an end. i had to assess my kids so i can grade them in their report books. also, since there are only 3 days at sch next week, i had to make sure i got them to complete next week's arts & crafts by this week so we wouldn't have to rush then. on top of tt, we had a baking session with the kids on tue, which meant less time for me to assess them or do crafts! i was a lil worried tt i wouldn't be able to complete my tasks...esp when i had so much on my mind. but m glad tt each time i prayed and asked God for grace, strength and wisdom to complete my task, God guided me thru.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

wed was numbers day for my class. the kids did pretty well. they counted the dots correctly, they could recognise the numbers, they counted the right no. of toy buns, etc. but on fri, when i did numbers again, they just couldn't get anything right! i started to feel a lil frustrated & impatient, wondering what was wrong with them...only at the end of the day, did i realise my mistake...i usually whisper a prayer to commit my kids to the Lord before i teach them, asking God to grant the kids wisdom from above to understand what i teach, and me, patience as i teach them...but on friday, i didn't...i've come to realise how impt it is to acknowledge God in all that i do, for He shall direct my paths if i do so. praise the Lord...i thank Him for this precious lesson.

thank God for seeing me thru the writing of remarks in my students' report books. i now know how tough it is to do tt, esp when i should only write down the positive stuff. but i thank God, for giving me the right words to say, and most impt of all, for helping me see only the beautiful side of my students while i write their reports : )

today's been a wonderful day. we had an outing to the fire station and i really enjoyed myself. i got a chance to use the mist gun, the hose, ride on a fire-engine, and this other vehicle they call the "rhino"! the firemen looked really cool too, when they did demonstrations, esp when they slided down the oh-so-famous firemen's bar! this trip has really made me see ppl (incl young men serving NS) working in the civil defence, in a different light. anyway, shall not elaborate : )

in conclusion this week, God has been my Sustainer, my Comfort :D