Genesis 22:1-14: November 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

one precious soul won :)

m rather upset that the weekend has gone by so quickly...even though it's been of course, anor well-spent one. but here's something special and precious that happened which i thought i should share about...cos it's not everyday or even weekend, that you get to win a soul for Him :)

m truly grateful to God for giving sheila and me the privilege of leading a soul to Christ this morning. cheryl's a new girl who just joined our sunday school class and even though she comes from a non-Christian background, has shown an interest in God and His word. sheila spoke to her last sunday, and she had indicated to sheila that she would like to pray to receive Jesus as her Saviour...and so this morning, sheila shared the good news with me, and after we prayed, looked for materials (i settled for The Lamb and The Way to Heaven), sheila gave me the privilege of being the one to present the gospel to cheryl (right from Creation to Christ Resurrection). sheila and i are very thankful to our omniscient God for answering our prayers by giving us wisdom and the right words to use, so that we may present the gospel in the simplest way, and yet not make it any less meaningless...such that cheryl would be very clear about the decision and commitment that she would be making. after asking cheryl a whole lot of questions i normally ask children before they make a decision, we were very certain that cheryl knew what she was doing and that she's now a Christian not because she comes to sunday school, but because she has invited Jesus to come into her heart and take control of her life. praise the Lord! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

God is real to my friends too :)

just last month, after not hearing from a thai friend for a long time and wondering why, he finally got in touch with me again and shared that his family wasn't doing well and he had to quit university to look for a job. thank God, he found one pretty quick - but as a waiter in a chinese restaurant. at that point, even though he trusted that God would see him through, i was feeling rather sad that this friend had to go through so many setbacks in life and asked God why. but last week, this thai friend shared with me that it's been only one month but he's now been promoted to restaurant supervisor! สรรเสริญพระเจ้า! anyway, i was very encouraged by this friend's testimony of how God has never left him alone and has been so good to him. this friend is A (not sure if those who met him still rmb him) and he'd like me to share this with his friends in singapore, so that's one of the reasons m sharing this on my blog :)

i was encouraged last night, too, when ss shared about how God saw him through his company law paper. when he first flipped through the paper, he was really lost but after crying out to our omniscient God for help, he managed to start writing down the answers to the questions. and when he came to one question that he was 100% sure.......he could not answer (!), and was left with 5 minutes, he prayed that if God wanted him to answer this qn, then help him to answer it. and guess what, he flipped his textbook and after 2 flips, the answer to that question was staring right at him! and so very quickly, he managed to pen down the answer on his script in time. praise God!

truly, the God i've known to be so real and personal to me, is just as real to my friends :) i really thank God for His precious reminder that He is a God who is not only real and personal to each one of us who desire to have a love relationship with Him, but that He is sovereign too :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

what mommy shared today

...was a great comfort, and perhaps the greatest confirmation and assurance for me.

thank you mommy.

thank You, God, for speaking to / using mommy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

discipleship dinner :)

thank God for a wonderful time of fellowship over dinner with shelia dear, jasmine and jaime. exams are finally over for our sweetie pies jasmine and jaime, so shelia dear and i took them out for dinner! and hey, it was really nice of them to treat shelia dear and me to cheesecake after that :)

i want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to disciple jasmine for the past many months. just listening to her pray shows her spiritual maturity and i thank God for how she's grown in Him. i've been very encouraged by her faith in the Lord, willingness to learn, enthusiasm and commitment to our weekly discipleship meetings, honesty in her sharing and her love for others. i was especially encouraged that despite having her prelims and O levels, jasmine never asked for discipleship to be cancelled. yup. so thank you, jasmine, for being a blessing from God to me :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

thank God for my "barnabas"

thank you, karen...for coming all the way to my home to cheer me up with the donuts-plus-milk-tea surprise :) thank you for always being my "barnabas" and for speaking to me in my love language, despite how hectic your schedule and how heavy your workload've been a really wonderful friend and sis-in-Christ :) *hugs*