Genesis 22:1-14: February 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

thank you :)

with friends like these, birthdays will always be special - no matter how not special birthdays are supposed to be as the number grows.

thank God for these friends who hopped into the room one by one like jumping beans, while i was in the middle of discipleship with beatrice...and surprised me with a birthday song and a word study with greek parallel :)

thank God too for the wonderful surprise these friends (who ganged up with mommy & darrell) planned and sprung on me at my home this evening, with their interesting rendition of "we wish you a blessed birthday" (or something along that line...either i was too stunned or they didn't sing clearly enough :b ).

i thank God for the time of fellowship (and photoshoot session, haha)...yeap, it's been a blessed birthday once again. thank you dear all for making the usually-un-special-23rd special for me :)