Genesis 22:1-14: September 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

combined YF meeting 2005

i praise and thank God for anor wonderful combined YF meeting! just 2 months ago when the committee first met, there were suggestions to not have the combined meeting this year. i thank God for the faith He gave us to go on with the meeting.

by God's grace, everything went well today. well, there were a few panicky moments, but God kept everything in control. i got a lil stressed during registration, but God saw me thru. He sent jaime to help me, and even ppl who reminded me to slow down and not worry...God also gave us good weather and i'm very grateful for tt. He has been very gracious every year and i must be reminded not to take tt for granted. He granted each youths safety as they played the games. He gave us a wonderful time of sweet fellowship with bro/sis-in-Christ from 7 BP churches! m always encouraged when i meet other believers from other churches.

i've learnt a lot, and been encouraged by the ppl i've met, worked with in the committee. it's been a wonderful experience and i thank God not only for the opportunity to meet old friends (made thr previous combined meetings), but also for the new friendships formed this year! indeed, until we see Christ on tt glorious day, may we all be found "REACHING OUT"!

Friday, September 16, 2005


praise God! our YF t-shirts arrived on time! God has answered our prayers by allowing the shirts to be delivered to us today, just one day before combined YF meeting tmr! woohoo! indeed, with God, all things are possible! when we first sent the shirt for printing, everything just wasn't right and we tot it'd be impossible to have it before combined YF. the worst was last week, when the artwork just kept gng wrong...but no problem is ever too big for our even bigger God! wanna thank God for sending sharon from the shirt company to work with us on it. it's been a wonderful experience working with her & m glad to have made a friend thru this :) m sure lydia is, too. thank God tt everything turned out perfect, and i feel really blessed seeing God at work! :D

Thursday, September 15, 2005

a great loss

NSman collapses, dies
A RADAR specialist from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, 3SG Perry Koh Han Min, collapsed suddenly while playing street soccer during his recreational time in Chong Pang Camp at about 9.10pm yesterday.
The 23-year-old full-time National Serviceman was given immediate medical attention and was evacuated to the Nee Soon Medical Centre, where he was further referred to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He was pronounced dead at 11.07pm. Mindef is conducting an investigation into the incident.

a great loss, not only because he was my sec sch senior...but because i was told he wasn't a believer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

dinner with the 3 pretty ladies

i just wanna say, m really thankful to God for a wonderful evening spent with allvina, joanne & shelia...allvina gave us a treat and boy, if only we had known she was intending to cos we ate a great deal... *terrible* it's been a long time, reaaally long time, since we 3 had a chance to sit down and catch up. everyone's been so caught up with wat society deems as impt - work (& well, ultimately, money) - and i just realised how long ago this dinner had been planned. m glad it's come to pass, finally! it was interesting finding out wat's been happening to each of us...and well, as i look at this particular photo in front of me while typing this, i can't help but smile, when i think of what dear said today :) lol...wat a secret the 4 of us now share ;) but really...i think if such a thing happened, by God's big big big big grace, tt'd be pretty cool...we'd prolly be the best of the bestest friends around...hahaharz. and wow, i met dixon at the esplanade today...wat a surprise...but as usual, he was in his suit - still as vain as ever. :P

well...combined yf is this sat. m not done with the groupings tags not done but m sure God's grace is sufficient for me & i'll be able to complete it, with the help tt God sends thru ppl around me! haha *hints to alex & youren* anyway, i'd say it's been a pretty good week. met alex & youren on mon to work on combined stuff & had so-late-but-quite-interesting dinner with them. and again, i rested on tue after work! looks like tuesday should be officially made my rest day :D

Sunday, September 11, 2005

term 4, here i come!

thank God for a really wonderful week! this term break, tho a very short one, was one of the most well-spent! i really thank God for answering my prayer regarding spending my holiday wisely!

mon - had a hair cut in the morning. rushed home to have mag simon, alicia & daniel lee over to watch dvds. really thank God for the opportunity to get to know the younger youths from YF better. i really enjoyed myself & i sure hope this won't be the last time! also, i finally met up with 'cher in the evening for my first discipleship session!

tue - i rested. really RESTED. i stayed home all day, eating, napping, watching dvds...knowing tt my entire week was lined up, i was really thankful to God for one whole day to recharge : )

wed - had a wonderful dinner at coffee club with my churchies (dear, jaime, ss, youren, josiah, lydia, joanne, josh wee & allvina) for ss cos he's enlisting into ns. thank God for the sweet fellowship with good friends in the middle of the week!

thu - by God's grace, managed to see to most of my responsibilities (esp. the YF t-shirt thing), had dinner at essential brew with mel, yenting & jiahui for mel cos she's gng away to study...and of cos, celebrate her birthday 2 months in advance!

fri - back to school in the morning for staff meeting & spent the whole afternoon preparing for term 4. led singspiration & games with shareen at cf/jf's campfire & i thank God for the perfect weather : ) best of all, papa gave me a big surprise when he came back suddenly & came to church from the airport to look for me! was really tricked by his 2 phonecalls...but well, i thank God for such a pleasant surprise (",)

sat - saw ss off at tekong with dear, alex, fiona & her mom! well, all my 1985 boy-friends are in ns now...and just like how God has been so gracious to the other boys serving ns, i pray tt He would be with ss as he tries to settle into military life...and tt ss would always remember to give of his best to the Master!

sun - had lunch with darrell & papa before he flew off this afternoon. thank God, too, for quality time spent with erica today! we finally started on our first session of follow-up! hooray! i pray tt God would continue to give us the zeal as we seek to meet up once a week to study His word : ) thank God for youren who came by for a while too. last but not least, thank God for a good time i had at mel's farewell dinner at her place this evening. it was wonderful catching up with ppl like jiahui, yenting, kher wei, apri...and guess wat? on my way home, when apri got off at kembangan, josiah boarded the train!!! o boy, i was so excited to see him!

well, m so glad i had such a great week & once again, i wanna give God the glory for helping me spend my time wisely! i've always enjoyed meeting up with ppl dear to me & He's been so good to allow me to do so this week! and as term 4 begins tmr, i pray tt God would give me the zeal to give Him & my students the best tt i have!

Friday, September 02, 2005

last day of the term

today's the last day of school term. thank God for seeing me thru the whole of term 3. today was a pretty good day, well. at least it started out well. had a great teachers' lunch at the penang place restaurant...had a good chat with auntie may san while walking to the interchange...had a wonderful time shopping with shelia for gifts, and of cos, having our many small meals :D lol...(guess only dear would get this).

don't know why...but m so tired physically and emotionally...i cried on the bus today...guess i haven't been looking to God for strength enough...and this evening, i wasn't patient enough to tolerate someone's so-not-constructive comments. i wanted him to know i didn't like them...i wished i didn't have to do tt, esp since he's a good friend. but on the other hand, i just wanna say it for the last time, no matter which area of service m in, be it ss camp, chiangmai trip, anything...m serving God, not man.