Genesis 22:1-14: April 2004

Sunday, April 25, 2004

God's my Mediator...

i'm listening to: El-shaddai -Michael Card

El-shaddai, El-shaddai...El-elyona adonai...age to age You're still the same, by the power of Your name...

yup...God is always the same...and He never fails...i thank God that everything tt was bothering me has been solved...well, all but friendship with jonathan...

before dear & i had the short meeting with the ppl involved in the jws 'saga', we prayed tt God will be in control of everything...solve our problem and take away our pride as we apologise for the mistake we made...thank God, the 2 ladies were really nice about it...they told us to let everything tt has happened pass...and auntie h.l. apologised for hurting my feelings when she was harsh last week...thank God for being our Mediator...

"for there is one God and one Mediator, between God & man..." :D

i thank God tt the little misunderstanding tt me and a***** had last week has now been solved...yup...God can mend any broken relationship, if we let Him...thank God for taking away our pride...and not letting Satan succeed in sowing discord among us...

i dunno if jonathan will ever see this, but i'm really not angry...i'm just too disappointed abt all that has happened...i just need time...and for God to take away my pride...i'm sorry jonathan...i really dunno wat to say whenever i see you...esp today...and Lord, i pray that You'll help us resolve this...i pray You'll mend this broken friendship in Your time...amen.

also...whoever reads this, let us not cease in praying for uncle keng wai...and for his family...may God's will be done, in His time...for His will is perfect...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

to go or not to go?

i'm listening to: Friends -Michael w.Smith

praise God! He answered my prayers in just a day! last nite...i was still waiting for mommy to give me an answer as to whether i could go to chiangmai. she said "dunno, ask papa"...i felt really disappointed cos by not saying no directly, it was like, giving me some kinda hope...i didn't wanna hold on to false i prayed. and asked my frens like eve, fabian & dear to pray for me...and i asked God to just speak thru my parents. if He wants me to go, let my parents give me their least give me a "yes" or "no" answer...i emailed my dad cos i haven't got a chance to speak to him when he called...hmm, haven't seen him for almost 3 months...

yup, and he called again today and mommy asked him if i could go...thank God he said yes almost immediately...and now, i kinda feel bad cos i'm procrastinating a little...hmm...first of all, it isn't a mission trip, cher told me it's gonna be a vacation-with-a-purpose...and most imptly, i realised...if papa comes back during the time i'm away, i won't get to see him for another few months again...tell me wat to do, Lord...i'm leaving it all in Your hands...pls guide me...teach me wat to do...

Sunday, April 18, 2004

my apologies to the magazine comm

i'm listening to: I've never been to me -Charlene

haa...i came home after church today!!! stayed home all day...with my friends over tho...hmph, that stupid ziming (jeremy, ziming...watever, same la)...i was such a wonderful host to him. ask him how i poured a glass a water for him and he complained tt it was just plain water!!!!! was nice having fiona, eve, dear (for a while) & jaime over on a sunday's been years since you guys came over to just laze arnd on sundays...'s been an emotionally-tiring weekend for me...i got misunderstood by different people without having a chance to explain myself...and these were ppl i really cherished or respected...

i just thank God for friends & cher who were there to give me emotional support when i broke down...thanks dear, for understanding me the most & trying to help me talk to J...thanks too, cher for listening to me pour out my hurt, anger & disappointment...thanks also for pointing me to God's word...and for all that valuable advice...

most impt, thank God for strength and courage to admit i was wrong for agreeing to head redevelopment portion of the handbook...yet was unable to fulfill that responsibilty...i'm really sorry...and i thank God that the committee was understanding during today's comm meeting...

yup...God's strength, is made perfect in my weakness...and His grace is sufficient for me...

Saturday, April 17, 2004

God's unconditional love

i'm listening to: Testify to Love -Avalon listening to tt song again...i just got home frm watching stanley's grp, Agapella perform at The Third Place...know wat? i've always tot tt stanley sounds like the lead singer in Testify to Love by Avalon...and at today's performance, Agapella sang the song...and who was the lead for tt song? stanley!!! haharz...gee, like how cool those of u who haven't heard him sing...hmm...when you do, you'll be swept off your feet! :P

well...i was reminded of how God loves us so unconditionally...and i was kinda enlightened too! i didn't know that in the Passion of the Christ, the hands tt actually hammered the nails into Jesus's hands were mel gibson's...he wanted to make a it was because of HIS sins tt nailed Jesus to the was becos of OUR sins...
also...when Jesus said that he will rebuild the temple that is destroyed, in 3 days...the temple actually referred to the body of was rebuilt when he was resurrected frm the dead on the third day...

also...i'm so thankful to dear (thanks dear...)for helping me call J to explain to him how i can't cope with the redevelopment proj...and to tell him tt i'm really tired...i'm sorry J...but i want to serve God with zeal and strength...dun wanna do things half-heartedly...i'm sure God i hope you will, too...'s already morning...gotta go do other stuff...may you all have a blessed weekend! *hugz*

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

just giving thanks : )

i'm listening to: By Heart, By Soul -Avalon with Aaron Neville

"O Give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgements of his mouth..." Psalm 105:1-5

i just wanna give God the glory for helping me thru my conveyancing law paper and allowing me to pass it. thanks to those of you who kept me in your prayers! i'm so sorry that i didn't trust God enough to actually help me pass it...i was just expecting to fail and praying for God to help me accept watever results He gives...but thank God for His faithfulness towards me...only 28% passed...really, how could i have passed without Him?

Monday, April 12, 2004

my dear SUHANA

i'm listening to: Who Am I -Point Of Grace

heard of this song?? i heard it when bro nat gave a presentation on his mission field in chiangmai...if u haven't heard of it, go get it! anyway...thanks to tt meanie-turned-not-so-meanie but still mean friend who dled it for me...haaaa :P and guess wat? when i went for a run just now, i was reminded of how UNGENTLEMANLY he was when he just happily ran off leaving 3 girls in the dark...sheesh *shakes head* at lunch with jielin & SUHANA, someone complained tt my blog mentions only my friends frm my 'outside activities' i decided to talk abt wat she did to me today!!! she asked me for tissue paper and after i was so nice to help her stand up and go get it frm my bag halfway thru my lunch, she actually dropped my tissue cover into her plate full of curry, chilli or watever funny substance she was eating!!!!!! ggrrrrr...thanks ana...dun forget the 2 stuff u promised NOT to do anymore yah??? or else.

anyway...thank God for a good day at sch...was really tired. but thank God for being my source of strength!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

1st sunrise service on our roof gdn

i'm listening to: We Are the Reason -Avalon

for the first time today, Galilee was heard singing hymns on our very new-but-not-completed roof garden at 6.30am! haa...this year's sunrise service was really different...instead of reaching church by 5.45am to catch a bus to lower pierce, we started at 6.30am at sight of the sun rising but we got to watch the moon reservoir this year, but God gave us little puddles of water to make up for it ;) just wanna thank God for our new church building & its facilities like the roof garden...and most imptly, for hope of new eternal life when Jesus rose from the grave on this very special morning... crucified, arose is playing in my head again...

"...Love crucified, arose, the risen One in splendour...Jehovah's sole Defender has won the victory...Love crucified, arose, and the grave became a place of hope, for the heart that sin & sorrow broke, is beating once again..."

Christ is risen!
Christ is risen indeed!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

why an easter 'egg'

i'm singing: He Rose Triumphantly

just had a talk with 'cher on the chairing at junior program but didn't know wat to share with the kids...since it's easter tmr, i decided to just share with them wat 'cher shared with me over the fone:

ever wondered why people or kids eat easter egg chocolates/candies?
tt's because...
eggs are a symbol of new life.

just like how eggs represent new life, we're reminded of the New Life that Jesus gave us on the day He rose again on easter's morning...

i just pray that the kids will remember this very short message i'm gonna bring across i gotta go paint an egg so i can use it to HELP the kids focus on this short message...may each of you be reminded of how Christ's death on the cross and ressurection brought us forgiveness and a hope of new life on this very special day!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

blessed birthday to A & lydia!

i'm listening to: All Heaven Declares -Vineyard

was really sian today after conveyancing law was so tough...yah, i know i won't fail this subj cos it's only 15%...but...oh well, i've done my best and i shall let God do the rest :)

was supposed 2 meet eve @ NP but we ended up @ my place eating & lazing around...and then went 2 IMM to shop 4 grocery with my mom...haa...oh yeah, we bumped into ah pong along the way...i thank God he agreed to come for GTF's easter's special this fri... :)

thank God for friends who are there to listen to me whine! :P esp when i called dear after the test just 2 complain abt it..haa...(thanks dear) and for eve who so willingly met up with me to just laze arnd, "gossip" & destresssss...

hmm...just wanna conclude by saying that God has been really good 2 me...though i failed accounts (ok, i didn't study so i can't blame God), He gave me good grades for my family law assignment :) yah...and of cos tt's not all that He has done for me this week...thank You, Lord...

oh yesh....blessed birthday to A & Lydia!!!!!!!!!! may the Lord bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others! Keep grOWing in the Lord & shining for Him!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

my Jehovah Jireh

i'm listening to: I Think About You -Collin Raye

ha, just had a great laugh. remember i said we bought something for ss? darrell suggested putting 2 watermelons in & sealing it up...*lolz* i just wanna see the look on ss's face when he gets home on fri nite... :P okay, i hope he doesn't read this anytime before fri~ my my, the silly ideas tt my bro can come up with... *shakes head*

i have so much to thank God for...esp yesterday when i accompanied ric 2 town 2 submit her work 4 some competition...she waited for my class 2 end & we were kinda late so she suggested taking 518 (express bus) or a cab...i'm using concession lehh~~ yah, but we decided to take 518 anyway & i didn't have coins. we asked arnd but no one had enuf to change with we prayed. and He did help us get coins :) and then the bus just wouldn't come & we were late!!! so i told ric "let's pray and trust God to take us there ON TIME"...of cos God did. we reached there at 5pm sharp...well...praise the LORD! just goes to show how i can trust Him cos He's always in control... :D

oh yesh, i've got a conveyancing test tmr... *sobz* so those of you reading this, esp allvina & dear, dun forget to pray for me okay????

hmm, 3 days to good friday...dun forget abt maundy thursday service yah?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

i'm in love!

i'm listening to: Testify to Love -Avalon

john kissed and hugged me so many times today!!!!!! aaaahhhhhh!!!! *fainting* he even remembers my name. bro nat and jaime told me tt when they brought him 4 dinner last nite, they asked him who's this "jie jie" (it was jenna)...he said "gwyneth"!!! so he remembers my name clearly! woohoo! well, i tested him just now and he really does! :P ooh, just love him so much! (sorry dear, i know u can't stand this but c'mon, u hafta admit he's the only 1 who makes me this crazy)

oh yesh, to joanne and ss, a blessed 19th birthday to the both of you! *hugz*

i bought so many things frm ikea today...went there alone with jaime and we got to "bond" again...haa...well, thank God for this so-much-younger-sis-in-Christ :) we bought ss something really bulky and had to get uncle hoon poh to pick us up (so ss, u'd better NOT COMPLAIN on fri when we give it to you!!!)...ended up having dinner with them...felt funny, it's like, i was replacing alex since he's gone into NS...*lolz*

hmm...lately, i've heard of at least 2 or 3 younger teens wanting to serve in ex-co...but u noe, if we older peeps dun step down, how are they gonna 'get a chance'? my conversation with auntie celine during dinner kinda gave me this idea...haa, won't say it here...will pray abt it & prolly raise it up during one ex-co any of u reading this (esp you GTFers, do pray yah?)...i'm so glad that darrell is now so 'on' abt GTF...heard frm mom he's willing to serve too...i'm glad God gave me the courage to tell him just now how happy i am tt it seems like he's grown a lil more mature again, haa... :P my prayer is tt the desire in these younger teens to serve the Lord, would continue to burn and not die out...and to God be the glory!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

gtf's 11th anniversary

i'm singing: My Tribute -A. Crouch

"how...can i say thanks...for the things....You have done for me..." okok, i can't stop singing's ringing in my ears!!!

i want to thank God 4 sustaining the GTF for 11 long years. it's been 6 years in the GTF 4 me...still remember why i came to GTF: i got "kicked out" out JF cos i was too old and there was no where else to go cept YTF (now GTF)...but i thank God tt i now want to go 2 GTF because it's where i feel a sense of belonging, and it's thru GTF i learnt the impt lessons in life and experienced God @ work. thru serving in the ex-co the past 5 years, i have also learnt tt God never moves without purpose or plan, so i can always count on Him. GTF is also where i've established great friendships tt will last thru my life and even when we meet again in our eternal Home! i would like others 2 join the GTF because i want them 2 experience what i've experienced in the GTF for themselves. it's an experience i'll carry with me all my life. i want them also to find out for themselves how real God is & how He can work in their lives if they let Him lead. my hope & prayer for the GTF is tt we will continue to grow closer in the Lord, that each of us would love & serve the Lord with zeal...and be a lighthouse for the Lord!

just wanna highlight some stuff today...youren screened a short clip tt made us think: are we willing to keep to our duty as Christians, to deny ourselves & take up the cross? and when Jesus comes again for us, will we be worthy of it when He says to us "well done, good & faithful servant"?

the little skit that we had throughout the "train ride" also reminded us: are our loved ones & friends on this ride to Heaven with us? God is patient but He won't wait forever. don't wait too long for it'll be too late for regrets then...

wat about us as youths in galilee, esp the GTF? well...

stay or stray - what's YOUR choice?

Friday, April 02, 2004

just anor hectic day

i'm listening to: One boy, One girl -Colin Raye

wheee...had a really hectic day. was supposed to be at church to help youren with gtf anniversary stuff at 3plus...den remembered i had to publish the newsletter with mag~ as if tt wasn't enough...i tot i'd completed my conveyancing law stuff cos i submitted it like 2 weeks ago? but i saw jielin's file and realised i didn't put in 2 impt papers!!! arrghhh...and i stayed in sch till 3.45pm. worked on the newsletter with mag till 9plus (without my dinner *sobz* cos tt nut eats only fruits, grr~) before we rushed down to church to do printing...thank God it's finally completed, hooray!
yah...and tt wasn't the end of my 'interesting' day...i decided to walk home from usual, walked to the back gate and i had a really hard time trying to unlatch tt gate lo!!! i took like almost 5 minutes struggling to unlatch it AND latch it back after i got out...this guy at the bus stop was staring at me when i finally got out...ggrrrrr~
oh well...back to walking back home...on the way i realised i haven't replied to josiah's i tried to sms and walk at the same time...wasn't looking while walking and you know, those concrete thinggie with holes for grass @ carparks (dunno wat u call it)? i stepped into one unstable one and some mud water squished out onto my shoes... *sobz*
hmm...but still, thank God for seeing me thru safely back and right in front of my com again :) oh yesh...i prayed for rain this morning and God really gave me rain...haaaaaa... :P

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Love crucified, arose

i'm listening to: Love crucified, arose -Michael Card

watched the passion of the Christ today. i cried thru the whole movie (minus the first 10mins & credits) i sat there watching that "Christ" being tortured, spat at, humiliated, i tot of Christ, my Saviour, who went thru all that for me...just so i could live. He, a Man who was totally faultless, was willing to die for an undeserving wretch like me..."greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" -john 15:13

of cos i can never comprehend the excruciating pain He went thru, but you know, Christ died not because of pain, but more so because He wanted to pay for OUR sins. it's only by His death on the cross that our sins were forgiven and we may enter heaven. He was carrying the weight of the world, and despite how much God His Father loved Him, He had to turn away His face from His only Son the moment Jesus was carrying the sins of the world, because God can never stand sin. that's why Jesus asked "Father, why has Thou forsaken me?" when He was hanging on Calvary's tree... "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

when Christ died on the cross, it meant our sins were fully paid for (tt's why He said "it is finished")...and when He rose again on the 3rd day, it meant victory over death and Satan! i thank God He rose again for if He did not, there would be no hope for tomorrow...

So, who is this Love that's referred to in the song am listening to? Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Love (Jesus) was crucfied, and rose again... :)

Love, crucified arose by Michael Card:
"long ago He blessed the earth, born older than the years. and in the stall the cross He saw thru the 1st of many tears. a life of homeless wandering, cast out in sorrow's way, the Shepherd seeking for the lost, His life the price He paid. Love crucified, arose. the Risen One in splendour, Jehovah's sole Defender, has won the victory. Love crucified, arose, and the grave became a place of hope, for the heart that sin and sorrow broke, is beating once again. thru out Your life You've felt the weight, of what You'd come to give. to drink for us that crimson cup, so we might really live. at last the time to love & die, the dark appointed day. that one forsaken moment when Your Father turned His face away...Love crucified, arose. the One Who lived & died for me, was Satan's nail-pierced casualty, now he's breathing once again. Love crucified, arose, and the grave became a place of hope, for the heart that sin & sorrow broke, is beating once again..."