Genesis 22:1-14: May 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004


suddenly, i really miss someone...haven't talked to him in ages. doubt i ever will again...but still, i wish things hadn't turned out this way...

Sunday, May 30, 2004

things are different now

i'm listening to: Friends -Michael W.Smith

"and friends are friends forever
if the Lord's the Lord of them...
and a friend will not say 'never'
cos the welcome will not end
tho it's hard to let you go...
in the Father's hands we know...
that a lifetime's not too long
to live as friends..."

i wish i were still in chiangmai...i dunno why, but i can't help but feel tt things have changed since i returned. i feel lonely sometimes...everyone's busy. yeah...i know God's still there...but still...

not tt today was a bad day. in fact, i had a good sunday. spent the afternoon with pihui, jess, fiona, dear & my beloved ss. it was really nice sitting at cosi(or watever tt place is called) & talking...pihui even treated me to mocha crunch. she was advertising for tt place lo...not like she'll get commission or something rite... :P

u noe...i tried asking ric & mag if they'd like to meet up this week...just eve, ric, mag and me...the 4 of us. oh's so difficult just to ask them out now...can't blame me & eve for having more stuff to talk abt these days cos we're always together...dun ever tell me they feel left out again lo...i'll prolly just chew somebody's head off...

oh well...i dislike sitting at the com more and more now...but i just can't tink of anything else to do...and i wonder where has everyone disappeared to...rapture couldn't have taken place, has it?

Saturday, May 29, 2004

after shanying's birthday thinggie...

i'm listening to: Why -Nicole Nordeman

kinda surprised myself tt i got home at this time today. went for shanying's birthday celebration @ aloha loyang & expected to be home a lil late cos i wanted a lift home frm kor (& i told mommy we'd be home together anyway). but he didn't drive. i left with kor, suefern & alan @ 10 plus. kor and alan decided to go look at bapoks @ changi village instead. when they were toking abt which radio stn to tune in to, i offered my "by the tree" cd. kor said he didn't like the idea of listening to christian songs while checking out bapoks. -.-

oh well...but we only spotted one & we ended up at changi coast road looking at planes taking off (not like there were many anyway). so we decided to leave but guess wat. a long vehicle had to be transporting some huge thinggie and it was travelling at 50km/h? all we could do was crawl along behind...3 TPs...wat else could we exciting rite...and all of a sudden kor said he was after we managed to overtake the long vehicle at the highway, we went off to the cheese prata shop near nus. after alan parked his car, we couldn't help but notice this guy in distress, desperately trying to fit in between to cars. kor offered to help him cos the guy directing him looked more like a statue but the young driver declined. after a few attempts, he actually asked kor to help him park it. -.- but this girl-friend of his told him to just do it himself with kor's direction. oh well...finally did it. i tried to stop laffing, turn arnd & saw $2 on the ground. :P

haa...anyway, i didn't have cheese prata but i bought some dunno wat hottis frm 7-11, drank ice-milo and now i feel like puking. at the rate i'm having supper, i'm definitely gonna grow even fatter. : hmm...but well, i really enjoy hanging out with kor and the older peeps. esp when they have cars and can go anywhere! haaa...enuf said, gotta go shower before the drug takes effect.........zzzzzz....

Thursday, May 27, 2004


i'm listening to: Who am i? -Point of Grace

just some of the more interesting stuff tt happened...

tue, 11th may 2004
had dinner with bro nat & family plus mrs pat atkinson, A & p'o. went for tue prayer meeting with bro nat, dear & A. was reali cool listening to wat the missionaries had to share. A left for bangkok after tt...but it was really nice of him to stay on just to spend a day with us in chiangmai.

wed, 12th may 2004
thai fresh milk tastes good :D p'dim brought mrs heng, dear & i out to ban tawai. dropped by @ a reverse osmosis water factory where she used to work at. had thai ice cream 4 the 1st time. dear & i were allowed to shop alone 4 a while @ ban tawai. met ice-cream boy and even took a pic with him. we were so excited we forgot 2 ask for his name. -.- saw a girl selling stuff on the road on the way to dinner. dear reminded tt we should really be thankful tt everyone in s'pore gets to study...

thu, 13th may 2004
went to payap to help @ ERC. met tian lin, a christian frm myanmar. learnt frm him tt his studies were stopped for 8yrs becos the govt closed the universities in myanmar. am really thankful tt God has blessed singapore with a wise govt. went home & mrs heng taught dear & i to bake cheesecake, curry puffs and chicken pie. sis pat decided to bring dear & i to the milk place 4 ice-cream despite the heavy rain and strong winds. was really exciting. had withdrawal symptoms frm not using com but trip to milk place really lifted my spirits!

fri, 14th may 2004
met keng, who became a christian @ payap thru a campus crusade staff & learnt she intends to go into full-time service. met bro nat's disciple, neung. he now walks with a limp cos of an accident but thanks God tt he is getting better. bro nat & family brought dear & i for dinner @ pizza company. had a good chat with sis pat back home.

sat, 15th may 2004
met apple who came over with p'yim b4 we set off for raintree resource centre. managed to get p'yim & apple to share their testimony of salvation :)

sun, 16th may 2004
went to payap to attend church. had fellowship with payap church youths (most frm payap university) before dear & i had to leave halfway. met many ppl like eaw, meaw, ming, A (not the A we noe), niu, war etc. there was this guy playing the clarinet during service tt impressed me. coolness.

mon, 17th may 2004
worked @ ERC. went shopping with p'yim & dear. first time i took a song tao :)

okay...shall continue tmr...

went down to church to paint gtf's cupboard but felt awful so i left fiona there when dear came down...slept the whole afternoon while eve was on my com...haa...pls pray for both of us. we're not well...thanks!

cheesecake surprise : )

i'm listening to: Question -Old 97s

nice song rite? how cool. i got josiah to listen to it and it was not even halfway thru the song and he managed to play along on the guitar!!! he's really the best guitarist i've ever met...aawwww...

haa...just got home not too long ago frm supper with fiona & ben. (can imagine how bright i was) okay, fiona's pushing me as i type this. yup...she's just beside me, looking at every LETTER i privacy~ :P *hint* she's walking away...anyway...dear & jon joined us for a little while before they left...and thank God ben drove!!! haa...thanks for the ride, ben...u're sooooo nice. *rolls eyes* okay la, but thanks for tt cheesecake surprise :) but i was nice to get u a toy tuk-tuk too rite? ;)

hmm...2 weeks ago we had supper cos i was leaving. this time it's ben's turn...but he's leaving for 3 months! (tt's if he doesn't call home crying "mommy...i wanna come home...sob sob...")

oh well...after typing so much, i haven't said anything abt my trip...tmr perhaps...lalala...oh yesh, i've got a thanksgiving tho!!! thank God my tuition kid passed his english for the first time!!!!!!!!!! must be the prayers :) thanks to all who u guys!

anyway...just hope tt the fren who's been feeling down would remember psalm 55:22 when he sees this...perhaps when he sees this he won't even know it's him...but oh well, i pray tt he'll be fine soon...okay...gotta go shower now...good nite!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

i'm back from chiangmai!

i'm listening to: darrell toking on the fone :)

thank God for bringing me home safely frm a fruitful trip to chiangmai! it was really an eye-opener...just reminded me of how blessed i am... :)

went to payap university on my very 1st day and got to meet a 26-yr-old student @ the ERC. He's been @ payap for 5 months...learnt frm him tt his studies were stopped for 8 yrs becos the govt in myanmar closed all the universities, while we have more & more universities? thank God for a wise govt in singapore.

guess wat? darrell darling was so right. i had withdrawal symptoms frm not using the com on the 2nd nite. haharz...but i was cured instantly when sis pat took dear & i out to the milk place for ice cream. coolness. fighting the superheavy rain & strong winds with our umbrella, with 2 golden retrievers guarding us. (rite, it'd be just fine if they dun retrieve everything they see on the road), if only u guys could see wat sugar & spice did while we were eating @ the milk place! oh well...sis pat said sugar was just trying to 'dominate' spice...hmm...silly dogs

oh well...i've got a LOT more to share, yet am too lazy 2 type...perhaps tmr or when i feel less i gotta unpack...

anyway, thank God for friends. been missing them and was really surprised to see some of them @ the was really nice to see them, really nice. i was so happy i fiona, eve, ss, yr, jon & josiah...THANKS! *hugz* haa...and thanks for coming over for dinner, i enjoyed the fellowship i've been missing out on!

okok...i really need to go unpack now...i've toked so much anyway...will tok abt my trip and wat i've seen, heard and learnt tmr!

sure feels good to be home... :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

chiangmai, here i come!

i'm listening to: Who Am i? -Point of Grace

thank God i'm done with packing! well, kind of...and i tink i had a pretty good day...well, it was quite meaningful...

was home all morning and naz (my bestest pri schmate in case u didn't know) came over...lazed arnd, did some catching up, she watched me START packing, helped me make my blog look this way...nice? but how "Jehovah Jireh" has disappeared...well, will do something when i get back :)

chatted with benjamin online and he asked why wasn't i at some farewell thinggie or something like tt...told him "nobody wans to hold it for me maa..." and the next thing, fiona called to ask if i was gonna be home all day and said she wanna come over...i said i was gng out and she suggested some other stuff...i later found out tt benjamin told her i was sad cos nobody wans to hold a farewell for me... -.- sheesh...

met up with dear at town...we went arnd checking out exchange rates. it was really funny. both of us were doing this for the 1st time and really made ourselves look so retarded...but of cos, it was fun, esp when we tried so hard to get the guy to give us a better rate...oh boy, don't we just suck at bargaining, dear? haharz ;p

had dinner with papa, mommy & darrell sweetie...a pity shaun couldn't join us...but i thank God for the good time we had...cept tt papa & mommy were constantly nagging at darrell to study hard and get into a good jc...and it went on to asking him to slim down...while i grabbed every opportunity to help him out of it...oh well...haharz, cute least my lil bro's huggable :)

came home for a little while...packed a little and went back to where i had dinner (west coast hawker) at meet eve & was really nice of ben to join us...i really appreciated his company :) nice 'ol man, always able to start conversations and hmm, able to take jokes...thanks benjamin~ really sporting of u to finish up tt soya bean milk + grass jelly + teh tarik drink! ;)
we saw mag's dad and talked to him a funny, eve & i were so afraid to greet him cos we weren't sure if he was MAG's dad...well, thank God he was...haa, anyway, mag joined us much later and of cos, we stayed longerrrr...i almost missed my last bus okay!!!

haa...thanks eve, mag and ben...i really enjoyed your company, love u guys so much :D

i just wanna thank God for the past few's been wonderful spending time with my family, esp papa...i haven't seen him in 3 months and we only had 3 days together...and when i'm back, it'll be at least 2 months before i see him again...still, in everything, give thanks to the Lord...

oh well...less than 3 hours before i hafta get up to get to the airport...2 more weeks before i get home...i'll miss so many ppl here...really...will anyone actually miss me..? :

anyway...chiangmai, here i come!!! :D

Sunday, May 09, 2004


i'm listening to: One boy, One girl -Colin Raye

SIGH. all was well today...until i came online and got myself into crap. maybe i should have just shut up...den things wouldn't have turned out the way it did...and i just can't stand it when ppl are unhappy abt something but pretend nothing's wrong...esp when they can't act well.

oh well...

maybe i've had a long day...i'm feeling kinda frustrated now...maybe a lil disappointed? anyway...for the first time in donkey months (or years?), i had lunch with my whole family on a sunday after church (yes, dad, mom, shaun, darrell and my bro's gf, suefern)~~ darrell suggested gng to holland v for laksa but we ended up qeueing outside crystal jade for almost an hour...siansation...but still...thank God for the time i had with my family...

1 more day before i leave for chiangmai...perhaps things would be better for some ppl when i'm gone................

Saturday, May 08, 2004

zzzzzziming is zz-ing

praise God from Whom all blessings flow! i just wanna thank God for answering my prayers...i thank God He allowed me to pass all my papers! so no supp paper! and i can go off to chiangmai without any worry... :D really...God's so good rite? i couldn't have passed without Him...and He's shown me His power over and over again...yup...His promise in Philippians 4:6 is soo true...

haa...if i'm not wrong, this is the first time i'm blogging in the morning! and why...cos tt retard, okay...ziming was using my com all night!!! gggrrrr~ i'm not listening to any song now, if u realised...cos he's still sleeping away nearby...oh man, look at how nice i've considerate...sheesh... :P

anyway...poor eve, she got up late and rushed to sch for her paper...i pray she got there on time!!!

oh well...only reason i'm blogging is cos i wanna thank God for helping me thru my exams once again...for being my Strength & Deliverer...indeed, He's my Jehovah Jireh and my Jehovah Shammah (the Lord Who's There)! yup...nothing much to say since it's just the start of a wonderful day...

papa would be back in a few hours' time... :D

Thursday, May 06, 2004

5 days to go...

i'm listening to: Question -Old 97s

i guess ric's right...when ppl grow up, things's why we're facing this problem now...differences in personalily,'s wat she says...i just pray tt she'll understand tt eve & i have more things to talk abt becos we've been meeting almost everyday...if only she'd be less busy and give us some of her time too..? maybe we'd have just as much to talk abt..? sigh...or maybe it's just eve & i? cos mag's feeling left out too...i dunno wat to do? Lord, pls keep the 4 of us together...

how come everyone's feeling so moody..? even ziming...okay, i shan't call him a retard today...even he's feeling so's so not him and i feel so weird...dun exactly know wat's bothering him...but i pray tt he'll allow God to take away watever hurt or sadness he has now... :

anyway...i just wanna thank God for answering my prayers...thanks to the ppl who helped me pray God's grace, my papa's coming home this sat!!! i haven't seen him in 3 months...and he was due to return when i'm away...

i've got 3 prayer requests...first of all, i pray tt God will be merciful & allow me to pass all my subjs so i can leave for chiangmai with a peace of mind...but also for me to accept watever God gives me...and to remember tt His plan for me is perfect...& best for me...
another would be for God to be with my tuition kid as he takes his exam...i've only had 2 lessons with him...pray tt his mom would also be understanding...i can't perform miracles!!!
lastly...pray tt papa will return safely...and tt i'd spend quality time with him before i leave...

here's a verse tt always comforts me esp when i'm waiting for my results...
"Becareful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4:6
may it comfort those of u waiting for results too... :D

chiangmai...5 more days to go...

Monday, May 03, 2004

good night, uncle kengwai...

i'm listening to: That was a river -Colin Raye

pardon me if i narrate this badly...

there was once a Christian father who had 4 sons. one night, before he went to bed, he said to the first son, "good night, see you again".

he went to the second & third sons and said the same to each of them, "good night, see you again".

but when he went to the fourth son, he said "goodbye". now, this son was a sensitive person and he asked his dad, "why dad? why did you say good night, see you again to the 3 of them but said only goodbye to me? why did u say goodbye to me?"

the father then said to him, "son, it's because if tonight, the Lord comes and takes us home, we'll all meet again. but to you, i can only say goodbye because i will not see you again, unless you believe."

the word goodbye actually means God be with you. when the chinese go their separate ways, they normally say "zai jian" which means see you again.

it's always hard to say goodbye, knowing you won't meet again, esp when a loved one passes on...but if we have hope of meeting again in heaven, we won't have to say goodbye. instead, we should say "good night, see you again"...cos we'll all eventually meet on tt beautiful shore... :D

"good night, uncle kengwai...see you again..."

Saturday, May 01, 2004

safe in the arms of Jesus

i'm listening to: Above All -Michael w.Smith

it's been a long day. gave tt retard a wake up call @ 5am and he actually tot i was some snooze alarm & asked for 10 more min! -.- mag fell asleep while studying, eve mugged while i played gold miner till 6am...finally decided to sleep but we talked & talked till dunno wat time...the next moment, i awoke to my alarm at 9.30am (10am actually) to get ready to attend john & lay yean's wedding...

dear came home with me after the wedding to change before we went out again...sigh, seems like both of us are always either losing our way or sense of direction when we're out together... (guess u noe wat i'm talking abt, dear)

met up with jess at jp...decided to go down to the wake earlier to accompany pihui and maybe pig, i mean piching...and guess wat...jonathan told his mom abt our 'quarrel' and how i'm not talking to him...and she talked to me just now...oh well...i guess this thinggie is kinda settled...not exactly, but...oh well...dunno la, i said bye when he said bye to me anyway...okay, so we're talking now...back to being friends? i guess...oh nevermind...ignore me.

anyway...back to the vigil service...gtf sang "wide wide as the ocean" and "amazing grace" was really tough singing while trying hard to hold back our tears...and it was tough holding back our tears as i watched pihui cry..."wide wide as the ocean" was the first song uncle kengwai taught pihui...

i'm sure many are saddened by the homecall of uncle kengwai...but u may be a loss to us, but let us glory in the fact tt it is a gain to heaven...let's just remember wat the Bible said..."absent in the body, present with the Lord"...uncle kengwai has just gone home ahead of us, to his eternal home, to be with our Heavenly Father, where we'll all meet again someday...uncle kengwai has suffered much, he has fought a good fight and now, he's finally rid from all sufferings and weariness, safe in the arms of Jesus...