Genesis 22:1-14: June 2005

Thursday, June 30, 2005

just to thank Him

it was here again. some discomfort, felt nauseous...and i started quivering and had difficulty breathing...but i wanna thank God so much for sparing me from a 'complete' panic attack. indeed, prayer works. i knew i could get through it by trusting God and focusing on Him cos i've done it once with His help...well, by God's grace, i really felt fine just moments after gerald prayed with me over the phone. the fear (something tt prolly only ric would be able to understand) of having to go through it again was hounding me as i kept praying to ask God for His mercy upon me...i really can't afford to be unwell now, not when sch has just re-opened and a class of 11 kids needs me at sch tmr...

i guess mommy's right abt me being pretty stressed up lately...and i thank God for helping me realise tt tonite. this incident kinda left me wondering too, actually, if i've really learnt to wholly trust in God...cos when i felt the attack, i was asking for medication...kinda felt desperate for it...telling myself how much i need it now to get me out of this. i can't believe it. how could i even tink of depending on them, when i have such a big God to depend on to get out of this...arggghhh. afterall, He's Jehovah-shammah, the Lord Who is there, and Jehovah-shalom, Who is able to give me peace in my heart! oh boy, what was i tinking abt... : (

Monday, June 27, 2005

start of a new term

well, it seems just like yesterday tt i was looking forward to church camp but time really flies, esp when you're having a good time : ) it's been a great month and i thank God for a wonderful break filled with fellowships, food, camp, and free time to re-charge! today's been a good start to a new term at wasn't wat i tot it'd be like, but i thank God for being there with me : )

thank God for bringing 8 new kids to our kindergarten. i was glad to have a new girl join my class today. it was a challenge cos this kid cried a great deal. in fact, the whole kindergarten was really noisy today frm all the crying...but i just wanna thank God for the patience & wisdom to handle my class today. the new kid was throwing tantrums (like knocking her head against the walls, rolling abt on the floor)as she constantly cried for "mommy" and even teacher belinda tot she'd be a tough kid to handle. indeed God is Jehovah-shalom, the God of peace Who was able to calm the heart of this l'il girl : ) m supposed to have anor boy join my class, too, but by the time i was informed abt it, auntie shelly had already brought him to mrs teo's class and after an entire day there, i guess he's pretty much settled in there now...well, i'll just leave it to God. He knows where's the best place for tt kid & if He wants tt boy to be in my class, He'll bring tt kid over : )

just as i was rejoicing over a new kid joining my class, i was a l'il disappointed to recieve a post-it note from auntie joyce today, informing me tt one of my students has gone to a daycare instead and will no longer be joining us...i just pray now tt God will continue to be with this bright kid, which ever sch he goes to...

prayer requests: tt God will help me to give of my best as a teacher at sch; for my students to be obedient and me filled with love & patience; and to be able to wholly surrender my troubles to Him, trusting in His will and perfect timing.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

i pray you read this

God the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our minds, striving for our attention. He speaks to us through God's Word and through other ppl. the voice of the Holy Spirit says to us to listen to God's way and trust in Him. but becos satan also speaks inside our minds, sometimes it seems as if a war is going on inside of us. the voices of satan and his demons say "don't listen to God's message" and tries to tell us we can get along without God. but if you refuse to listen to God and believe, the voice of the Spirit which has been talking to you, may leave. His voice may not always keep trying to make you believe God and if you refuse to agree with Him and believe His message, His voice may become quieter and quieter...and God will let you go YOUR own way...
when a person's heart no longer listens to God, the bible calls this a hardened heart. this is terribly grievous to God, for He knows that when a person dies with a hardened heart, he will go into everlasting punishment to be separated from God forever.
God says in ezekiel 33:11, "...I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn frm his way and live; turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die..?"
you know, God told noah to take his family and the chosen animals into the finished boat. why did noah obey God? he didn't have to. but noah believed God, so he obeyed. God saved him becos noah agreed with and trusted in God.
likewise, you don't have to obey God. you can do things your way, make your own choices, but i have one question for you: do you believe in God?
read genesis 7:15,16. noah and his family went into the ark through the one door which God had told noah to make. this was the only way anyone could be saved from the flood and God's wrath against sin. tt's becos man can only come to God according to God's will and plan. do you want to come to God, or run away from Him just becos you don't want to do things God's way?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


went all the way to sch again for a 'last' swim at tp as a student...the guard on duty only had a quick glance at our matric cards when we flashed it at him but he could actually notice the small "06/2005" (expiry date) & remarked "better hurry apply for your alumni card"! the weather was really good and ric was esp. thankful cos she didn't want to be double sunburnt. haa...yeap, so thank God, Who has control over everything including the weather, for the clouds He sent to give us such fine weather to swim : ) and yeah...sadly, i've finally cleared out my locker for good...feel kinda sad cos it was my locker for 3 years afterall! haa...ric was pretty shocked by the amount of stuff i had much tt she even had to tell joshua tan abt it when we met up with him at design's canteen -.-"

thank God, too, for nelson, who accompanied me to have ice-cream after prayer meeting! thank God for his thoughtfulness...poor fella carried my heavy bag (filled with swimming stuff & all my rubbish from the locker) all the way to ice-cream, and then to my doorstep...but yeah, it's comforting to know tt galilee still has such gentlemanly guys :D thank you nelson!

to you.

only God can speak to'll just disagree with wat i tell you...but i'll wait till the day you allow God to speak to you...i'll wait, becos i know only the Holy Spirit would be able to reach your heart and guide you to see God's will for you. you find it meaningless to submit to God and accept watever He gives all the time...yes, you CAN choose to not live within God's will...but really, how joyful can you be? can make mistakes and be happy if you really want to...but are you able to truly feel tt way? why choose to have your way and tink tt God's always controlling your life, when instead, you can trust in His perfect timing...knowing tt He is sovereign and will give you the best?

i choose to seek God's will not becos m a puppet with someone up there pulling the strings attached to each of my fingers...but becos i know tt God never makes's me who does. i choose to rejoice in watever happens, accept not just the "yes"s He gives, but the "no"s as well, by His grace...knowing tt He knows the end of each path tt i take!

thank you for listening to me and sharing with me your views...i appreciate the conversations we've had and nope, you haven't irritated me the least bit...and you'll always be kept in my prayers...and really, you are special to me. more so to God : )

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

nelson's pasta : )

thank God for a good time spent with friends today. went over to nelson's place to try his cooking and boyyy, it was good! just wanna take this chance to thank him for his invitation...and for his hospitality too : ) haa, with such good food, i sure don't mind being his permanent "foodie"!

m really glad i chose to give tennis a miss this evening & attended zer's grandma's vigil service. i felt a lil sad tt i had to see zer again under such circumstances...but like pastor said, her grandma's been called home to the Lord...i pray tt zer & her family would take comfort in the fact tt her grandma's rid of all pain & sufferings, safe in the arms of's so true tt we'll never know who gets called Home first...but i thank God once again, for the assurance tt when i die, i know where i'd be gng...

anyway, thank God for rev ong who's always so kind to send me all the way home...and the ride with dear, josiah, ss, erica & eve was really fun...we sure had a good laugh at all kinda things we could come up was a short ride, but m still very thankful to God for precious little times like these...

Monday, June 20, 2005

thank God for my law lecturers

i thank God for a fruitful day. spent the afternoon with erica swimming at TP...yup...sounds crazy to go all the way there just to swim but we tot we ought to, since throughout our 3 years in poly, we've never done tt. i suddenly realised wat a great place it was to swim...and regret doing this only when i've less than a month before m stripped of all my rights as a student.

i thank God, too, for wonderful lecturers who haven't forgotten abt me : ) it was really nice seeing them again today...and it made me miss poly life even more...but of cos, like wat i told them, "not the work tho". mrs christina lim even looked at me and said "look at her...she still looks like she's late for lecture and running for it." and honestly, i miss those 'runny days" : ) i was surprised too, when mrs jane-marie said "she's teaching kids now!"...i just felt it was really thoughtful of them to even bother to remember wat a low-profiled former student like me, is currently doing, and i thank God for lecturers like them : ) i pray that God will continue to use these teachers, who, in fact are fellow believers i'll see again in heaven, to make a difference in the lives of each student they meet...and be a beacon for Christ wherever they are : )

met up with nelson in the evening for dinner...and i thank God for the time spent with him & ric. just shared with ric today tt how i wish we could do this more often, even with the much i agreed with pastor & some adults tt we ought to spend time together not only on sundays...but instead, be asking one anor out even during the week...well, i guess it ain't gonna be easy, but i'll try...afterall, these are the ppl i'll be seeing very often when we all meet again in our eternal Home...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

how true...

"humans are like tt..." i told my bro.
"rubgy's not like i choose rugby" he said.
but i choose Christ...humans are like tt...but God isn't...indeed He's my Jehovah-shammah...the Lord Who is there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i played REAL tennis!

well, i've never had so much fun playing tennis becos i usually miss all the shots. but this evening's game was really fun cos i finally got most of my shots across! wheeee! alex says "probably due to my presence on the court" and i don't deny tt...i mean, if you have someone to serve you nice shots, it's so much easier to not miss the shots, isn't it? : ) haa...but today's squash game was crappy...barely played it. i usually find squash easier but tennis seemed so much easier today...anyway, was really glad to see so many ppl turn up for games today! nelson, ss & kim joined us too...

btw, if any of you are considering watching "mr & mrs smith", go for it : ) it's a show worth watching : ) and yup, i wanna thank God for dear who encouraged me to just join them today...i had fun.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

gardening day

there wasn't YF today cos of church camp this week but lots of us turned up at church anyway : ) when we first heard abt the request from auntie celine to help out with gardening today since there was no meeting, many of us weren't the least bit interested. but thank God for the many ppl He brought today. it was sure fun pruning the hedges and of cos, it was a good chance to have fellowship with brothers/sisters-in-Christ : ) killing 2 birds with one stone. haa...

as i pruned the hedges, i was really reminded of the last stanza of the song "o rejoice in the Lord". [now i can see testing comes from above, God strengthens His children & purges in love. my Father knows best, and i trust in His care, through purging, more fruit i will bear] just like the leaves i purged off in order to allow new leaves to grow, God purges in love so tt we may grow better : )

thank God too, for a good time with my friends at dinner : )

an unsuccesful attempt to look pretty in a hat...haa...

goofing around with lydia...looking retarded with the hats

taking a rest from pruning the hedges

check out our oh-so-straight hedges!

still so proud of our oh-so-straightly pruned hedge...haaa

tt's me, still pruning away...haa

looking happy after an afternoon of pruning, plucking, planting and sweeping! - the youths with the gardening team : )

'boys talk" - alex, my bro darrell, & the liang twins

Friday, June 10, 2005

galilee church camp 2005

first of all, i thank God for allowing me to come to camp. despite being in church for 14 years, this is offcially my first 'galilee church camp'! the last one i went to was a combined one with sharon bpc & i decided not to count tt, heh. at first, i was really excited abt camp not because of the theme but the fact tt all 6 of us 1985ies were able to be at camp together for the first time & we'd be able to spend time bonding. in fact, the night before camp, when joy asked for the theme, i could only tell her "i tink it's something like 'living out your faith' or wat". she asked for the book we were touching on & my response was "huh? you mean we get to know it before camp ah? i tot go camp den find out wan". -.-" but i really thank God for the msg by professor william hardings. this has to be my most trying camp. as i sat listening to the msges each morning, guilt filled me cos i was struggling with an issue. as professor hardings preached abt how true wisdom is when you show compassion etc, i found it hard to accept someone at camp. it was a struggle for me & my closer friends but thank God for this trial which has made the msg on "living out your faith" speak to us even more.

lots of things happened this camp...well, the 1985ies didn't exactly have much time together, but we actually got to sit down together without anyone else for a while last nite...tho the 'floodgates were opened' and 4 of us cried till our eyes hurt & had headaches. it wasn't the least bit wat i expected us to do at camp, but m just glad we sat down & resolved things on our own & tt things are fine now. m sure 'cher would be really proud of us if she knew abt wat happened.

altho the camp didn't turn out the way i wanted it to, i still thank God for it...and for the friends i've had with me so many years...regardless of whether they'll always feel the same abt our friendship. i really really thank God especially for my 2 dears, joanne & shelia for standing by me and bearing with you. glory to God for the wonderful things He has done!

camp group shot

on the bus to the ostrich farm - josiah & me

joanne & me with an ostrich!

the 1985 'kids' - erica, dear, me, joanne dear, ss, alex, joshua & josiah :)

my 2 dears & i with our beloved camp speaker & his wife, professor & mrs william harding

my 2 dears & me : )

me & nelson with a "help! save me!" tract...

alex & me - after i insisted tt we not block the banner...hee

my 'girlfriend' kim & me...haa

the 1985ies - oh may all who come behind us find us faithful...may the fire of our devotion light their way...

Monday, June 06, 2005

off to seremban!

galilee church camp 2005, here i come!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

my new panasonic DMC-FZ5!

3 things to thank God for today:
met up with 'cher & jaime to discuss precepts this morning to prepare for sat's study. thank God for wisdom & understanding as we went thru this week's passage : ) had a great time with them over lunch & dessert as well. mrs heng was really nice to let us try her freshly baked strawberry & nuts muffin - one each for dessert after lunch...heh. (dear, you should have tried it!)

thank God soooo much for answering my prayer : ) i managed to find a camera at the pc show today...i had asked some close friends to help me pray for wisdom to choose the right one so i wouldn't waste time & money...haa. really thankful tt God provided me with 2 friends - nelson & erica - to go along all the way to expo to give me advice! got it at $739 but it comes with a free 512mb sd card, dry box & case...and it's 5megapix with 12x optical zoom, with this stabilizer thinggie which prevents your pics from blurring even when your hands shake! haa...really excited abt taking photos with it now :D

last but not least for today...thank God for a good time spent with friends. caught madagascar...well, not too bad a show but i would say $8 is a lot for it...but of cos, the money was worth spending since it was watched with friends i really love being with : )

4 days to church camp : )