Genesis 22:1-14: March 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

psalm 34:18

today, i received 2 letters, one from my colleague, mrs ng, who wrote to tell me she loves me & wants to cheer me up. i really appreciate how she always puts in effort to make my day, be it through a letter, gift or even making a trip to cafe galilee to get me iced mocha. here, i'd just like to thank her, and God, for allowing me to meet such a wonderful lady, who never fails to encourage me.

anor came from my student's mother who sent it through the kindergarten. she wrote me a long letter in a card, to thank me. i tot tt was really nice of her. i can never express how much this letter means to me through words alone...but i just want to say tt this card is definitely a big encouragement to me. it's a joy to know tt i've made a difference in someone's life afterall, and definitely only by the grace of God. this mommy thinks tt i deserve the credit for the improvement tt her child has shown, but i want to let her know tt no, it's not mine, but God's alone...m an unqualified teacher, remember? ;) also, i met her on my way home today and i found out tt she actually knows i was a law student - which has got nothing to do with early childhood teaching! i was shocked, and a lil worried becos one of my fears is tt parents wouldn't be comfortable putting their kids with someone who's not been trained (and according to this mommy, a yr ago, she told her husband, "so young! wonder how long she'll stay") i asked her "er, how did you know?" she told me tt she heard it frm other parents and wow, i really wanna thank God for these parents who were so supportive and gave me a chance, knowing it all along. to tink i've been trying my best not to talk abt wat i studied! haa...all praise & glory be to God!

God sure has His ways of cheering me up through different people. altho the past few days have been rather heartwrenching, i still want to thank God for what He has put me through becos den, i'd be more appreciative of all the acts of love shown to me - big or small. i thank God too, for bringing me closer to my friends from poly, esp jiahui & jade (you know why, so thanks!!!)...

something tt really comforted me during precepts class last nite:
"the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." psalm 34:18

it really felt like God was speaking to me then...reminding me tt He'll always be near me. thank You, Abba Father.

Friday, March 17, 2006

march 17, 2006

my very very good friends - friends i really love so much - broke my heart and don't even know...and only God can hear my cries now.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

God hears right?

i feel very very very hurt

Monday, March 06, 2006

"showers" of blessings!

praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow! i want to share how God answered 2 prayer requests with a "YES"! indeed, God is sovereign and He controls everything, even the weather! it hasn't been raining for the past year in kenya and we were praying at prayer meeting for God to send rain...and for God's mercy on 5-yr-old mutama who met with an accident and broke his arms and ribs.

today during precepts class, auntie jenny recieved a call from pastor richard who said it rained for a week, and tt mutama was discharged from the hospital today! all of us were pleading for (1) rain in kenya and (2) God's healing hands to be on mutama at wed nite prayer meeting :) i thank God for His mercies on kenya and the boy...and for answering our prayers so quickly :D