Genesis 22:1-14: December 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

one soul won!

m just so thankful to God this very moment...for giving me the opportunity to lead one soul to Christ tonite. i thank God for guarding my friend's heart...and for giving me wisdom and courage to share the gospel with my friend...most impt of all, for working in the heart of my friend and preparing him before i even shared with i know why God allowed his dog to be sick - so he would ask me to pray with him, which eventually gave me the chance to ask him if "you're afraid of saying the wrong thing when you pray" and the qn i've been praying for a chance to ask him, "have you recieved Jesus as your Saviour?". and well, tt led to how i got to start sharing the gospel with him and by God's grace...he recieved Christ into his heart today...a day before i recieved Christ, 12 years ago :) praise the Lord!

honestly, i never expected to be able to lead this friend to Christ. when i first heard tt anor charismatic friend wanted to bring him to his church, i actually prayed for God to give me a chance to reach out to this friend first...and God really answered my prayers...m really grateful to God. indeed, He's a Sovereign God...and for providing me with the opportunity, He's Jehovah-Jireh! all glory to God and God alone!

Lord, i thank You for Your mercy and grace upon my friend...and for giving me the privilege of winning a soul for You...thank You so much Father...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

combined YF leaders' retreat

i praise and thank God for making this combined camp possible. it all started when last year's combined YF comm started talking abt having a combined YF camp, instead of the usual combined YF meeting. although tt camp didn't come about, by God's grace and design, the various YF youth leaders/ advisors/ supervisors came together and planned a combined YF retreat for the leaders (or ex-co members). i want to thank God too, for still allowing me to come to camp, despite stepping down from ex-co last month.

during this 2 ½ days, i've learnt tt the God i worship is a God who will not give up on us. if He wants you, He'll get you...and if you run, He'll pursue you, just like how He pursued jonah when he fled to tarshish. knowing tt my God is a persistent God has encouraged me not to give up on a friend whom i've been trying to reach out to. the study of jonah has also reminded me tt my God is a compassionate God, Who has no pleasure in the death of the wicked or lost ones.

couple of years back, 'cher gave me a small card with a note written on one side, and a character she sees in me, on the other. the character she wrote was "compassionate". after studying jonah 4, i've come to realise something abt myself - that i am not tt compassionate after all. yes, it's definitely easy to be compassionate towards the ppl i love, and to little children too. but whenever i read abt ppl getting away from their evil doings, it's not easy for me to be compassionate towards them. of cos, there's nothing wrong in wanting justice to be done...becos my God is a just God, Who states in His word that "...he that killeth a man, he shall be put to death." (leviticus 24:21). However, after this retreat, should God ever will tt i go back to reading law, or the next time i read in the papers abt someone accused of murder, i will not just pray for God's will, or justice to be done...but also for the salvation of tt person.

i thank God for answering my prayer requests to be well, with a "no". during one team prayer session, i shared tt i thank God for saying "no" because it's a reminder to me tt it's time for me to rest, and tt i alone, m weak and need Him. today, i want to thank God also for keeping me unwell the past 2 days becos thru this, i've felt the sincerity of brothers/sisters-in-Christ around me. many came to ask me how was i, whether i was feeling better etc. for tt, m very thankful to God, and m very encouraged by the ppl who showed love and concern, esp since most of them are ppl i've met only 2 days ago!

i want to thank God too, for the camp speaker, rev stephen and of cos, my 2 team counsellors. m really encouraged by the team counsellors for making the choice to sacrifice not just 2 ½ days, but weeeeks to prepare themselves for this retreat. to allvina and yong jie, thank you so much :) i don't have anything to give you in return for your precious time, but heyy, your rewards are in heaven! heh

the thing i enjoyed most abt this camp is...(don't be surprised!) studying God's word :) i personally always believed tt studying God's word is the best and probably the only way for God's ppl to grow closer. no amt of games or camps would be able to build this special bond tt's built thru studying God's word together...

my committment to God this camp: by His grace, i want to be more compassionate to ppl, even when i find it very difficult to do so...and to be obedient and say "O YES LORD!" to whatever God wants me to do or wherever He wants me to go!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

blessed Christmas!

"Christmas was when Love came down..."
"Love was when...God became a man"

it's been a wonderful Christmas. my most well-spent Christmas...
thank you all for all your gifts and cards, and best of all, your time. i thank God for all of you whom i spent Christmas with this evening...

most impt of all, thank You Father, for sending Your one and only Son, Jesus to this earth for us more than 2000 years ago...thank You, He is the best Present i've ever gotten...thank You Lord Jesus, for Your obedience to come down to earth as a Man to die on the cross for my sin...

to many friends and anyone reading this, if you haven't recieved this Gift of Love...i urge you to please do. this great Gift, tho offered unconditionally, has a time limit...God will not wait forever for you to recieve it. and if you miss it, you'll never have a place with Him. Eternal life or eternal damnation - you decide.

Monday, December 19, 2005

sometimes it hurts... realise tt you aren't tt close to ppl whom you thought you were close to, becos they don't allow you to. it hurts so much, you cry out to God. at least i did. yeah, sure...they come to you once in a while to assure you tt they really treasure you, and they feel sorry abt taking you for granted...but m beginning to wonder if these are all just lip service. you'll be surprised, too, (well maybe not tt surprised) that the ppl you least tot would be there for you would turn out to be the ones really there for you when you need for the rest, they're prolly too caught up with the many friends tt they try to have, they don't even know or bother abt how you're feeling...but again, tt's when it's really time for you to sit down, and tink...and realise who your real friends are - and give thanks to the Lord for them.

have you been a true friend?

**22nd dec'05
have i been a true friend? (thanks mrs ng!)**

Monday, December 12, 2005

darrell's 17th birthday :)

had a wonderful dinner with my family to celebrate darrell's birthday. thank God for the time spent with my family...time flies. camp just ended and papa's flying off this wed morning.

i thank God for my darling brother darrell. i thank God for giving him to me...darrell's been a wonderful brother (tho we argue lots too...but tt's all part and parcel of sibling-hood) and since we were kids, he's been my brave lil protector...haharz. m so grateful to God for him and on this special day, my prayer for him is tt he'll continue to grow in wisdom and stature of our Lord...hide God's word in his heart...and seek to say and do only things tt glorify God and edify God's ppl :) i love you and i thank God for you, darrell. blessed 17th birthday!

anor thanksgiving: God is Jehovah-Jireh! josiah & alex can now join us for ward-to-ward carolling at KK hospital this fri too :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a chopard christmas with the SSO

today was the first time i got to watch the Singapore Symphony Orchestra perform...and my first time in Victoria Concert Hall too! I thank God for the love tt elder john shows to us. he's the only person who would bother to write "thank you" cards to the church musicians at the end of the year...and this year, elder john had intended to treat the church musicians to a concert but only me, shelia dear, diana, joshua & ben could make it...i really enjoyed myself, tho i was fighting not to fall asleep during the first few suites...(and dear fell asleep!!! oh boy!) Lim Yau, the conductor did a great was a wonderful performance...a pity they didn't give in to our pleas for an encore. *hmph* anyway...i really enjoyed the 2nd half of the matinee, becos they were christmas songs/carols! and the audience were even made to sing along while the sso played! haaa...

well, m really impressed...and how i wished i played the flute well enough to get in...well, maybe someday i could tell ppl, "yeah boy...m in the SSO! i help clean instruments" *bleah*

hee...alrite. just wanna thank God for a really wonderful evening i had with elder john, his 2 sweet daughters (iris & irene) and 4 other fellow church musicians...during the concert, and over dinner (elder john's treat too) was sweet fellowship :) well, elder john won't ever read blogs, but still, here's a big thank you to him: THANK YOU ELDER JOHN!

united square

thank God for the opportunity to carol at united square shopping mall yesterday evening : ) it's the 1st time, in many many years, galilee sang in public! well...tho united square's a pretty ulu-ated place, i thank God tt there were many more ppl than i had actually expected. it was also nice of grandma, 3rd uncle & his family to come down all the way to watch us of all, papa was back to watch us - as promised. thank God for this wonderful privilege to praise God and sing of Christ's birth...tho we didn't have a chance to evangelise since we were singing under club rainbow's event, my prayer is tt God will touch the hearts of the ppl who had heard us sing...even if they didn't get the words (becos p.a. was very bad), i really hope they would have felt the joy in us when we were singing of the best Present of all - Jesus, God's only Son...who came to die for us that we might live forevermore.

Friday, December 09, 2005

sunday school camp 2005

"finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." ephesians 6:10

m home! testimony coming up... :)