Genesis 22:1-14: cf friends :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

cf friends :)

introducing to you 3 very wonderful gentlemen who made my TP days really enjoyable, and well, took pretty good care of me. i'll remember how they'd simply call to meet up for a meal between classes, and how they never failed to encourage me spiritually :) so many things that i can still remember, but seriously...just too many for me to name one by one..!

from left: zhiwei, bala, me and timo :)

very thankful for these brothers-in-Christ who never fail to brighten my day each time i see them. it was the case back during TP days, and still the same today...i really thought it was very sweet of them to compromise and come over to JE library to meet up instead of making me go to city hall this afternoon (thank you guys!) a pity it's rare that we get to meet up since they live so far away from me! *sobs*

well, i didn't get to work on my assignments today, but no regrets at all. m really grateful to them for always being the ones to initiate meeting up and i thank them for spending the afternoon with me...i really really missed those CF days and i so thank God for the time of fellowship. looking forward to the next meet-up!


At 1:26 pm, Blogger t i m o said...


that's so sweeeeeeet.

:) really i'm very touched by your post.

ha but more imptly, it is because of Him who lives in us, that will cause us to share in His fellowship ;)

i'm very encouraged that you are doing like full-time studies and all.

jiayou ok!!!!!!

At 2:52 pm, Blogger gwyneth said...

haa...can it be as sweet as you gentlemen? ;)

thanks, i will! meet up sometime in jan or feb okay? :)


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