Genesis 22:1-14: quick thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

quick thanksgiving!

now's not exactly a great time for me to blog; m gng thru my busiest time of the year with all the assignment deadlines, preparation for sun sch camp (that's just a week away!), other church commitments as well as personal ones like tuition and time for family and friends. but here's just a very quick thanksgiving. i just checked my grade for a paper i wrote for my Hebrews module and i really m very grateful to God for it.

two weeks ago i submitted that paper, feeling very disheartened; i felt it was very badly done and i've never felt this bad about any other papers i've written. however, like i told 'cher, shelia dear, jasmine and yvonne, i won't be upset for long cos there's nothing i can do abt it besides entrusting the matter into God's hands. on top of this very badly written paper, whilst in chiangmai, i didn't do very well for an exam and i needed my assignments' grades to pull up my overall grade for my Hebrews module. God really is good to me...He gave me a very gracious tutor who read and graded my assignment way beyond my expectations. i was expecting a "perfect" fail. God decided it'd be a perfect score - a score i know i really don't deserve. may all praise and credit go to my Heavenly Father Who is not only full of wisdom and omniscient, but who loves and cares enough for me to bother abt the grades for my Hebrews assignment :)


At 10:53 am, Blogger Quinton said...

Praise God for the good grades! :)


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