Genesis 22:1-14: a day in bangkok

Friday, October 24, 2008

a day in bangkok

i guess, as a result of the missed flight saga, i didn't have the opportunity to share about my short but wonderful day trip in bangkok.

wonderful not because of the things i saw, heard or ate...but rather, i thank God for the opportunity to meet up with a bro-in-Christ after not seeing him for abt 3 years. m grateful to God, and to A - probably my 1st thai friend - for taking time off work to spend the afternoon with me, and even waiting for me at the airport for more than 2 hours! m really encouraged, seeing how good the Lord has been to him...and how thankful he is to God for seeing him thru the difficult times. i must say, God is really taking care of this friend. He must be.

anyway, i didn't do much, just went around the city a while. A (a.k.a. issaya) took me there for lunch and brought me to Siam Paragon - where he said i must tell my friends back in singapore and chiangmai that i've been there cos it's the new hot spot? :)


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