Genesis 22:1-14: November 2004

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

super long entry

it's luz jie jie's birthday today! it's the 18th time we've celebrated her birthday and this might be the last cos she's gonna go back to the philippines to get married! blessed birthday to luz jie jie...

blessed birthday luz jie jie! (mommy didn't wanna be in the pic tho...)

the past 3 days have been really eventful. which explains why i've been so tired...just realised tt i've announced being tired the most no. of times this year. *lol* but i thank God for renewed strength each morning.
sat was a mad rush. forced myself to get up at 9.30am to practise the piano for sunday worship service, went to suntec to get clothes for michelle & yew kiat's wedding, attended their wedding & helped usher, rushed off for appt at 7pm to cut my hair, and finally met up with some gtfers for ice cream : )
just thank God for mommy. was gonna go suntec alone but she agreed to accompany me. and pay for my clothes too. m sure u noe abt the one-dollar deal at crepes & cream at citylink. i got the both of us an ice cream and tt was only $2 spent. in less than an hour, mommy spent at least $150 on me. i felt like a cheapo.
after some rough calculation, realised tt mommy has spent close to $300 on me just this week. yes, shame on me. i've resolved not to spend too much money next month (other than on christmas presents/cards). even if i do, it's gonna come outta my own pocket. just pray tt God will help me to practise self-control...

michelle & me

mommy & i
sunday was great too. wanna thank God also for seeing me thru sunday worship service. i was so freaked out tt i couldn't step on the pedal while playing the piano cos my leg shivered big time each time i stepped on it : most impt of all, thank God eugene made it to church this week : ) thank God also for seeing mag, alan, fiona & i thru the filming session on sunday afternoon. guess it was a good thing God sent the rain cos it made me stop tinking abt gng swimming & we managed to get pretty much done. thank God also for the actors who sacrificed their time willingly, really : )
mon nite was michelle & yew kiat's wedding dinner. had a really good time with the lovely (and crazy) ppl [dear, lynda, ben, joe, joanne sim, jonathan, stanley, 'cher & josiah] at my table. the threesome's acts were just really crazy as well. it got the guys at the table trying to discover their 'talents' [stuff like twisting of thumbs, wrists, index fingers, fork etc] it was just madness. but well, m sure we all had fun & i bet we were the noisiest table arnd. best thing of all, dear & i were caught on camera doing something really stupid. yes, those of you who know abt it, go ahead. laff. -.-

from left []at grand corpthorne waterfront hotel

me with the 3 pretty girls

beautiful christmas tree at the entrance

THANKS STANLEY for taking this shot
'cher gave dear & i a ride home and we just started talking abt previous camps we've had. i was just laughing non-stop at how we always got into fights and of cos, how silly those fights were...the one at sentosa 3 years back sure brought back lotsa memories. esp how the guys & girls had a big argument and weren't talking on the day before camp... *lol* just wonder if any of you ytfers still remember tt..? well, if you don't, here's a hint...remember the grocery shopping trip to giant's........? *winks*
growing up. together. next time we have a quarrel, perhaps we should all bear in mind despite how not-funny it is, we're prolly gonna laugh abt it years later... : ) churchies, just wanna say i love u all so much...i really do.

Friday, November 26, 2004

my 2 sunshines

it was a good day again afterall! : ) this morning started out real bad. i.e. i had to walk all the way to the expressway to catch 97, and as a result developed blisters from the oh-so-tight new shoes tt mommy bought for me. but well...thanks for the new shoes anyway, mom! fiona says they're cute btw.

dear & fiona arranged to meet me for lunch today but it was a plan-all-gone-wrong. (1) they were stuck on the expressway near their place. (2) at 12.30pm, mr wong told me to have lunch early & be back in office by 1.20pm to make our way down to court. well, we didn't have lunch together but u noe, it's really the tot that counts! knowing tt they made the effort to come all the way down was good enuf to brighten my day : ) thanks darlings. big *HUGS* suddenly feel like singing "u are my sunshine" to you guys leh. ok. m lame. shoot me now.

well, anyway, the both of them came down for the court hearing. a pity they came at the 'wrong' time. rite after they left, came a super 'zai' witness. a pity it was all thru video-conferencing. imagine him really present in court. *lol* but well, shall not elaborate here...too lazy to type. but really, his testimony was damn cool and made us all laff, esp at how he shot back at the defence counsels. wooohoo.

had a great evening with allvina, dear & fiona. oh yes dear, thanks for bringing me the slippers!!! love u to the apple core man. haaa...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

letter from nicodemus!

i just recieved a letter from my fav kindergarten kid, nicodemus!!!! aaahhhhhh! m super happy now! albeit tt it was prolly his mom who helped him with it (because it's type-written), it has his handwritten signature on it!!! and his picture too! oh so cute!!!!!!!!!! feeeeeeeeeeeeel my excitement!

okay, so it pays to be a kindergarten teacher u see! m not forgotten!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaarz

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


eugene cheong, this is for you : )

fried tofu

went for my 1st high court trial today! hmm...pretty cool tho it was long...and this is just the 2nd out of (prolly) 7 days. it ended at 5.10pm today and i tot, 'wow, i get to knock off early today'...but ended up having to follow the lawyers and clients to this place called the masonic club. hmm...pretty cool actually. but ended up leaving only at 7.10pm...but again, nm cos mag was late, and so was my cousin, who was supposed to pass me my stuff.

was having lunch at the usual place (market) with steph today. steph was telling me just before lunch "u everytime eat from the same stall sure sian wan". tt was when i decided to venture into something different today. haa...i got myself a plate of duck rice and as we were eating...some tots just went thru my mind...

m actually quite a stick-to-the-same-old-thing kinda person. i dun really like getting out of my comfort zone to try stuff. i like doing the same stuff (most of the time). i like eating the same stuff (well...maybe not always, but...) anyway, this, was confirmed, over dinner with mag at sakae sushi. as usual, i chose the fried tofu and tt was when mag told me m someone who 'goes for familiarity'. tt's true...

"perhaps tt's why u're still serving in the GTF after so long..." mag added.

tt, perhaps, is quite true too...

well, gwyneth van, time to get out of your comfort zone to try new things!!!!

oh, btw, after all tt tok abt snapping out of my comfort zone, i called for anor plate of...fried tofu. :D

Monday, November 22, 2004

mon bluuues

eeeee...m still coughing and sneeeeezing away. didn't help tt my back was still hurting *sobs*. but God's my strength! i survived today! dinner with fiona & lydia sure lifted my spirits too!

anyway, blessed 19th birthday to alex!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

gtf's 11th agm/10th elections

today marks the last agm & elections of the Galilee Teens' Fellowship. time really flies when you don't want it to...having been with the grp, watching it change its name from YTF to GTF...i can't help feeling a lil emotional inside me...hmm. well...but in life, changes are inevitable i guess. as of today, we'll be known as the YF...

a new year (coming up), a 'new' name. with a new ex-co. YF, here i come!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

on mc again...

...for the second time this week. went to work this morning but the pain was unbearable... *sobs* and different doctors tell me different things. could be the ligament, could be a strained muscle etc. mc tmr too...cos m supposed to lie in bed. how exciting is tt...

anyway, i believe God's in control...not worrying at all. just praying tt He'd take away the pain...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

poor pity me...

no sports for me for the time being! *wails* nothing but swimming becos it's supposed to strengthen my back...

i've hurt my lower vertebrae and the feeling is reeeeally terrible! *sobs* had a taste of acupuncture this evening. was forced to more, please. thank you.

anyway ppl...please pray for my back to recover asap. the pain's biting me...

Monday, November 15, 2004


dunno how else to describe this feeling. feels greeeeaat after a night run! ready for a new day at work tmr! woohooo!
anyway, today's been anor good day. went swimming at fiona's -and yes, this time i really swam! -and hung out at plaza with the whole lot who were there too (incl the wonderful brothers taking their precious time to plan sisters' nite!)
oh well...m perspiring a LOT now...time to cool off before i take a great bath! good nite darlings!

at sentosa

we went to sentosa afterall. went with mag, nelson and his fren, jason. nothing exciting but's me...just an afternoon to relax like today is good enuf...

wanted to eat at BK in sentosa but was told by nelson tt jason just had BK yesterday...hmm. so in the end we decided to just have dinner at habour front instead, and allow the silent sufferer to choose a place. haharz...oh well, but in the end mag & i decided on food court cos he was obviously too paiseh to choose a place.

mag & i wanted to stay on after dinner & so both guys stayed on in the end. wanted to sit by the habour but was told by this police officer (who was obviously laffing at me when i asked him!) tt it'll be closed for NINE MONTHS! sheesh...and just before i walked off, he had to laff and add "u haven't been here for a really long time eh?" -.-" watever...

and so we ended up at macs till abt 11.45pm and jason had to catch his last train. just after he left, sebas, cch and elmer walked past and joined us! wat a pleasant surprise...had a lil catch up session : )

well, just wanna thank God for a sunday like tt. it wasn't a bad day afterall. met someone new, met old frens...hmm. pretty fruitful day afterall! haa...and fiona's back!!!! thank God! : ) welcome back fiona!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

just a lil bored

m supposed to be at sentosa actually...but m still sitting in the church sanctuary now...cos it's a rainy day. thank God there's a wireless network at church. oh well...i wanna go to sentosa but at the same time, wanted to have dear join us too...but dear's gonna join us only if we ain't gng sentosa. so over lunch in the fellowship hall just now, i prayed out that "God's will be done!" it's raining now. oh's dear playing the piano for the choir i've got 'free music' brought to me live...*lol* okay, m really bored so pardon me...and a lil sad too...didn't get to talk to him today...and it felt like he didn't wanna talk to me anyway...

msg from him

feeling down after a conversation with a fren tt turned out the wrong way...and went real bad. a msg on msn from him was timely...anything from him...even an sms. just makes my day : ) just as i was telling mag abt how i should move on...hmm.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

i passed my supp paper!

wanna thank God for His mercies...for allowing me to pass my supp paper! m really blessed to have so many frens pleading to Him on my behalf...really couldn't have passed if not for His grace : ) those who have been praying for me the past week (esp joanne, allvina, dear, chun liang, auntie maysan, etc), thanks!!! to those who i've not mentioned, it doesn't mean u're any less appreciated. i've already thank God for you & tt He'd bless you in some way or other : ) long as He knows, it's good enuf!
had my most interesting lunch break since SIP started (btw, in case any of u ask me again, SIP=student internship program). eugene came to have lunch with me : ) i really appreciate him coming all the way to accompany me today...altho we spent the first half an hour looking for each other cos neither of us knew where the other was! haa...anyway, thanks eugene, for brightening up my day! : )
just got home actually. met up with mag for dinner in town after i knocked off. found out allvina was shopping arnd & met up with her. a pity mag had to leave to catch a movie with her fren...met up with alan & jenny and he drove us to frangipani villa or something like tt...some wine bar. beautiful ambience. nice place to chill. thanks alan! (btw, i won't tell anyone tt u forgot u were a guy and counted 4 girls in the car *bleahs*)
ok. i reek of cigarettes smoke (nono, i don't smoke) to have my bath now! good nite darlings!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

blessed birthday, allvina!

dinner at viet cafe.
from left: daniel tan, stanley, allvina, dear & me!

btw, if u're wondering why daniel & stanley look soooooooo enthu,
it's just a case of 2 guys getting touchy with erm...each other? d'.'b

thank God for a wonderful evening with allvina, dear, stanley & daniel (was wondering who the 'dt' mentioned in allvina's sms was...)! was good having dinner with frens from church esp after a long day at work! : ) unknown to my church frens, i feel like a toy robot who constantly runs out of batteries and need these friends (i.e. Energizer!) to get me started again! haa...

this evening was really interesting. even more so was the walk arnd suntec as daniel tried to recall where he parked his car! *bleahs* i've seen daniel arnd at church but never talked to him till this evening. also found out he never knew i was "shaun's sister" till this evening. stanley was really crappy! won't forget his "potato sh*t" cake...haharz. stanley, stanley...if u're reading this rite...just wondering, how accurate are u when u're reading the news? perhaps we should all tune in to other radio stns instead? haa...) well, i've learnt tt stanley & daniel aren't as serious as i tot they were afterall! was pretty surprised and yea, i've gotta admit it...they're really made allvina, dear & i laugh a great deal!

anyway, allvina, thanks for this evening : ) i hope u've enjoyed urself as much as i did! have a blessed birthday and may you continue to grow in wisdom, obeying God always...and may u also constantly be zealous in serving the Lord and glorify Him in all tt you do! *hugs*

Monday, November 08, 2004


time was crawling at work today...can't wait for tmr's dinner with them all. oh, and did i mention anything abt his sms? haa...wish i could tell happy i am!

[movie marathon] this wed, 10.30pm at my home! who's on? :D

Sunday, November 07, 2004

anor wonderful sun afternoon!

07/11/2004, sun. 12.04pm. fellowship hall.

this was meant to be evidence u noe. to show y'all how these ungentlemanly ppl were bullying me. they made me sit on a small kindie chair while they sat on those big orange ones. i was so nice. i sat there to accompany them while they waited for the last few lunch packets to be collected u noe. *sobs* really. i look so happy only becos jaime took one & sat beside me just as were taking this pic. i must show this to 'cher. let her seeeeee for herself how the 3 of them treat me... *sobs*

anyway, i shall take back wat i said last nite! heh heh heh. wanna thank God for a really wonderful sunday afternoon i had! went to town after church. with ss, josiah, daniel & jaime to have coffee at wisma's coffee club express. allvina, youren & jonathan joined us after their choir practice and guess wat...before the 3 of them came, ss, jaime & i went up to precious tots to look at christmas cards. i had told josiah (and daniel) to MAKE SURE our drinks won't be cleared while we're up there...but silly him. i knew it! i knew it! i just knew it! he had to leave my drinks with allvina & jonathan when they arrived. and he didn't tell them to keep my drinks so allvina allowed my drinks to be cleared!!! my crunchy freeze! hmhp! it wasn't even finished! hmph hmph hmph hmph hmph!!!

but den rite...on account tt it all happened cos the guys wanted to have a discussion regarding sisters appreciation nite, i shall forgive them! and i can't wait for sisters appreciation nite. looks like it won't be tt bad afterall...heard them talking abt meeting tmr to try preparing steak!!! (when i tot it was just gonna be cup noodles for us girls) yoohoo! i can't wait can't wait can't wait! can't wait!!! wheeee...

dinner on the parapet outside taka...squeezy but cosy! ok la, not too
bad rite? no sakae sushi but we still had jap food outside a pretty jap
place...taka ma...heh...ok. m lame...sorry :P jonathan, josiah, ss, charissa, allvina, jaime, youren & daniel: thanks for making me so happy today. u guys are really my EnergizersSs man! m definitely ready for anor week at work! wheee!

(btw ss, see...i didn't tell everyone u stepped on crap today and made us all wait a reeeeaallly long time for u outside the washroom. nice 'ol me...don't u tink i really deserve to be ur beloved? *winks*) waahhaaaaaahaaa

Saturday, November 06, 2004


wat can i say. perhaps looking forward to this weekend wasn't exactly a good idea afterall. funny. feels like the Rapture has taken place. well, kinda.

and great. so many things i had to do today but didn't get down to it. didn't go kayaking or swimming. didn't play squabbbassshh! didn't go look for new books for my tuition kid. didn't go down to the bank to activate my debit card. didn't this, didn't tt...tink i've got a serious problem with time mgt...or perhaps just discipline. -_-
missing the kindergarten kids a lot...just a year ago............

morning class

afternoon class

time flies. they had their graduation concert last nite...i wonder when i'll ever see them again. u noe, these kids brought me joy tt no one else (other than God) could...that week was the best time i ever had during my hols. just a little "good morning miss van" frm them actually made my day...and they in turn, were so easy to please...just rewarding them with little tidbits or even moving the tables together so they could have tea together could make them sooo excited. was actually wondering why God allowed good times to pass so quickly. but again, i should just be grateful tt He even brought these kids into my life eh? :)

Monday, November 01, 2004

m freeee...

...from exams! for now...wheeeeee! really thank God for seeing me thru the past 4 days incl today. cpa paper was really tough today. so was music theory on sat...but m just gonna commit them all to the Lord cos there's really nothing else i can do now. yup. was told tt if i fail cpa, i'll hafta stay back a sem to complete it cos they're not offering it next sem...hmm...i just pray tt God will help me get thru this...