Genesis 22:1-14: April 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"I forgive you, but..."

well, if as Christians, we think tt we can keep sinning against God, and get away with it just by going to Him and repeatedly asking Him for forgiveness, we'd better think twice. mon nite's precepts class was a reminder to me tt even when God forgives us, there are consequences to our sins. and if you tink tt the consequences won't affect others, check out 2 samuel 12 & you'll tink otherwise. becos of david's sins, the sword shall never depart from his house, evil will be raised up against his own household, his wives will be taken before his eyes and given to his companions, and the child born to him by bathsheba - as a result of his adulterous act - will surely die.

how can we overcome temptation? what are my weak points? am i doing anything to prevent myself from succumbing to it? during class discussion, someone mentioned tt he learnt tt we shouldn't even allow ourselves to be put into situations in which we might be tempted to sin. i tink it's so true...i've a friend who thought working at a certain place wouldn't draw her away from God. well, she was wrong...and it really breaks my heart to hear of the state tt she's in now. m not saying tt we can't have non-Christian friends (don't get me wrong), but indeed, we should deliberately surround ourselves with godly counsel to avoid falling into temptation.

as for myself this week, i learnt abt contentment. throughout our study of 1 & 2 samuel up to now, we kept reading abt david taking wiveS. despite having so many wives, david was still not contented. in 2 samuel 11 we see him coveting uriah's wife, committing adultery with her, and having to try cover up for his sins but ended up having to get uriah killed at battle so he wouldn't find out. as a result, he faced terrible consequences tt would affect his children. many times in life, it's because we're not contented with what we have, that we go after things tt do not even have eternal value...and end up bringing ourselves a lot of unneccesary trouble, pain & heartaches - not just to ourselves, but to the ppl around us too.

i was really heartbroken when i heard abt wat's been happening in the lives of 2 friends who mean a lot to me. why they're doing this, i don't know...maybe i do, but m in no position to comment cos i too, m a sinner & if not for the grace of God, i could be in their situation too. but i really hope tt - if they even read my blog still - they would really ask themselves wat's really impt in life...what are they living for, and if God is still first place in their hearts.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Christ is risen indeed!

well, i thank God for making this year's easter season so meaningful. it was a very big and wonderful opportunity for me to reach out to the kids at sch. i won't share too much but i'd like to request for prayer for this lil boy who's been very responsive to bible stories, as well as the gospel this week :)

also, m really glad eugene made it for easter service this morning. tt meant a lot to me. i pray tt one day, he too, will come to know our Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord & Saviour. well, i thank God for bringing eugene cos i've been praying tt he'd come. even today when i recieved his sms, i was still so fearful tt he might suddenly say he's not coming.

i thank God for easter. it's a great reminder (tho it shouldn't be only during this season) of how Jesus went to the cross for my sake, suffered, died and paid sin's penalty for me...of how He didn't just die but was ressurrected on the 3rd day to give me the blessed hope of salvation and eternal life. it's also a reminder to me to tell my loved ones - my relatives and friends - about this wonderful love of God...and tt Jesus not only died for me, but for them too. i hope tt they too, will one day share with me, the blessed hope & assurance tt we'd see one anor in heaven.

because He lives, i can face tomorrow
because He lives, all fear is gone.
because i know, He holds the future
and life is worth the living
just because He lives...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

i like you too!

it's been an eventful weekend for me. attended joe & joanne's wedding, followed by dear ss's 21st birthday celebration yesterday, and joanne dear's 21st this evening. the past 2 days have been well, pretty tiring from all the excitement...but nevertheless, a wonderful time of fellowship sweet :)

as m typing this right now, m still feeling very excited after a phone call i got just abt 5 minutes ago, from my john john, calling just to saaaay..."gwyneth jie jie...i like you"! and i was so lost for words the only thing i could say was "i like you too!" boy, m waaaaay above cloud 9 now and i very much believe tt, even if you take tt cloud away, i'd still be floating up there! kids (esp my dear john john) can be just sooo sweet, isn't? o wat a joy he is to me :D

"this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice, rejoice and be exceeding glad!" of cos, i just wanna end off today's post with a big "THANKS" to God, the One from Whom all good things come!