Genesis 22:1-14: June 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

gwyneth's meaning-FULL day :]

i had a meaningful day. first of all, i got to wake up at 10am! haa...cos i usually hafta be up by 7am & just on thu, i saw a doctor who told me i needed more sleep. so tt 3 hours of sleep actually meant a lot to me!

had lunch with my team [operation chiangmai] this afternoon and boy, i haven't had anything to eat since yesteday's yeah, tt meal meant a lot too! haha, okay, this is startg to sound nonsensical :b but anyway, i have no idea why (maybe cos i finally took my own notes instead of waitg/dependg on eugene's minutes? so i paid more attention - this part in italics was added in cos eugene felt i was implying his minutes not good enough) but i felt today's team meeting was one of the most fruitful one... (then again, maybe cos we've come to the almost-everything-settled stage).

also...after so long, i finally got to meet up with darrell yeo! (ok, "yeo" cos my darling bro's name is darrell as well). i thank God for the time spent with him on catching up, and most imptly, for the opportunity to pass him a 'personalised' bible :] looking back, i find it so funny how i met him thru anor friend (6 years ago!), yet m no longer in contact with this other friend...yup, so thank God for this friendship and a meaningful time with him :D

went for my last YAF meeting (before my trip to chiangmai). cos i was late, eugene was kind enough to da-bao macs for all of us (and honey dew sago for me too!), wait for me at jurong east to give me a ride to church...and as we had our dinner tgt before YAF along the corridor on the 4th level this evening, enjoying the breeze (hmm...), well...simply just having fellowship with ppl dear to me, i felt really contented. tsk, m kinda lost for words to describe it, but m just really thankful to God for the simple things in life like tt. thankful too, tt i have friends who love God, show love and kindness to one anor...and never expecting anything in return.

well, altho not many ppl turned up at our 3rd YAF meeting, we weren't disheartened. cos God promised in His word tt where 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus' name, there He is in our midst...and hey, josiah, shelia, eugene, sis charissa and me - tt's more than 2 or 3 already! :] and i believe tt as we continue to pray, God will bring in the right ppl at the right time.

thank God for a wonderful, meaningful and well-spent saturday!

a birthday wish: m sorry i forgot, but a belated yet blessed 22nd birthday to you, giles! may you keep close to God and i pray tt He'll be the strength of your heart and portion forever (psalm 73:26). i hope you've had a meaningful birthday!