Genesis 22:1-14: June 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

galilee church camp 2006

19th june
today started out with rain, ended with rain. did something impt on a trip to malaysia - eat ramly burger! been reading abt accidents on the papers lately. thank God for safety as we travelled up here to port dickson. was glad tt mommy prayed with me before i left the home this morning :)
the ride felt different from last year's. cept for the short while hannah, jasmine, candice & i sang and played the guitar, it was all quiet, unlike last year's - lots of singing & laughing.
guoman resort's a nice place. but it seems like we won't be utilising the facilities a lot becos not many of the youths are here this year...well, at least my 1985s aren't. wanted to chill out at a cafe with B.F., hannah & alicia, but ended up at a restaurant instead. had very artificial strawberry & banana shakes, costing RM12.50 each. -.-
a precious reminder today: when we commit something into God's hands & allow Him to decide for us - be it abt which sch to go to, which career path to take, or even our life partner - we can be sure He'll give us the best, for His name is at stake. how comforting to know :)
well, 1st day gone. sense a sore throat coming along. i pray God will be merciful & sustain me physically throughout this camp...

20th june
the sunset here is really beautiful! tot it was funny someone kept coming to my mind...
food here is great. spiritual food was enriching too. psalm 1 has made me think carefully abt whether m spending enough time meditating on God's Word. like our theme song (from psalm 1) goes, "blessed is the man, the man who does not walk, in the counsel of the wicked.........but his delight by day & night, is the law of God Almighty...", i wanna be like tt "happy man" who delights in God's law. i can't say i delight in God's law if i don't even want to meditate on it.
psalm 22 was a look at calvary through the eyes of the crucified well as a reminder to me of God's great love. so sacrificial tt He gave His only Son for the ransom of us wretched men. Jesus willingly died on the cross. He could have come down the cross to prove to all tt He was God by saving Himself. but no He didn't. it was love, tt my Saviour stayed on tt old rugged i may be reconciled with God.
looked at the lighthouse from the balcony of 'cher's room. it was all dark, and faithfully, this lighthouse's beams would revlove 360 degrees to give light in all directions, to helpless and/or mighty vessels in the dark. as i stared at the lighthouse shining brightly in the distance...i finally understood what it means to be a beacon for Christ.

21st june
i must be sensitive to friends who may be backsliding, before it's too late. backsliding is a gradual process and most of the time, ppl who backslide & drift away from God feel a sense of guilt, and as a result, try to avoid fellowshipping with God's ppl. in psalm 32, david exhorts every believer who has been overtaken by sin to ask God for forgiveness. God will answer a believer's prayer for forgiveness for his sin when tt believer comes as a penitent & confesses his sin to Him. when we confess our sins, our God will be faithful & just to forgive us. we ought also to be like david in psalm 51; he asked God to change his heart from a sinful heart to a heart tt was free from sin. he asked God to make him steadfast in his allegiance to Him when he was tempted to sin. he asked God to allow him to have personal, intimate fellowship with Him. may my heart always sing this song..."change my heart o God...make it ever new. change my heart, o God...may i be like You."
games was good. bbq & camp'fire' was good...encouraged to see new & young ppl serving God. m missing home...

22nd june
hiked to the lighthouse. sadly, alicia & i were the only youths who went. my roomie, hannah, has been down with flu since the 2nd day. the rest were either shopping, playing tennis, table-tennis or sleeping - stuff you could do in s'pore - becos they felt the hike would be too tough. was a lil disheartened at first, but the presence of our youngest camper (1 1/2 month-old baby faith) and this lady in wheelchair, encouraged me a lot...and i wonder if it'd shame the youths if they knew.
well, something sad happened but thank God for meijun, aixin, fiona, hannah, abigail & alicia who cheered me up a great deal during our stay-up in one of our rooms. i've never had such great conversations with these youths despite growing up together in church.
testimony & dedication this evening. on this day, i gwyneth, re-dedicate myself to Him.

23rd june
time to pack & leave...thank God for journeying mercies as we travelled back home. at the start of the bus ride, i wanted to snap pictures of the road we were travelling on so i had to make my way to the front of the bus. as a result, (after much hesitation) i got to share my faith with this lady who was supposed to be our 'tour guide' on the bus. praise the Lord for the opportunity. i pray tt the Lord would be merciful to her & tt she'd seriously consider Christ. apparently she has Christian friends who try to reach out to i pray tt God would use her friends.

home sweet home. hugging mommy, talking to papa & grandma over the phone, and even seeing my darling darrell again...sure felt good.

God is faithful...and i thank Him for the fellowship with youths and aunties (okok, young mommies) i so often see in church but hardly talk to, and most imptly, for safety...indeed, safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of the Lord. something tt encouraged me this camp was seeing families coming out together to lead in's great to see the fathers be an example to their children :) o, and thank God for preventing tt sore throat from coming! all praise to our Omnipotent & Omniscient God!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


and so yesterday marks the end of the 2nd week of my hols. attended hanteng's 21st. believe it or not, he's my pri sch friend & we're still in contact! while at his celebration yesterday, i met 2 ppl from my sec sch. and better still, his sis was actually my darling bro's classmate! really, singapore is just SO SMALL!

time flies when you're enjoying yourself. on fri, i came to a conclusion tt, apparently, m the only one among those i've spoken to this week, who tinks this week went by too quickly. i wanna thank God for a very well-spent week (during prayer time with shelia dear, we prayed tt i'd use my time wisely this hol). m glad i invested my time wisely by spending time on meeting up with different friends i haven't seen or spoken to in a long while, making a trip to sks to get books, and of cos tennis. as much as i enjoyed this week, something has been bothering me and, a lot this week in particular. but somehow playing tennis on thu with eve & my 2 new-found tennis khakis - chang & deqiang - made me feel a lot better...and i thank God for these ppl, even tho they may not know it...talking abt tennis, while playing on thu, i actually hit someone's forehead with a tennis ball and honestly, i still feel extremely bad abt it. i may not have intended for the ball to really hit him, but wat really made & still makes me feel bad is the fact tt i hit the ball in his direction on purpose. o well...

today was kinda sad. everyone left after church, so fast tt by the time i got down frm teaching sun sch, i didn't even see ppl like joanne, shelia & josiah :( but thank God for lunch with hannah, anabelle, lydia, my darling darrell & the liang twins. nevermind the heavy downpour, cos i believe it made our walk back to church a lil more fun :D i finally caught x-men today, with hannah :) sadly, i didn't get to go to ah ma's home, but m so thankful tt she & mommy packed some food home for me! ah ma's cooking is simply yummy! and like what ah ma said to me when i called her to thank her for the food, "you must be very happy tt you didn't have to drink soup today!" yup yup, i m! haahaahaaaa...but they were still nice to pack some goodies home for me *bleah*

and i guess nobody would believe or even know abt how m feeling abt a certain strained friendship at the moment. but i believe by and by, this feeling will just go'll all be 'fine', exactly the way someone wants it...even if it's saying goodbye.