Genesis 22:1-14: March 2004

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

so hurt. YOU know?

i'm listening to: Love will be our Home -Susan Ashton

just had a conversation with 'cher on the so glad she called to talk to me cos i really needed someone to talk to...

hmm...we saw A off at the airport and my, he cried!!! well, i just thank God for allowing A to come to singapore to be an encouragement to all of us. i pray that he will continue to be a testimony in payap university & even at home :)

was really let down by a friend this evening...we planned and agreed to meet so i could pass him something but he never turned up nor bother to let me know he wasn't gonna come...i'm feeling really really disappointed now...i so wanna scream at him but i can only pray that someday he'll know how hurt i was leaving it in God's hands...

you know, God has been so so real to me...a few weeks ago, i was just sharing with a christian friend about stuff and i said "honestly, i'd rather God put me thru trials so He can make me stronger, than have a smooth-sailing life and not grow at all". ha...and He really did put me thru a whole lot of them...i was really tired, but i'm thankful to God that i came to realise how real philippians 4:13 is to me... "i can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" indeed, God has been my source of strength...

"in shady green pastures so rich and so sweet, God leads His dear children along; where the water's cool flow bathes the weary one's feet, God leads His dear children along..."

"oh soul are you weary & troubled? no light in the darkness you see? there's light for a look at the Saviour, and life more abundant and free!
Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face...and the things of earth will grow strangely the light of His glory and grace..."

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

thai friends (precious moments)

i'm listening to: Amazing love/And Can it Be Medley -Hosanna Music

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...just wanted to start my blog by praising God...haa, i noe many are/would be surprised tt i've started a blog...oh well, don't ask me why, cos i suddenly wanted to when i was on the bus just now...i just got home from rev ong's place...had a farewell thinggie for case u dunno, A's a new thai friend i made last friday. the past 5 days (incl today) have been really was not by chance, but thru God's plan that i got to know A, p'o, p'wit & p'nan...
i had a great time of fellowship & sharing today with jonathan, joanne, dear, fiona, ss, youren, rev ong, auntie ah eng, rissy, and of cos, A & p'o...i've been so touched & blessed by the testimonies of p'o and's really amazing how God brings people together...if we didn't know Christ, we wouldn't have got to know one another...i just wanna thank God for bringing these 4 brothers/sisters-in-Christ (esp. A & p'o) into my life...they've really been an encouragement to me...okay...altho A's leaving tmr (and soon the rest would be leaving too), like dear said, we'll see one another again if we go to thailand or if they come again, but if we don't meet in this lifetime, we'll catch up in heaven! i have so much to say, but just find it hard to express them here now...just wanna remind each one of us of one song we sang today...

"amazing grace, how sweet the sound...that saved a wretch like me. i once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now i see..."'s an encouragement to A altho things didn't go your way, becos God's way is best:

"God never moves without purpose or plan, when trying His servant & moulding a man. Give thanks to the Lord tho your testing seems long, in darkness, He giveth a song..."
see you again, A :)