Genesis 22:1-14: July 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tribute to my father

I praise and thank God for my father. Though he probably doesn’t know it, I actually really appreciate him and all that he has done for me.

My father never fails to care for me, do all he can to protect me, work so hard just to provide the best for me, and of course, shower me with love. Despite being physically away from home most of the time, I marvel at how this father amazingly makes me know for sure that he loves and cares for me!

My father has never forced his opinions on me. Though he often reminds me that whatever decisions I make, I will have to bear the consequences, I thank God for a father who always supports me in what I seek to do, even when I decided to go into Christian full-time service and Bible school…

I know that recently, he probably feels bad about disappointing me when he said “no” to me going to Kenya. Honestly, I was disappointed, but deep down I knew and still know, that he did that out of love and protection as a father.

My father has always had to travel for work purposes since I was young, but I’ll never forget (even if he has forgotten) the times he put me on his lap when I was still a kid. Those foundational years that he spent time with me whenever he could, till today, still remind and assure me of his love for me.

I thank God for a father who’s always willing to make sacrifices – always putting the family above himself. In the past, when asked to describe my father, I would use the words “hardworking” and “sacrificial”. But over the past couple of years, I’ve grown to respect and admire my father for another character trait I see in him – long-suffering. I’ve never told my father, but I really admire how he’s always able to give in to each one of us at home…and I must say, Mommy and I are really difficult people to deal with, yet each time we frustrate him, my father never snaps back at us, but willingly bear with it to keep the peace at home.

If there are character traits I look for in my future spouse, they will definitely be those that I see in my father. God-willing, other than being God-fearing, I pray He’ll give me a life partner as hardworking, sacrificial, faithful and longsuffering as my father! ☺

Pa, thank you for being who you are to me. I can never pen down how much I thank God for you…but I just want you to know that even in times when you think I don’t appreciate you, I still do…and for the times when you call me just to see if I’m okay, and I sound impatient, I actually don’t mean it and I’m really sorry…and thank you for always so willing to forgive. You’ll always be the best father whom no one can ever replace…thank you so much, for being my daddy. I love you ☺

Standing on His promises,
Daddy’s Girl

Thursday, July 03, 2008

1 of those things mr chia enjoys chia zhiquan has definitely made gwyneth rather happy this evening :] thank God for mr chia! (happy too, i hope?)