Genesis 22:1-14: September 2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004

old school!

eve, mag, ric & i wore our secondary school uniform to town today! haharz, alrite, we didn't wear them TO town. we met there, went into the ladies' at hyatt to change into our uniforms. it felt soooo awkward at first & we were so afraid of ppl recognising us or wondering why we 'students' look so old. but when we dropped by at auntie wen's shop, she told us tt we could pass off as students and laughed at how 'naughty' we were! haa...when we were at groove designs, the lady (we now know she's rena) tot we were jc students! when we told rena we were actually final year students in poly, she was so surprised and started laughing and said we're really 'cute'. hmm...oh well!

felt really good to be in school uniform again, after like, 3 years?? haharz...yup. u wouldn't know how much fun we had in our uniform today...unless u were there with us!

auntie wen took this for us outside her shop!

all smiles. feeling young once again!

l'itch, k'itch, f'itch! heh!

trying to fit into the frame of the picture?

eve, ric and mag being retarded

awwww...sweeeeeet 16...

seeee...i still tink we look the same back den. hmm...

acting cute. (gerald please don't seee this).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


praise the Lord! thank God for His grace & mercy. suefern has recieved Christ : )

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

26th wedding anniversary

oooh...and guess wat? i just found out today's actually my papa & mommy's 26th wedding anniversary...woohoo! just tot i'd thank God for keeping my parents together for so many years and i pray that He'll continue to bless them & keep them faithful to each other, the family, and ultimately to the One who gave them to each other! blessed 26th anniversary to papa & mommy!

daddy's home!

had a really good laugh at him just now. he brought home a whole lot of clothes for us but they were either toooo small or waaaay to big. but yeah, i agree with nelson tt it's the tot here tt counts : )
anyway, i just got home from the airport after studying and chatting (more than half the time) with lydia. was really nice catching up with her. we've both been so caught up with our own stuff tt we hardly got to talk! thank God for the time together just now! yup...
sheesh, didn't realise it was 'zhong qiu jie' until i got home and saw kids playing with candles at the playground behind. was actually wondering why tonite was so foggy! haa...silly me. well...a pity no one planned anything this year...i still remember last yr's 'shang yue' nite with the older youths! aw man, i wish zer was here to plan something like this! anyway, m also glad m home now la. papa just arrived this afternoon & yeah, guess it isn't tt bad to be home...haharz, and nelson was just commenting abt how nice it was tt my dad's back on 'zhong qiu'...'tuan yuan' he added...hmm...didn't realise tt...i'm sure my dad didn't either.
haharz...oh well...silly papa. he told us he was gonna be back at 7pm today. i planned to wait for him at the airport and stuff...only at abt 2pm, he called me saying tt he was already at the airport and wanted to give mommy a surprise...called him again after my paper, only to hear him sounding real mad cos his plans didn't go tt great cos of the wrong info auntie luz gave when he called to ask where mommy was working at today. poor him had to go arnd with his luggage to look for mommy, thankfully, with dardar accompanying him after sch. proper planning! oh well... :D (tt's for leaving me out of this plan! ha!)
anyway, just wanna thank God for the time i had with lydia today, tt otcm paper's over, and also for bringing daddy home safely!

Monday, September 27, 2004

library 'saga'

studied alone at jurong library today. well, not really alone. this design girl shared her table with me until she left. after tt 2 sec sch boys came along and asked if i could share it. was really funny sitting there studying. we kinda got acquainted becos of this horrible incident. 2 indian security guards walked along each table and chased all the students who were studying away. and they did it really rudely. he insisted tt we had to leave cos we had no reference books with us. i reasoned with him tt ppl might wanna refer to the books later on but he insisted we leave. he wasn't polite at all. well...of cos me & the 2 boys didn't. we went to get reference books, just like all the other students there did. after tt get-out-of-the-library saga, the boys and i kinda talked a little like abt why shouldn't students be allowed to study there, esp since there weren't much ppl lo!

met jaime at the library for a while becos she was gonna have dinner at galilee cafe with auntie celine. tt girl, haiyo! kept insisting on giving me a treat to a drink there cos she so badly wanted to go there while i was trying to save up! haa...sorry jaime, anor time perhaps!

anyway, after jaime left, i was trying hard to concentrate on reading my otcm notes cos the boys were kinda 'warmed up' and started chatting away. loud enuf for me to hear their conversation and i was trying not to hide my smile when this guy was teaching his buddy how to lose weight...haaa...oh well, pretty frenly kids. well, frenly ppl i met at the table today anyway. the first girl & the 2 boys said bye to me before they left...i tot it was really nice of them : )

oh well, enuf abt my wonderful experience at the library today. haa...oh yeah, saw this guy snacking on a snickers bar and i told myself i must get my teeth on a bar today!

prayer requests: safe flight for my daddy as he travels home tmr! and wisdom as i sit for my otcm paper!

yup...gonna snack on my snickers bar now! ciao!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

combined yf meeting debrief

had a really fruitful day. after service, we got to spend some time with bro nelson over lunch, until i had to go rehearse with kids for music sunday. thank God the kids were really obedient today. went thru the rehearsal pretty fast and went back to chatting over lunch with some others. stayed on in church while dear was at choir. josiah, daniel & i were playing the guitar (ok, i was trying to) when joshua came along and we all went into the music room to 'jam'...haa...most of the time joshua was playing the piano anyway. was really cool seeing how he play...and guess wat? he's gonna attempt to improve my playing...haa...supposed to learn 10 hmyns by next sunday...oh well, hope he doesn't puke blood.

anyway, had a good debrief session with combined yf ppl...only delia, tricia, ben, josiah, daniel, dear & i went, we had a great time of fellowship whilst discussing : )

combined yf meeting committee (part of it)

also thank God tt i got a chance to catch up with allvina this evening. been a long time since we talked and yeah, it was nice sharing with her abt stuff...hmm...was supposed to go to Grandma's home today but i couldn't make it afterall...but she was so nice. she got mommy to bring some dessert back for me...thank God for Grandma, got to talk to her on the phone just now tho! : ) and yes, daddy's coming home in 2 days! whheeee!

keep your word

today's msg at youth service was good. topic was "keep your word" from matthew 5:33-37. just a short summary:

deut 23:21-23
1. when we make an oath, we have to keep it for it'd be a sin not to do so.
2. it is not wrong to make oath, but we can choose not to do so if we aren't gonna keep it.
matt 12:36
jesus says tt we're accountable to God for every word we say, on Judgment day.

how should we speak? how should we carry ourselves in our daily lives? how do we relate to others? have we stopped to ask if God accepts it when we decieve others, even if it's meant to be a joke? what's the focus of our lives? to 'joke' by decieving others to have fun or to be 'serious' and please God?

some ppl like to make 'romantic lies' (as bro nelson calls it! haa) /statements. for example, this guy tells his girlfriend "i can't eat or sleep when i don't see you". and immediately when he reaches home, the first thing he reaches for is the fridge. or go to sleep...hmm...sounds silly, but these are things ppl say yet dun mean huh?

when we say "i'll pray for you", do we keep our word? this was an issue i faced honestly. tt's why now when i say i'll pray for someone, i'll do it right away. if not, i'd better not promise tt person to do so! : ) well, tt's just a solution i came up with. but if you're just as forgetful as i am, u can always jot it down somewhere u'll see it!

how many of us are faithful to ourselves? God's commandments are not grievous becos He never gives us anything too heavy to bear. it is by His strength tt we obey : )

ppl do lie. okay, so lying is 'acceptable' in society. but does tt fact change truths? also, our we stumbling others with our words?

many a times, we as human tend to base our words on the authority of others. we tend to always claim tt "becos so & so says so". but on whose authority do we speak? as Christians, it should definitely be only on Jesus' authority. in 1 peter 1:13-16, peter gives us the basis on which we should speak. so before we say anything tt we don't mean, think. think abt God. what's our relationship with God? and as He has said "Be ye holy, as I am holy". Holiness comes with a price, even if it means losing a best friend. (honestly, wat kinda fren is a 'fren' who leaves u cos u dun crack jokes..?) are we willing to pay that price?

conclusion: "let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers" ephesians 4:29

i pray that i'll learn to watch what i say now. yeah, it is tough. but am sure that when God commands us to do something, He will never leave us alone. but instead, He has sent the Helper to guide us. may our 'yes' be 'yes' and 'no' be 'no'! let us draw strength frm the Lord as we seek to obey His word!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

childhood days

today was really fun after gtf. was pretty disappointed by many stuff before and during ex-co meeting. but thank God my day actually ended with a happy note! learnt lotsa stuff too...and thank God for rev ong's reminder that we shouldn't go to church only when we feel like it becos we've been so blessed. others in places like vietnam, they hafta worship God secretly...thank God that we can go to church freely...yup, so i pray that we'll always cherish this blessing... : )
oh, and tt eugene just told me tt the 6km is not half of the half army marathon leh! oh well...nm la. nice title so i'll just leave yesterday's post alone.

anyway, went to the playground with lydia after gtf while everyone was still snacking away in the fellowship hall. we tried climbing to sit on the top of the monkey bar and got youren to take pictures for us. cos of tt, ss came along and guess wat? he suggested playing "shark & dolphin"! m actually wondering wat's wrong with ss today. he was soooo 'on' the whole day can...haaa...thanks ss!

playing "shark & dolphin" really reminded me of our childhood days. how we always ran to the playground after sunday school classes. all the games we "police & thief", "freeze & melt" KIDS. haaa...most ppl would prolly tink we're being childish now. but no...a simple thing like tt actually made my day. it really did. i really thank God for tt precious time we had's just some pics : )

lydia & i successfully seated at the top of the monkey bar! hooray!

hey, big feat u noe. considering tt we haven't done this in YEARS

ss joining us at the playground. WOW can...haa...

lydia, youren & me (3 cute monkeys)

ss: get away from me!

eeeks, get away from daniel! he's the shark!

josiah and i trying to get away from ss the stu- err, shy shark.

tt's me! lydia calls me STRONG gwyn! :D

friends forever.

half army half marathon!

just got home from a walk at the reservoir with mag & eve. had a great talk and came up with many ideas to bring the youths at church together : ) thank God also for protecting us from any harm out there...was really dark!

am so happy today. haven't seen mag in a long time and glad the 3 of us got to spend quality time together...a pity ric wasn't with us. had a great time, but with her, m sure it'd have been even greater! :D

finally completed my mloct assignment today, yes, thank's my last assignment! i'm on study break now...woohoo! anyway, i met up with dear & fiona for a while this afternoon. watched this 15-min short film "toad" at abt 7pm, mag called to say she could meet up! haa...we were supposed to just meet up for a drink at breko but ended up coming over to my place to take a walk ROUND the reservoir. wah seh. it's 6km okay. tt's half the distance of the army half marathon! haaa...never realised it was so long despite having walked anrd it so many times. hmm...but walking arnd it with mag & eve made it seem so short : )

spending time with eve & mag, i realised how God can change things. 3 of us used to dislike one anor in sec sch. really cool that we're actually prolly the best of friends now. m just so thankful to God for giving me friends like them. friends who stay. friends who never did take me for granted. hey _'itches, love u all...haa... *hugs*
alrite...just wanna thank God for yet anor wonderful day He's blessed me with : )

Thursday, September 23, 2004

the best donut ever

thank God for seeing me thru today's civil pro paper :)

just tot i'd share abt last nite. was feeling really frustrated from trying to study for civil pro, preparing my portfolio for submission today and worst of all, after i realised i'd lost my diskette. tt diskette was really impt cos it contained all my civil pro documents drafted in class and there was a particular doc i really needed for today's paper. i didn't know wat to do and just nice, colin came online and after i told him abt the diskette, he told me to go sleep and reminded me tt there's nothing i could do but to leave it to God. looking back, i realised tt wat he said was true...esp abt getting back the diskette if God really wanted me to.'s just anor earthly worries : )

i was abt to go upstairs (i was still feeling down then) when dardar brought some donuts home. "jie, donuts from the bakery. freshly baked. eat it now if u can yah?" he said to me. he'd gone fishing with his bunch of frens after the bbq so i was pretty surprised to see him back at 2am...he just passed me the donuts and ran off happily with his fren. i brought the donuts to the kitchen, not intending to eat it cos i was really full. and not tt i love donuts. but when i tot of wat my bro said to me...i decided no matter wat, i must at least eat half of it...since he got it so i could eat it warm, it'd be useless to leave it till the next day.

as i sat there on the kitchen floor, biting into the donut, i just couldn't help but cry...i was just so touched. just as i was feeling so down and out, he got me warm donuts! u me, those donuts weren't just warm...they were heart-warming...that donut was the best donut i ever ate. hmm...any of you reading this might not understand how i felt...but oh well. but u noe, i wanted so much to tell my bro tt if he ever wished for the best younger bro in the world, he can forget abt it. cos he's tt brother himself.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

i love civil procedure...

thank God today's over...i tot there'd be a company law mock test today but thank God there wasn't...but again, there's gonna be civil procedure paper tmr! haiz...i so love civil procedure...NOT. but as much as i'm pretty scared abt tmr's paper, am glad that after tmr, that's it for civil pro! :D until next sem when i take advanced civil pro, tt is... : (

sheesh. am having paper tmr and dardar's having a bbq! thank God i remembered tt he was having a bbq at home today and figured i won't be able to i actually went to jurong east library to study! am pretty proud of myself cos i don't really like gng to the library alone to study. thank God for the courage to do something different today! haa...

anyway...had so much things i wanted to post but can't remember anything brain's starting to go on 'sleep' mode already...those who read this, please pray for me okay? pray for discipline to complete my work and also prepare for tmr's paper...and wisdom and understanding as i sit for the paper...most imptly, tt i'd trust God to see me through this! thanks...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

monday wows

thank God for today : ) didn't hafta go to sch cos there was neither lecture nor tutorial : ) eve stayed over and we slept downstairs in the living room as usual. had to wake up at 9plus cos the ladies (auntie dot, auntie peggy, auntie celine...etc) came over to bake holy communion bread with mommy. our home was like some kinda meeting place today. so 're nao'...haa. mommy had a whole grp of ppl while i had eve over. eve left while i was at the clinic (yes, all cos of my wound...sigh). den dardar brought his fren home to talk abt some fishing stuff. kor brought alan home and talking abt alan, i DIDN'T change my nick to "alan is best"! he changed it when i was unaware and i didn't realise it till 15minutes ago cos i just got home. ggrrr~

anyway, had a good time today. watched "the terminal" with gerald & eve. also sat at the esplanade with lotsa junk food and really got to talk : ) yup...anyway, eve's here to stayover again! yay! haa...thank God for allowing both of us to have a heart-to-heart talk on our way to her place and my so thankful for a fren in her.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

my zombified day

was supposed to be in church by 8.30am today for p.a. duty but i got up at 8am~ could have been there on time or just abt 5 minutes after but had to help dardar choose a tie...ended up reaching there only at 8.43am but thank God uncle wing sun was nice abt it :)

felt like a zombie today. felt a little bad becos i was kinda on 'sleep' mode. tried real hard to give ppl my attn when they talked to me...went to the international food fest or something like tt at suntec with eve, jaime, ss, jonathan & josiah. went arnd trying the samples and even some funny paraffin wax thinggie on my hand...erm, dunno wat they were doing at a food fest in the first place. but it was cool...even ss & jonathan tried it. haa...

jonathan wanted to go to coffee bean or starbucks but jaime, eve & i didn't want the guys & girls split up after the food thinggie...i bought a black skirt! jaime & i ended up following eve & her dad to sim lim square...felt like i was floating along...sigh, i guess my energy's just drained out after yesterday's combined games...

jaime & i had dinner with eve, daniel & their dad at jp. haven't seen daniel in a lonnnggg time and my, he looks different now leh. only eve tinks he's still the same. oh's usually the case between brothers & sisters.

thank God for sustaining me through today. really thank God. was actually really tired but felt to paiseh to tell jaime & eve or the others...haa...and i wanted to spend some time with them anyway. guess i'd better sleep early tonite. some ladies from church are coming over to bake holy communion bread in the morning...

Saturday, September 18, 2004

combined bp churches yf meeting

thank God for a really blessed day at shalom bp church today. this year's combined yf meeting has been one of the best so far :) i thank God for the youths who turned up and for the sweet fellowship we had with one anor. thank God also for the new friends made, (tho some have seen each other arnd at previous meetings but never talked)...and for opportunity to meet 'old' friends (made at the past yrs meetings once) again...

a pity we have this only once a year huh? but again...just to plan for this ONE day took us 3 months. imagine a camp...lols.

thank God also for answering our prayers & granting us good weather. our game stn was up on the roof & we didn't have a back-up plan at all. moreover, shalom was gonna have their skit on the roof after the games. just before the event started, a huge black cloud hovered over us and it threatened to rain. a few of us on the roof den gathered to pray tt God would send a strong wind to blow tt cloud away and He did! hallelujah!!!

altho i didn't get to play the games, running our game stn was fun too. looking at how the 8 grps come up with ways to re-enact the scene of Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem was really hilarious. one grp even tore down our 'houses' & 'tailor shop' to lay it as a path for Jesus to ride the donkey on! our game was simple, compared to the rest (i tink), but i pray that the ppl who played would bring home the simple reminder that we were trying to put across: that we should always be ready for Christ's 2nd coming becos when He comes again, He wouldn't be waiting, just like how the 'disciples' (grp members) made their 'jesus' wait for them while they laid the path with palm leaves and garment.

this yr, instead of having the traditional msg-then-games kinda thinggie, we placed worship and the message right at the back of the agenda, just before dinner. this was to help build up the 'atmosphere' or 'mood' of the ppl...hmm, dunno wat's tt word. but it's just to simply make worship more meaningful after the youths have gone thru the re-enactments of scenes involving Jesus, incl the role-playing of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, the last supper and of cos, the wonderful skit presented by shalom. shalom did a great job in re-enacting wat Jesus went thru when He faced persecution and how he was crucified on the cross, and finally rising from the dead right to the great commission.

well...for us Christians, after all that Jesus had done for us, are we putting in enough effort to tell others abt this wonderful news of salvation? are we living a life that's pleasing to God? to those who came today but are not yet on this train ride to heaven, are you willing to consider Christ? consider Him as your one and only personal Saviour? don't take too long. the gate will not stay open forever.

the last 2 grps at our game station waving the palm leaves

fiona, dear, joanne & i

posing at the well created by josiah, ss & daniel!

still can't believe the guys did this! honestly, m soo impressed. well done guys! u guys can start a business to create fountains or like ;)

dear, joanne, me & delia

and so the skit we've all been waiting for begins. yup, tt's us helping to be part of the multitude (hmm...)

'jesus' and his 2 disciples who have fallen asleep outside the garden of gethsemane

the kiss of betrayal from judas iscariot

the guards arresting 'jesus' and taking him away

'jesus' brought on trial before pilate, who finds him faultless

the man who helped 'jesus' carry the cross on the way to calvary

'jesus' crucified on calvary's hill, with 2 thieves beside him

the stone was rolled away; angel telling mary & the women that Jesus is risen

the great commssion from 'jesus' before his ascension to heaven

really thank God for allowing everything to run so smoothly...thank God for being in control. God's my Jehovah Jireh & Jehovah Shammah. To Yaweh be the glory!!!

one and only Love

had a really good evening watching Agapella perform at the third place today. i almost didn't go becos only the older youths were gng...but again, thank God i decided to go was a worthwhile trip.

the testimonies shared by the members of Agapella were so...hmm, i dunno wat to call tt. but they were really good reminders and lessons tt we should always bear in mind. someone shared abt a story of a married couple who were looking forward to the birth of their new son. all the dreams and hopes they had on him. but when he was born with down-syndrome, the father was really confused but in the end decided that he was gonna love his son just as much as a normal kid. parental love :) how wonderful it is...

anor shared abt how he found happiness in love when he fell in love with this girl...until cracks started to appear. it was then tt he started looking to God and realised tt God's the only One he can count on...

made me realise that it isn't really worthwhile to invest so much in a temporal love relationship actually. i mean, not that it's not good to be in love. it is. but i should always remember that God's the only One Love Whom i can always trust wholly to love me unconditionally...

stanley also shared the gospel and i felt tt it was such a pity that i didn't ask eugene along. i feel that God has kinda laid a burden on my heart to reach out to him...ha, hope he won't get scared off when he sees this...but seriously, how i wished he had heard all the testimonies shared...

had supper at boon tat street with the youths and argh, got so many mosquito bites! *sobs* always me leh...

anyhow, i just thank God for yet anor evening for me to relax : ) hmm...did i? only thing was tt i had to keep tinking abt combined yf meeting, which is less than 14 hours away...honestly, i'm feeling pretty frustrated now. not abt today, but just this thing. i tot i had already handed this combined yf thinggie to others already. dun understand why i still hafta do all this stuff and worry so much abt stuff not so tired. and feel so taken for granted...

anyway...really wanna thank God for answering my prayer. my otcm tutor actually gave me a chance to sit for my quiz today. really thank God...i wasn't supposed to sit for it w/o an mc...but thank God for a tutor who's understanding & gracious enough...yup...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

forgetful me..

realised tt i'd missed my otcm quiz on so in trouble now. if i dun get to take it, i'm prolly gonna fail tt subj! *sobs* but thank God...after i emailed my tutor, she seemed like she was willing to help me leh...alrite ppl, pleeease help me pray that my tutor would be gracious & let me sit for tt quiz yah?? really really need ur prayerssss ah.

anyway, really glad tt dear & i managed to settle most stuff for this sat's combined meeting today...thank God, esp for the help tt 'cher has offered : )

oh all ye youths coming for this sat's combined bp churches youth meeting, it's 3pm at shalom bp church. if u dunno how to get there, pls be at pasir ris mrt @ 2.30pm...don't be late yah!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

in everything give thanks

"in everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 thessalonians 5:18

so many things to thank God for! here's just a few:
  1. thank God for my relationship with my 2 brothers. 1 year back, we were gng thru a rough patch, esp with kor...we even came to a point where we stopped talking to each other. i prayed real hard for God to mend this broken relationship...and of cos, improve the one between me & dardar. praise God! He has answered my prayers! also reminded me tt nothing is impossible with God...
  2. thank God for the wound on my leg. it hurts, of cos. but if not for it, i prolly would not realise how much my brothers care. thank God for love among siblings... : )
  3. thank God for helping dardar make a wise decision to go for sunday sch camp. i know it's not an easy choice because he's been wanting to go for tt ncc actually means a lot to him...praise God for speaking to dardar's heart...
  4. thank God for wonderful parents. as simple as tt.
  5. thank God eugene agreed to come to church on sunday. it's my first time praying so hard for a friend's salvation actually...

God's been so good. really real. not tt a wretch like me deserves so much grace from Him...well, just wanna thank God from Whom all blessings flow!

haa...was sitting at the clinic with luz jie jie today. we just started talking abt my childhood days...with kor & dardar. esp really made me laugh and reminded me of the silly stuff we did. how we fought over getting the centre place right in front of the tv. we actually had to use our pillows & bolsters to 'chop' the place minutes, or even hours before the show. worse than booking tix to a movie can...haa...and how kor would teach me silly antics and treated me like a brother...we once had a bolster fight at grandma's place and becos of tt, i got a huge bump on my forehead after i knocked right into a doorknob...really missed those days. horrible but well, sweet. sweet old days we had as kids. u noe...kor & i weren't even allowed to sit together in the car becos we'd fight. we'll hafta sit on each side of the car with someone in the centre...or he'll pull my hair and we'll start fighting...which normally ends up with me crying away...sheesh...and our late grandpa (whom we affectionately called ah kong)...when we went over to his place, he'd take us downstairs for his tea time and let us feed the pigeons. but he would never bring us down together. always one at a time. just so we would not get a chance to start fighting...mommy even told me that during my 2nd uncle's wedding, (i was flower girl; kor was pageboy) everybody's heart was thumping away cos they were so scared we'd start fighting...hahaharz...

okay...enuf of my ramblings...yup, just wanna say thanks to my nice old frens who have been faithfully reading my postings! haa...mag, miss you lots too...catch up soon? and joel (tan)...thanks, am surprised u actually read my entries too! haa...yeah, but just forget abt tt hp thinggie yah? haaa...sorry if i reminded u abt it... :)

Sunday, September 12, 2004

blessed weekend

had a really long day. long weekend. after church, i decided to go home to attempt to do my theory hw. but just after i crossed the road outside church, it started i had to go to the bus stop instead, and take a bus down to jurong east with fiona. after she left to meet her proj mates, i met up with josiah at the library...i picked up this book frm the law section and read something really interesting. it was describing this case, this case known as "law's strangest case"...after reading the first 2 paragraphs, i suddenly realised the 'accused' mentioned, was actually Jesus! cool rite...haa, funny, and they even named it "the temple authorities v. jesus of nazareth". should read tt can. so funny...there was even one part tt said tt if it were a 21st century case, the media & reporters would have a field day...lols, and how they should pay judas iscariot 30 shekels to interview him.

went for combined yf meeting at shalom today. it was the final & full dress rehearsal. was tiring but pretty worthwhile, esp after watching shalom's skit on jesus facing persecution & crucifixion. was pretty impressed by the shalomites actually. keep it gng shalomites!!!

wanted to go straight home after rehearsal but jonathan insisted we join him for dinner with allvina. was really tired and wanted to do my theory hw actually, but felt real bad, esp since he waited for us till the whole thing ended. and guess the cab, this hp started ringing and i tot it was fiona's. but just as she told me "ur hp's ringing", i realised someone had left his hp in the cab! woohoo! first time i ever 'picked' up a hp u noe...but of cos, we didn't keep it. we allowed the taxi driver to go back to where he dropped off to return him the hp. i really think he's one blessed guy to be able to get back his hp la. when we met him there, he kept thanking us but i said to him "u're one really blessed guy. u'd better thank God man"

anyway, am really happy today. thank God eugene came to church today. it's my first time asking him to come for service actually. am so glad he agreed...he's an answer to my prayer! :) well, not sure if today's msg did move him...but i pray that somehow or anor, at some pt in his life, he'd remember today's msg and be open his heart to Jesus...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

my strong brothers

i thank God for my BROTHERS! strong brothers. really...i'm so glad i've got kor and dardar...

my shin's hurting like crazy now. cos of tt infection...last nite at prayer meeting, mrs heng took a look and told me to go to the clinic to have the pus and all drained out...cos it was getting worse. she said the doc would just spray some anaesthetic on it and poke it...POKE it...yah rite!!! he made a one-inch incision can!!! *sobs* i just got home actually...with the help of mommy, kor & dardar.

mommy called kor to drive his car over to the clinic to pick me up and i'm SO glad he agreed. mommy kept asking me to allow her to piggy-back me to the hello. i would be ultra inhumane to do tt can... -.- i'm so much taller than i pressed on and tried to reach the car, which seemed like it was miles away. thank God for kor cos he actually carried me. literally carried me! in 19 years of my life, this is the first time kor ever carried me. i feel so touched now...

when we reached home, dardar came out to piggy-back me into the house. first time my brothers ever lifted me off the ground leh. you know, although my wound's hurting like mad, i feel so blessed. really blessed. i really thank God for brothers...i feel like the most blessed sister in the whole wide world now!!!! haa...i hope my brothers don't see this tho... *shy* hmm...oh well, kor and dardar, if you 2 ever see this, i just wanna let you 2 noe tt i am sooooo touched. and glad that God made you my brothers. i really am. *hugs*

to mommy: thanks for letting me squeeze ur hands till they became numb at the clinic just now. sorry i'm such a wimp too...and yah, erm, sorry abt tt huge bill i chalked up just now...haiz

anyway, so much things to thank & praise God for: thank God for tt christian doc who kept asking me to pray and sing hymns instead of concentrating on the pain...thank God i got an mc for tmr...thank God for an understanding grpmate like christina who offered to go all the way to sch to submit our proj...she has no sch, and best, she lives opp me...yet didn't complain when i called to tell her i can't go submit it anymore...thanks christina...

oh well...tmr's gonna be anor screaming session cos the doc's gonna clean up my wound.......gaaaagaaagaaa....pray for me peeps...pray tt i'd stop being so wimpish...oh yeah, time for me to lose weight.

Monday, September 06, 2004

ben's back! / army open house

yayness! ben will be back in a few minutes! i really can't wait leh!!! teh tarik, here we come!!!

anyway, went to the army open house with eve today. wanted to catch gerald playing in the band but when i got there, he called to ask if i saw it. oh well. haa...a pity. but he told us tt there's anor performance at 3.30pm...and so we waited...but guess wat? becos it rained, they didn't play...sheesh. anyhow, i saw quite a few peeps from sec sch and also met up with chenming at his oh-so-fun (NOT) combat engineering booth...haaa...

wanted to cut my hair but when i called the hairdressing salon, the lady said desmond won't be available till next mon~ popular meh...hmph -.-

oh well, doesn't matter la, ben's back i tink!!!! hoooooray!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


am so happy today!

last nite, i wrote alex a letter to ask him how he was and all tt...also told him tt joanne, dear, ss, josiah & i would like to meet up sometime this week like friday and hope he'd join us...passed him the letter at church this morning before service started. after i passed him tt letter, i told myself tt i must NOT expect any reply from him at all. but i was wrong!!! i recieved an sms from him tt read "How bout dinner tonight? Next few weeks won't have time." i was so happy and surprised tt i couldn't stop smiling when i read it. so, we quickly got organised and planned to meet at cityhall at 6pm : )

in the end, dear didn't turn up 'cos of a paper tmr...eve joined us instead...oh yeah, both of them have papers tmr!!! (hey dear, hey f'itch, will be praying for u guys! jia you!) anyway, it was really good to be together again. tho it wasn't anything exciting or wat...i just felt happy. real happy tt alex didn't disappoint me... : ) he prolly won't ever know how much i appreciated his presence, but oh well...i really do. when we asked him abt why he isn't coming to gtf anymore, he actually said he'll make a "comeback"...i really look forward to tt day...

anyhow, i had a good time today. spent the afternoon with fiona, jaime, eve & charissa.

what i thank God for today: friends.

gtf outing @ marina south

thank God! finally can blog now. eve's been working on my com since 11pm with the help of gerald. thanks so much to the both of you! *hugs*

my sat was a really good one. had to be at supreme courts by 9am. was afraid i'll be late so i decided to take a cab and this malay couple was really nice to let me get a cab first...

after class at the tech court, i went to citylink to look for a suitable prezzie for fiona. walked arnd for more than an hour before i finally decided to get her a bracelet from perlini silver' a cake from a nearby bakery on the way to church : ) hey fiona, hope u liked the gift! sorry abt the cake tt wasn't exactly fantastic tho...and a very blessed 17th birthday to you!

fiona & i with miss strawberry (cake) in the kitchen

gtf had an outing to marina south today. it was really fun! after like yrs of dear, ss & i having to plan games for everyone, cher planned today's games! had games like Rounders, which really made me miss ytf days...only jonathan & josiah will prolly understand wat i mean here ;) yup...and we even relived our childhood days in the church playground when we played "freeze and melt"! only bad thing abt it was, shawn & i slammed right into each other during this game...i've got 3 bruises frm it now!

dardar (tt's the new name i gave my bro -DARrell DARling) and i posing like a tree. sad tree.

sweaaaty us!

tt wasn't all...we went to anor plot of field to attempt to fly kites. was really disappointed tt our kites couldn't fly but it was really much fun...after so many failed attempts, we finally went off for steamboat dinner nearby : )

super health-conscious peeps. ss's table only added corn & winter melon into their soup; eve's table was some liver-filled soup

our tables: everything-also-whack!

thank God for a really good time of fellowship at marina south today : ) must really thank God for the wonderful weather He provided. it was good being under the sun! i thank God also for the ppl He brought today. am sure He had a purpose for each one He brought today : )

anyway, this has been a good week. God has shown me tt He'll always be my Jehovah Shammah -The Lord Who is there - and hears me : )

if only zer was still in singapore tho...missed you zer!!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

wait till zer sees this

am a streats reader...not!!!

okay...i know this looks retarded...haharz...but oh well...melissa suddenly got into this hey-let's-take-photos-leh mood when we sitting outside one stop services'...

anyway, today's been a pretty good day. got home to find jing (my neighbour) sitting at my piano cos he was locked out of his home...and after a while, eve called to say she wanna come the whole time since i got home, i'd had a fren over...dexian came over for tuition too...(yay! gonna get my pay!) now eve's gone. but dear's here!!! yay!!! haven't had her stay over in a long time!

but sad thing is...she's here cos we're gonna be at airport before 7.15am to see zer off...i wish she didn't hafta go all the way there...if only. : (

oh well...i'll just hafta look forward to her next trip back...zer, if u're reading this, u'll prolly be in dublin already...hope you ain't angry tt we went to the airport!!! we really wanted to see you's a blessing for you, zer:

may God Who is your Refuge & Strength bless you and keep you.
may He make His face to shine on you & be gracious to you.
may He lift up His countenance on you & give you peace
because you can do all things thru Christ Who gives you strength.

hmm...sheesh. just suddenly forgot wat i wanted to share tonite...oh well. just wanna thank God for being so real to me... : )

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

an internship place for me!

praise God from only Whom all blessings flow! i am so lost for words. totally awed. by His power. ashamed of how little faith i had in my God so big. i really thank God for friends who have been praying so hard & crying out to God on my behalf...

Hi Gwyneth,

We refer to your interview on 26 August 2004 and are pleased to offer to you an internship attachment with our company. Kindly confirm acceptance of this offer and let us know when you can start.
Best regards,
Gan Choon Beng
Infinitus Law Corporation
Advocates & Solicitors

once again, God has shown me His power, grace & mercy...and how true He is to His promise in philippians 4:6
"be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."

i made a request to my Father. and he granted me tt request i so did not deserve.

10 of us at the ktv

just got home at 12plus...had a really great nite at the ktv with zer, dear, jaime, alan, jonathan, allvina, luvena, jenny & her friend, issac. a pity i have sch later today...or i'd have stayed even longer!

just wanna thank God for the fun i had with friends : ) really took some stress off me...yup.