Genesis 22:1-14: ben's back! / army open house

Monday, September 06, 2004

ben's back! / army open house

yayness! ben will be back in a few minutes! i really can't wait leh!!! teh tarik, here we come!!!

anyway, went to the army open house with eve today. wanted to catch gerald playing in the band but when i got there, he called to ask if i saw it. oh well. haa...a pity. but he told us tt there's anor performance at 3.30pm...and so we waited...but guess wat? becos it rained, they didn't play...sheesh. anyhow, i saw quite a few peeps from sec sch and also met up with chenming at his oh-so-fun (NOT) combat engineering booth...haaa...

wanted to cut my hair but when i called the hairdressing salon, the lady said desmond won't be available till next mon~ popular meh...hmph -.-

oh well, doesn't matter la, ben's back i tink!!!! hoooooray!


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