Genesis 22:1-14: my zombified day

Sunday, September 19, 2004

my zombified day

was supposed to be in church by 8.30am today for p.a. duty but i got up at 8am~ could have been there on time or just abt 5 minutes after but had to help dardar choose a tie...ended up reaching there only at 8.43am but thank God uncle wing sun was nice abt it :)

felt like a zombie today. felt a little bad becos i was kinda on 'sleep' mode. tried real hard to give ppl my attn when they talked to me...went to the international food fest or something like tt at suntec with eve, jaime, ss, jonathan & josiah. went arnd trying the samples and even some funny paraffin wax thinggie on my hand...erm, dunno wat they were doing at a food fest in the first place. but it was cool...even ss & jonathan tried it. haa...

jonathan wanted to go to coffee bean or starbucks but jaime, eve & i didn't want the guys & girls split up after the food thinggie...i bought a black skirt! jaime & i ended up following eve & her dad to sim lim square...felt like i was floating along...sigh, i guess my energy's just drained out after yesterday's combined games...

jaime & i had dinner with eve, daniel & their dad at jp. haven't seen daniel in a lonnnggg time and my, he looks different now leh. only eve tinks he's still the same. oh's usually the case between brothers & sisters.

thank God for sustaining me through today. really thank God. was actually really tired but felt to paiseh to tell jaime & eve or the others...haa...and i wanted to spend some time with them anyway. guess i'd better sleep early tonite. some ladies from church are coming over to bake holy communion bread in the morning...


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