Genesis 22:1-14: in everything give thanks

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

in everything give thanks

"in everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 thessalonians 5:18

so many things to thank God for! here's just a few:
  1. thank God for my relationship with my 2 brothers. 1 year back, we were gng thru a rough patch, esp with kor...we even came to a point where we stopped talking to each other. i prayed real hard for God to mend this broken relationship...and of cos, improve the one between me & dardar. praise God! He has answered my prayers! also reminded me tt nothing is impossible with God...
  2. thank God for the wound on my leg. it hurts, of cos. but if not for it, i prolly would not realise how much my brothers care. thank God for love among siblings... : )
  3. thank God for helping dardar make a wise decision to go for sunday sch camp. i know it's not an easy choice because he's been wanting to go for tt ncc actually means a lot to him...praise God for speaking to dardar's heart...
  4. thank God for wonderful parents. as simple as tt.
  5. thank God eugene agreed to come to church on sunday. it's my first time praying so hard for a friend's salvation actually...

God's been so good. really real. not tt a wretch like me deserves so much grace from Him...well, just wanna thank God from Whom all blessings flow!

haa...was sitting at the clinic with luz jie jie today. we just started talking abt my childhood days...with kor & dardar. esp really made me laugh and reminded me of the silly stuff we did. how we fought over getting the centre place right in front of the tv. we actually had to use our pillows & bolsters to 'chop' the place minutes, or even hours before the show. worse than booking tix to a movie can...haa...and how kor would teach me silly antics and treated me like a brother...we once had a bolster fight at grandma's place and becos of tt, i got a huge bump on my forehead after i knocked right into a doorknob...really missed those days. horrible but well, sweet. sweet old days we had as kids. u noe...kor & i weren't even allowed to sit together in the car becos we'd fight. we'll hafta sit on each side of the car with someone in the centre...or he'll pull my hair and we'll start fighting...which normally ends up with me crying away...sheesh...and our late grandpa (whom we affectionately called ah kong)...when we went over to his place, he'd take us downstairs for his tea time and let us feed the pigeons. but he would never bring us down together. always one at a time. just so we would not get a chance to start fighting...mommy even told me that during my 2nd uncle's wedding, (i was flower girl; kor was pageboy) everybody's heart was thumping away cos they were so scared we'd start fighting...hahaharz...

okay...enuf of my ramblings...yup, just wanna say thanks to my nice old frens who have been faithfully reading my postings! haa...mag, miss you lots too...catch up soon? and joel (tan)...thanks, am surprised u actually read my entries too! haa...yeah, but just forget abt tt hp thinggie yah? haaa...sorry if i reminded u abt it... :)


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