Genesis 22:1-14: October 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

this is for my dear :)

alrite, m in, to blogging. haven't been doing so cos i had so much on my mind, i didn't know how to pen them down. to jaime, jasmine & bel: m sorry bout tt. anyway, i've been pretty alrite. not exactly great, but God's been wonderful, and real. oh, and of cos, my only Hope. slacking a lot now. running errands, giving tuition to 3 kids, bible study, meeting up with whoever's free to meet me, sleeping, eating, reading...yeah, tt's pretty much how my life's like now. hopefully i don't get too used to it.

anyway, like the title says. this post is supposed to be for my dear. my friend of almost 15 years. prolly my closest friend. my mind-reader~ and of cos, my prayer partner & one of my sources of godly counsel - almost right after papa & mommy. i thank God for this friend whom i can be so honest with. well, even if m not, she'll know wat's on my mind. this dear of mine knows me so well tt m 99.9% convinced she can read my thoughts. it's scary sometimes you know. but on the other hand, it's wonderful to have a friend like tt...esp in times when i want so much to share something with her but don't know how to, or not sure if i should. she's God's blessing to me, and an answer to my prayer for a friend who knows me, thinks like me, and lives life with the same purpose and Reason : ) thank you, Father, and thank you, dear! i love you!

"and friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them..." glory to God for being the Lord of our friendship! : )