Genesis 22:1-14: February 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007


a bunch of them lived in bukit they'd take 176 down to pandan gardens, where i used to walk all the way just to meet them early mornings. there, we'd take the same bus to the same school...except one of us whose school was prolly 3-4 bus stops down from ours. becos tt "odd" but beloved fella had a habit of being late, the rest of us would end up late too. together we run down the bus, across the pedestrian crossing, down the corridors past the science labs, trying to get to the parade sq before the morning bell goes off. the moment we hit the parade sq, we run in separate directions, to our own classes...just on time, before the school bell rings, and the national anthem starts playing...

i wonder if any one remembers that...

as if seeing each other on sat + sun weren't enough. we went to the same school too, haha...just suddenly thought of them, and of those days...

but like hozea says..."those days are gone forever!" sigh...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

my 22nd birthday :)

praise God from Whom all blessings flow! a few things i'd like to thank God for:
  1. life - recently i've learnt not to take life for granted. each day i live is by the grace of God...and so, i thank God for yet anor year of life He's given me.
  2. my parents - for loving me, and for all the sacrifices they've made...always trying to give kor, darrell and me the best they can (thank you papa & mommy, i love you too)
  3. darrell - for being the sweetest brother in the world, always being there for me! (i love you, darling!)
  4. my brothers/sisters-in-Christ a.k.a my fellow prayer warriors- for always encouraging me thru the word of God, praying for me (of cos they fall under "friends" too, but thought i'd give them a 'title one-level-up'! *winks*)
  5. my friends (esp those who've stayed all these years!) - simply for their friendship!
  6. a meaningful birthday gathering - it's always wonderful having the ppl i hold dear to my heart, around me on my birthday...and i thank God for a good time of sweet fellowship!

i've always thought 22nd birthdays (or rather, birthdays after our 21st) aren't special anymore...but i was wrong, cos my friends made it really special for me :) *blessed*

Saturday, February 03, 2007

sweet surprise :)

i thought i'd miss out on quite a bit of fun when a bunch of them went for a funfair at JJ this morning while i had to go for my bible study...well, m glad i was guai[1] (meaning "good" in mandarin) enough not to "pontang" bible study...or the efforts of these sweet friends of mine would have gone down the draaaaaiiin...

yup, thank God for these really sweet friends who planned this really sweet birthday surprise for me! *happy*