Genesis 22:1-14: January 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

breakfast with daniel :)

breakfast at science centre macs

thank God for friendships such as this! :) genesis law corp hadn't just been a place i worked at for 9months while considering and praying over the Lord's direction for me, met good bosses, learned precious lessons and gained out-of-textbook experiences, but also the place i made pretty good friends :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

"told you to wait"

just slightly more than a week ago, my dad heard me say i wanted to get an organiser and he had told me to wait, and he'll get me a really good one. well...i didn't wait, and went to get one from kinokuniya.

after i spent $28.90 on a chip 'n' dale schedule dad gave me an organizer from barclays. -_-" and when i looked was really good. among other stuff, it includes the monthly page in the size of my preference. he made me show him my organizer, yes, the cheap, i mean chip 'n' dale organizer...and laughed at me. "told you to wait!~" so i asked him, "then what do i do with mine now?"

"throw away la!" =(

sigh...i can't help but silly.

Friday, January 02, 2009

a decision to reconsider

it's been on my mind for some time now...since the last night of Sunday School camp. as much as i'd love to teach this group of young ladies (even more so since i'd be serving the Lord alongside my closest friend), deep down, m really really afraid. i don't deny i fear rejection. i don't deny i fear being compared with the teacher i'd be replacing. and i don't deny...m discouraged. have i made the wrong decision...but worse, have i heard the Lord wrongly about teaching this class?