Genesis 22:1-14: June 2004

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

rapture!?! (the big blackout)

i'm listening to: El-Shaddai -Amy Grant

praise God! been trying to get connected to the internet since the lights came back on. my area was one of those affected by the blackout which hit us at 10plus. learnt some lessons, like how we should have enough torchlights and candles in the home.

haa...couldn't believe myself just now. i was playing forrest gump on the piano when suddenly everywhere became pitch dark. first thing tt came to my mind: rapture? i immediately called out to darrell, moved over to him (on my wheelie chair) and held on to his arm...haa...thank God for my darling bro who did all he could to make mommy, auntie luz & me feel comfortable by assuring us, looking arnd for candles (he even ran upstairs to take out his precious candles tt he kept frm past years' candelight fellowships), taking out lightsticks & watever torchlights he could find :) love u darrell... *hugs*

i tried calling dear but to no avail. can't believe i called someone and after i got back online, he said it was so weird tt we can talk on the fone but when we see each other we have nothing to say...oh well..............thanks anyway to tt fren who unknowingly assured me when i found out his place had a blackout too :P

thank God grandma is alrite. she was all alone at her home during the blackout!!!

oh well...this blackout wasn't totally bad afterall. at least i now noe how kenya looks like :)

cher msged me rite after the lights came on "are you enjoying the black out. go out and look at the moon. its just like kenya. also there is emergency lite here at church. we are light in this wld (world) of darkness."

yeah...i hope tt galilee would always be a lighthouse for the Lord...anyway, gotta go do my tutorials now! pls pray for darrell yah? he's having exams tmr... ;)

Monday, June 28, 2004

zer's back!

i'm listening to: Forrest Gump -Alan Silvestri

today was a great start to my second week at sch. met dear in town after sch since we were gonna meet zer in the evening anyway. walked around town looking at all the nice things we wanted to buy, and only have them look back at us. sheesh. oh well...can't wait for next month's allowance!

dear & i had a great evening chatting with zer at mac's. it's been 6 months since i last saw zer. felt really happy. did lotsa catching up...talked about EVERYTHING - even the future *winks* oh well...just thank God for the 2 hours we had together :)

came home and had a long chat with mommy too. it was nice telling her all that has been happening to me. i even told her about alex & how God has convicted me to talk to him & resolve the problem between us. sigh, mommy tinks tt i should get it done quick too...but i told her i'm actually too proud to do it...sigh...O Lord...pls make me humble to do that... :

oh well...anyway, i just wanna really thank God for a good day. am looking forward to a pleasant week :) yup, praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

am gonna write a love letter mommy! :) haa...yah...and if any of you read this...just pray for me to resolve the broken relationship between me and him

Friday, June 25, 2004

sec schmates' reunion

i'm listening to: A Cradle Prayer -Rebecca St. James

just got home after a wonderful reunion with ex-schmates, esther, maddie, keith, cch, lionel, andy & ric. had dinner at billy bomber's before we went to the felt really nice seeing my friends once again. yeap...ric's so was a totally different feeling as we sat together more than 2 years after we've left sec sch...i thank God for those precious moments spent with them this evening :) thanks too, maddie, for organising this get-together...and thanks to all who came :)

haa...i dunno if any of us have changed in any way. but i can't deny tt the guys look better now :P cept tt i can't stand how andy tried to look so popular!!! haharz...sickening fellow. the way he insists he isn't an EXTRA on tv really amuses me. hmm...keith seems to have become quieter too? and esther and maddie are looking so pretty now...esther was wearing a skirt!! woohoo~! haa...hmm, looks like some of us have changed afterall...

dinner at billy bomber's, heeren Posted by Hello

oh just really glad i went today, from the bottom of my heart. haven't had such a good time with sch frens in a really long time. praise God frm Whom all blessings flow! :) just hope we'll get to meet up like this more often...just sitting down for coffee would do, too... :)

whheeeeee!!! church campers are back today...haa, felt good seeing kor opening the door for me when i came home...haven't talked to the rest tho...oh well, i'll see them at gtf tmr anyway! and zer's coming back frm ireland on sunday!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

trip to p.tekong

i'm listening to: Forrest Gump -Piano Solo

thanks to marcus who dled this song for me!!! haa...been wanting to hear it since i came home from chiangmai :)

went to p.tekong to see jonathan off today. only auntie eng, dear & i went. ben had gone all the way to the ferry terminal with us when he was told he can't wear berms there. sigh. poor ben couldn't go along with us to tekong in the end.

haa, after today, i realised army can be quite fun! okay, those of u serving ns are soo gonna slap me. but seriously, i believe it's how ppl look at ns. if u're positive, u're so gonna enjoy it. but once u've got the mentality tt it sucks, den well...guess u're never gonna make it : [i'm sure dear agrees with me! :D ] so glad tt jonathan has chose to look at it positively. i'm sure tt he'll make it, if he continues to seek the Lord for strength...

wheeeee...the rest are gonna be back frm camp tmr! am so's been a pretty quiet week without them. am glad there's gtf this sat..

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

living victoriously in difficult times!

i'm listening to: The Gift -Colin Raye

thank God for a precepts bible-study book that i'm using for devotions now -Living victoriously in difficult times. today's study was a reminder to me. when the thessalonians faced persecutions, afflictions & sufferings, they endured it with perseverance & faith in God. likewise, when i face difficult times in life, i shouldn't start complaining abt how tough life is. instead, i should have faith in God to see me thru. i pray that when tough times come, i'd put my trust in God, completely.

just made me tink back abt the little things that has been happening the past 3 days. i'm so thankful to God for seeing me thru all the little bumps along the way when i went back to sch. today, at lecture, melissa & jiahui told me tt cds tutorials start this week. i was so disappointed cos i had promised to see jonathan off at tekong. i called dear & told her to pray 4 me cos i really wanna go. when i met up with jonathan & lydia today at jurong library, i suddenly decided to take a look at my otcm schedule. by God's grace, my cds doesn't have tutorial this week!!! am so glad that God answered my prayers...

spent a really good afternoon with jonathan & lydia. haharz, have u ever seen a guy who's gng into ns, so busy the day before, writing cards to everyone?? haharz...jonathan did...he kept writing while lydia & i had to cut out stuff for him...and was at it even at my home while i had piano lessons!! haa...thank God for a sincere friend like him :D i pray that God will be with him as he goes into army, and that he'll continue to see the YAWEH for strength each day!

yup...looking forward to another wonderful day (in the Lord!) tmr... :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

God has plans!

i'm listening to: Little Rock -Colin Raye

haa...last nite i was just complaining abt my cds subj and how late the lectures & tutorials are...(yesh dear & jonathan...u guys had to endure most of my whining. bleah)

went for my 1st lecture today. wanted to swop tutorial classes but the lecturer explained why not. but am so glad to find out that...............the 2 lectures each week are actually held online!!! hoooray! haharz, am so glad God answered my prayers, tho in a different way, totally unexpected :D

haa...indeed, He never moves without purpose or plan. here's another lesson for me to trust Him and see His goodness :D thanks to those of u who prayed for me! :)

well...i still gotta end at 4pm on thursdays but i'm just thankful to God that i no longer have to end at 7pm on tuesdays & fridays! also...i wanna thank God for answering my prayers thru ric today! i had to wait 2 hours for my lecture and was feeling so sian when ric told me her class had ended, so she accompanied me till i went for lecture...thanks so much ric!!! :D

hmm...just wondering how the rest are doing at church camp...really missed them!!! wished i could be there with them...but well, God-willing, i can always go next year! yup...and at least dear, jonathan & lydia didn't abandon me for church camp...hahaharz...(dear, next year we must go okay? erm...jonathan, maybe after u complete ns den we go together? haaa...)

Monday, June 21, 2004

help me, God...

well...just added a cds subject to my timetable today and cos of this, my whole timetable has been ruined. okay, in my opinion at least...i was pretty upset, but i guess God has His reasons. i noe...He never moves without purpose or plan, so all i can do now is to learn to accept His will...

i thank God for christian lecturers/tutors in my course. i wanted to change my cds but the course manager wouldn't allow it. was praying tt ms lim would be able to help me but yeah, if everyone's as indecisive as i am, the lecturers are gonna have a hard time...i thank God for ms lim who reminded me to look to God for strength to get thru this sem and told me i'd be in her "permanent prayer list"...a hug from her really comforted me, guess i'll just hafta take this as God putting me thru testing...and i'm sure He'll see me thru. amen.

just tot i'd share a thanksgiving too. was having a chat with mommy when she told me that today, my 3rd uncle and his family were at grandma's place when he suddenly remembered his new maid was boiling water back home just before they left. he asked her if she turned it off and she said "no"...sigh, they immediately rushed home to turn it off. mommy said tt grandma told her tt she almost called their home to see if everything was alrite but thank God she suddenly decided not to call. cos if she did, my uncle's home would most probably have exploded. thank God for being merciful...

oh prayer request: i'm gonna ask the tutor of tt subj if i could change classes, pray tt God-willing, i'll be allowed to...but if it's not in His will, pray tt i'll just accept it according to His will okay? hmm...thanks :)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

church dedication service & dinner

i'm listening to: Rainbow Connection -Lea Salonga

O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever.
O give thanks unto the God of gods: for His mercy endureth for ever.
O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for His mercy endureth for ever.
To Him Who alone doeth great wonders: for His mercy endureth for ever.
To Him Who founded Galilee Church at Pasir Panjang: for His mercy endureth for ever.
And called us out for a peculiar people unto Himself: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who spared and preserved us these 44 years: for His mercy endureth for ever.
And relocated our Church at Gilstead Road for a season: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who led us into Pandan Gardens: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who answered our prayers for a place of worship: for His mercy endureth for ever.
And a base for Missions: Praise His Holy Name!
And gave us the priviledge to build a House for Him: for His mercy endureth for ever.
With facilities and amenities to promote the Lord's work: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who moved His people to refurbish the Sanctuary & the ancilliary buildings, for His mercy endureth for ever.
And moved His people to give sacrificially: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who moved others to help us: for His mercy endureth for ever.
Who showed His great faithfulness and provided for all our needs on time, so that we were not in debt: for His mercy endureth forever.
That we might concentrate on extending His Kingdom: Praise His Holy name. Blessed be the Lord."

i just wanna praise God for His goodness towards us as we had our dedication service of the refurbished church cum triple annversary celebrations today! indeed, the Lord has been faithful & blessed us. looking back, i just marvel at how the Lord has blessed Galilee and provided for us each time we met or deadline. He has never failed us & shown us, shown me, His power again and again :D

thank God also for a really blessed time of fellowship we had during the thanksgiving dinner. i really enjoyed myself! (yesh dear, even tho i made a fool of myself in front of mr handsome just now : haa...) oh well...nothing i say can express my gratitude towards the Lord...i just praise Jehovah Jireh from Whom all blessings flow! AMEN!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

yay! good timetable!

i'm listening to: Above All -Michael W.Smith

praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! thank God for answering my prayers. indeed, like wat jonathan & auntie dot said today, God will bless those who love & honour Him :D

the past couple of days, i've been praying for 2 things regarding my timetable. (1)for God to give me a timetable He feels suits me best; (2)for me to accept watever He gives. but today, i knelt down by the sofa & made 2 requests :) that He gives me no 8am classes & no end-late classes! haa...

today, i was @ church dressing up the notice board for missions in thailand. mrs heng invited us up for lunch (macaroni cheese!!!) so cher allowed me to check out my timetable in her room. i was sooooo worried while waiting cos the system kept failing me. tt was when i went "alrite ppl, pray for me to get my timetable now!~" before i finally got 2 see it :D

i noe...some ppl dun understand why i'm making a fuss out of a timetable. but i just really thank God tt He hears me even when it's something as small as this. yup...God is my Jehovah Shammah -the God Who is there :)

thank God also for helping josiah, dear, fiona, youren, cher & i to complete dressing up the huge notice board on time for this sat's dedication service & dinner...

guess wat?? dear, fiona & i made cheesecake again today -blueberry cheesecake! haaa...wanna try it? come over for dinner soon! :D

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

great day!

i'm listening to: Rainbow Connection -Lea Salonga

praise God for another well-spent day :) played squash with josiah, daniel & lydia in the morning. didn't play very well, but i had fun with them (& using my new racket for the 1st time!). haa...

lydia & i den met up with jaime, dear, jonathan in town to catch the day after tomorrow. JACOB BENJAMIN GYLLENHAAL IS SOOOOO CUTE! *faints* anyway, am glad jonathan joined us despite his sore throat. *hugs* to you, best friend! haaaa *pukes* oh yah, look! i'm listening to tt rainbow connection song u sent me okay!!!

was so delighted when ric msged me to ask if i wanted to meet up her. so after dear left, the rest of us had dinner with ric. my, i bought so much stuff when i went shopping with her. and i kinda regret buying this skirt ric insisted i should get :( told mommy and she said i'd better wear it since i've bought it. spent so much...but hee, thank God mommy 'reimbursed' me when i showed her wat i bought... :P

sigh. guys, pls pray for mommy as she decides wat to do with auntie luz. we're in a dilemma cos she's been working for us for abt 18 years...i dunno why, but she's really so slack now...hardly does her work and giving mommy problems all the time...honestly, i dun wan mommy to send her back...but neither do i wan mommy to be so upset by her work attitude all the time... :

oh well...5 more days to enjoy myself and accomplish watever i want to, before sch starts...i pray tt God will help me to continue to spend my time wisely :D

Monday, June 14, 2004

baking day!

i'm listening to: Last Kiss -Pearl Jam

whhhheeeeeee!~~ i baked shepherd's pie & cheesecake with dear today!!! you won't believe this but the both of us really accomplished much today!!!

met charissa & dear @ church in the morning cos she wanted 2 borrow our sleeping bag & stuff. cher drove dear & i to KAP 2 discuss wat to put up on notice board before we went grocery shopping @ cold storage. no shepherd's pie mix @ KAP cold storage!!! so we went off to the one @ holland V & thank God, we managed 2 get it :)

dropped off stuff @ my home before we walked to the hawker's lunch. back home, dear & i had a chat with cher while preparing base 4 cheesecake. cher left and i decided to paint the walls near the main door. haaa...frm baking 2 painting, coolness eh? ;)

when we were done with painting, lydia arrived just as dear & i were starting on our oreo cheesecake. we almost made a mess outta it, but by God's grace & all the running to & from ntuc, we managed 2 save our cheesecake!!! hoooray! and thank God, shepherd's pie was much easier to bake tho there were more steps to getting it done...really thank God also 4 lydia who came over after sch to help us out!!!!!!!!

thank God 4 friends (guinea pigs) who came over 2 try our cooking. friends like jaime, josiah & my beloved ss! haaa...thank God also for their gratefulness. no bad comments! josiah actually took the first bite into our shepherd's pie & went "WAH! not bad ah!" *winkz* love u josiahhhhhh!!! haaaa...

oh well, i just wanna really really thank God for a fruitful day spent with my friends and, even family! it's truly been a really enjoyable day & i hope those of you who came enjoyed yourselves u guys :D

oh yesh...dear, thanks for spending today with me, wisely! haaa... big *HUGZ*

Saturday, June 12, 2004

cute fila guy, cute fila guy...

i'm listening to: What the Heart Wants -Colin Raye

argghhh!!! after telling dear & fiona abt the cute guy i saw @ fila, i keep tinking abt him now!!! *lolz*

went out with lydia, josiah & daniel gerald, and his fren joined us later on in town...felt really weird cos i'm actually out in town on a saturday afternoon??!? haaa...but thank God for a really nice day with my frens.

den i had to tink tt i had ushers meeting @ 5pm so i decided to fold bulletins before tt time...turned out it wasn't compulsory for me to attend cos i'm not exactly an usher but a GREETER!!! jonathan wang ruiming, u dodo bird!!! made me go back to church just as i was enjoying myself...haiz (k la, better make it clear tt i'm just kidding or he'll start #*&@! me again) :P btw jon, pls remember: u guys are ushers while we girls are GREETERS okaaayy!!! u twit head!!! :P

oh well...still, i had fun anyway...sheesh, how i wish i could see tt cute fila guy again!!! aaaahhhaaahhhhhhhhh~~~~ :P

Thursday, June 10, 2004

gtf camp testimony

i'm humming to: Yield Not to Temptation -Horatio R.Palmer
(gtf camp theme song 2004)

i praise and thank God for being our Chief Camp Master! with little time in our hands, i thought that this camp would not be that interesting and not many would sign up. i prayed that God would bring some youths outside gtf, especially since gtf's theme for the year was "Reaching out to others". i'm grateful to God for answering my prayers by bringing meijun, charissa ho & priscilla to join us.
we tried "new" activities this camp and i'm amazed at how God can turn our little ideas into really meaningful activities. tracting was a good experience as i worked with rev ong. i learnt that even when people reject the gospel and close their doors on us, we ought to pity them and pray for God to break thru their hearts. having a night walk with a purpose of getting to know each other allowed me to learn something about each camper i walked and talked with. instead of walking in our own cliques, we walked in pairs and swopped partners every ten minutes. the walk around pandan reservoir was really a great time of bonding and sweet fellowship.
during these 4 days, God taught me precious lessons thru precepts and situations He put me in , like when i kept praying for Him to stop the rain so we could have our bbq on the roof garden on wednesday night. God showed me His way was always best when the camp"fire" in the mandarin worship service room turned out very well and better than i expected. thru precepts, we studied the life of King Josiah and the choices he made that pleased God. i learnt that children do not always have to follow their parents' choices. even if our parents have made the wrong choices in life, we can always seek to do what is right and glorifies God. an impt reminder was "God means what He says and does what He says". so don't ever challenge His laws and think we can get away with it.
i thank God for the many, many hands that have contributed to keep this camp going. i'm grateful for those who perservered even in tougher times (like getting burnt while preparing meals!). i pray that the lessons learnt frm this camp will stay with me; for God's grace and strength to execute them. may He also keep the zeal of serving Him, in our hearts!

i'd like to thank God for friends He gave me:
1. charissa, for being such a blessing to me. am glad God allowed you to enter into my life :D
2. cher & rev ong, for always patiently being our supervisor & advisor
3. youren, for being a responsible camp master, it's been fun working with u as camp mistress (cos most stuff were done by you!)
4. lydia, for helping me set up the camp"fire" & for chairing the whole thinggie with me, am thankful to Him for your enthusiasm!
5. fiona, 4 perservering in preparing meals for us with us even tho u burnt yourself a couple of times! and daniel, for being such a great chef!
6. dear & josiah, for all the exciting games you've planned for us! congrats to being the BEST 2 gamesmasters! (on gwyneth's list, heh)
7. ss, for helping out with tracting and the night walk, and for being such a joke and making us laugh all the time :P and of cos for being my beloved!
8. meijun, for being an answer to my prayers by coming to camp :)
9. my bro(darrell darling), aixin, johnathan, reggie, eve, jess, jaime, adeline (& all those whom i've missed out without intention), for signing up for camp!

Monday, June 07, 2004

him again...

i'm listening to: Testify to Love -Avalon listening to tt song AGAIN...finally done with packing...time flies. gtf camp in less than 7 hours.

been tinking abt it. and talking to close frens abt it. how retarded can i get huh? deep inside, i really really wanna be talking to him again. but pride's in the way. it's been months...saw him @ church today. wanted so much to just ask him "how have u been?" but as usual, i walked away again. perhaps i should ask him abt it. why he did wat he did to me. give it one last shot...if he isn't willing to, i shall just have to give up this friendship tt i once tot was perhaps the most wonderful one 6 yrs back. to the 3 of you who lent me a listening ear and tried giving me advice, thanks...i really appreciate it...just keep me in ur prayers yah? i'm praying tt God will give me strength to speak to him and, forgive him. if i haven't afterall.

"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never." sigh...really? thanks for tt quote anyway, apri...

anyway...ignore my blabbering if u dun get wat i'm talking abt now...see u guys in 4 days...perhaps i'll be back on a much lighter note den :

Saturday, June 05, 2004


i'm listening to: Testify to Love -Avalon

fri, 21st may 2004
started work at ERC at 9.30am. caught fiona & jon online & had a good chat with jon over some stuff :) went grocery shopping with mrs heng & p'yim. learnt how to cook tom yam soup frm p'yim & spotted a rat jumping off the stove area! went shopping at central with mrs heng, p'yim & dear. saw sushi @ sakae gng reeeallly cheap so we bought some for supper ;p

sat, 22nd may 2004
went shopping @ ban tawai in the morning. had chicken rice for lunch. wow-wee, the chicken rice frm tt stall was really DELICIOUS. arrived @ ERC to work but couldn't accomplish much, was rather distracted. went home to learn how to bake shepherd's pie frm mrs heng. funny tt dad always calls during or before dinner time. went shopping @ night bazaar & got most gifts...just tinking of wat to get 4 the guys... :\ car tyre leaked on our way home, had to go to the repair shop instead.

sun, 23rd may 2004
went to payap church. joined youths 4 prayer meeting & shared my thanksgiving testimony :) went to p'yim's place on her bike (w/o helmet!!!) too bad i couldn't get a shot of myself on it : went to flea market with p'yim, p'ao, apple & dear after dinner & i tried pad thai!!! it was not bad :)

mon, 24th may 2004
went to ERC in the morning to work while bro nat went for a meeting. john john came along with us. dear & i couldn't accomplish anything cos we were SUPER distracted, plus the internet connection went down. neung dropped by with a new hair-do & we took some photos :D went to develop photos @ this shop where this girl didn't noe how to use the pc & deleted 4 shots really impt to me. how often do i get to take a pic with my dad lo... :( thank God for strength to forgive her when bro nat brought me back to the shop again. last min shopping @ central. met p'yim's 'boyfren'. forgot his name :P felt really awful cos it was my last nite in chiangmai. but again...back home, i'd see my friends once again :)

tue, 25th may 2004
said our teary goodbyes at chiangmai international airport. i'll be missing john john & geoff so much :( arrived safely in singapore @ 2.45pm local time. felt real good seeing my friends waiting on the other side of the glass :)

oh well...sounds quite boring reading abt my trip. just wished tt you guys could be there experiencing everything yourselves. God has been good...really good...and i thank God for allowing me to go on this's been an adventure, a great learning experience...and an encouragement

jonathan licks his own elbow!

i'm listening to: "America's 25 favourite praise & worship choruses for Kids"

ever heard tt a human cannot lick his/her own elbow? says who?!?! jonathan can! he did just tt when we were having dinner @ long john's. the next time i hang out with ppl like jonathan, ss, fiona & dear, i should bring along a paper bag with 2 holes ;P

anyway...just wanted to tell u guys i really enjoyed myself today. all the way frm church...all the crapping...we haven't had so much fun like this in a long time huh? thank God for today. and of cos, most imptly, friends like you all... :D love you lots.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


i'm listening to: Not That Different -Colin Raye

yayness. got a 'praise & worship choruses' for kids when i was out with eve today. can't wait to teach the kids at jws some new songs!!! (deeeearrr...i'm so excited! heehee)

woke up real late today @ 1pm! spent some time tinking abt wat i should do 4 tuition with dexian and thank God, things weren't tt bad afterall when he came over. time passed pretty quickly, in fact :) am glad i got a chance to tell him abt how much we've all been praying for him and his eng paper...silly boy, asked me "eh? ur frens noe me meh?" haharz... :P

thank God 4 an opportunity to hang out with eve & catch up with her...haven't really got a chance to hang out since i came back frm chiangmai...had lotsa fun & eve got so much stuff today lo!!! haharz...

am in a good mood today, so i shall continue a lil abt my trip:

tue, 18th may 2004
as usual, went to payap to set questions but we went home earlier so we could take sugar & spice to a park in chiangmai university. it was really fun throwing the tennis ball into the lake and watch sugar & spice dive in to retrieve it :D had dinner back home before we went for our 2nd & last prayer meeting at raintree resource centre. got to meet more missionaries like auntie esther, uncle rob & auntie sue. auntie esther & uncle rob were realy funny. didn't know they were married till someone teased auntie esther "the bible says obey ur husband!" haa...also learnt tt auntie esther's actually the VP of dunno wat religious thinggie at payap. coolness. had supper with bro nat & sis pat (soya bean milk with lotsa funny stuff in it)...i had a really good chat with them :D

wed, 19th may 2004
went to carrefour to get blinds for ERC. dear & i ended up at Macs drinking sprite float tt cost only 22 baht. so cheap lo! 90cents?? went for dinner at p'dim's home. my, her home was really beautiful. she personally cooked dinner for us and was really hospitable. has a cute son studying in UK leh ;p haharz. oh well, really encouraging to see how God has blessed her family. and how much zeal she has in serving the Lord.

thu, 20th may 2004
got up @ 5.15am to set off for mae sariang. wow-wee, 5.55am in chiangmai's really bright. u should check out the photo i took. poor dear...was suffering frm stomach pains all the way to mae sariang... (5 hours trip lo) thank God for answering prayers and making dear alrite when we arrived @ the atkinson's new home. God's indeed Jehovah Jireh. provided them with an old but beautiful & huge guesthouse for only 8000baht. back home, p'wit & p'nan came over at night to say goodbye cos they were leaving 4 bangkok the next night. may God bless them in their service :D

okay...shall go have my shower & i'll continue sharing more abt my trip soon...left with 5 days anyway...haaaa...oh yesh, 4 days more to gtf camp 2004!!!!!!! wooooohoooo!~~~~

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

painting my home~

i'm listening to: Purple the Orion -Da Pump

eve sent me this song 5 minutes ago. no idea wat they're singing abt but since eve sent it.....haaaa ;)

i'm feeling so refreshed frm a good bath now! i spent the whole day painting my living room! 8hours lo!!! can't wait for u guys to come over & see it! maybe when i decide to bake for u guys??! haaa...oh yah, anybody need help painting your home, just hire me okay?? hee hee... :D

this morning, i woke up to my alarm @ 8.15am. i wanted 2 have a nice shower before meeting cher for a chat. but i went back to sleep and auntie luz only woke me up @ 9.05am when cher was downstairs in the living room!!!!! arrghhhhh!~~~~ felt so bad so i took a 5minutes shower instead~ well...the night before, i was pretty stressed abt the chat we were gonna have but thank God, we had a really nice talk...talked abt family, sch, trip to chiangmai, bgr, gtf and a whole lot of stuff...looking back, God has indeed blessed me...He's seen me thru so much and never once has He let me down...brought me thru trials but He didn't just leave me there...praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

okay la...toked too much again so i shall talk abt wat i did in chiangmai tmr...haaaa...those of you gng for prayer & fasting at church tmr, may God speak to you!