Genesis 22:1-14: December 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

YF camp 2006

and so, this is my 9th and last YTF/GTF/YF camp. i praise and thank God for answering our prayers by bringing so many youths to camp ths year. because this time it wasn't just the YF, but many galilee youths (i don't really like calling them non-YFers actually), who attended this camp on "True Friendship", it's been a really special camp to me. from just 3 who signed up, the no. of campers went up to 34, by God's grace, on the day before camp. i really enjoyed this year's camp...actually because of the younger campers. as i stood there with auntie amy during last nite's bbq, looking at the campers mingling & talking excitedly by th pit, she pointed out to me "how good it'll be if all these ppl here belonged to the YF". at tt moment, our camp theme verse from psalm 133:1, suddenly became so real to me. "behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" i thank God for the bond tt we've built among us over the 4 days, or maybe even past 2 weeks cos of ss camp. tho camp is now over, i pray tt these youths will remember the lessons they learnt on true friendship and seek to be a true friend to others, esp their brothers/sisters-in-Christ here in galilee! like what daryl pointed out, may we all not ignore one anor on sundays anymore, but stop to talk to one anor. i pray too, tt one day, we'll all be able to truly see ourselves as ONE family of God, sharing not only our happiest moments but bearing one anor's burdens.

feels quite sad sitting here in front of my ibook actually. i wished i were at camp with my friends...but honestly, it isn't my supposedly closest friends whom i wanna be with right now...i don't know why, but i've been feeling so left out around them these days...and i can't help it. the ppl whom i least expected to enjoy myself with, were the ones who really made me happy and enjoy this 2 camps...i guess nobody can help me...all i pray now is for myself to remember tt even if nobody cares or understands, God does...

Friday, December 08, 2006

sunday school camp'06

thank God for a meaningful week spent at ss camp. it's been wonderful working with the grp "growth" and i really thank God for each of them: samuel (i/c), jasmine (2i/c), shaun teo, isaac, seth, alicia, grace, beatrice, ian, korina & shaun tan :) this grp is always eager to learn and thus the decision to name them "most teachable grp at camp". thank God for His guidance as i followed this grp around for activities, led them in morning devotions and "connect" sessions, with my co-mentor josiah. thank God for their attentiveness during "connect" & of cos, alex for sharing his craft ideas with the juniors' mentors :) i thank our Sovereign God too, who granted us good weather thru the camp. it is def not by chance, but by divine intervention tt on the 1st 2 days it didn't rain in the afternoon during our hike & swimming carnival, but rained at tt time on the 4th day so we could have our campfire at nite! :) i enjoyed being with the teens/children - not just those from my grp - and i really appreciated how they made me so comfortable being with them. it was also exciting to see how the members of "growth" grow over the 5 days at camp and one thing i really need to thank God for would be how they've applied what i shared with them during one morning devotion, tt is, to give God the glory when they recieve praise, instead of just saying "thanks" or worse, rejecting the praise. God also proved Himself real to them when they gained victory during games, esp during the skit. they won not because they were good, but because they prayed and committed them into God's hands :)

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