Genesis 22:1-14: March 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

maundy thursday

blow some bubbles or slap your thighs...anything! woooohoooo! today's the day i've been waiting for! my last paper! well, God-willing, i hope seat 53 would be my last exam table ever!

anyway, hung out with my best poly friends since year 1 (melissa, jiahui, yenting) and jade after our paper! i've never caught spongebob squarepants cartoons but caught the movie today (cos m so nice to you darlings, rite? even when u insisted on gng to lido. owe me one)'s a great feeling having all the stress lifted off my shoulders & to just enjoy myself : ) thank God for these friends i've had with me over the past 3 years...(btw guys, for making me go coffeebean instead of starbucks, u owe me two). nanny nanny poo poo!

well, went for maundy thursday memorial service this evening. it's the night before Christ was crucified...just wanna thank God for His great love towards us...and like pastor said, may we tink of the struggles Jesus went thru in the garden of gethsemane the night before He was Jesus could have chosen not to suffer on the cross, yet He, Who is totally blameless, allowed Himself to be humiliated and to be hung on tt cross to free us all from our sins. yeap...Jesus is THE (not a) WAY, THE Truth, and the Life.

maundy actually comes frm the latin word "mandatum" which means "commandment. in john 13:34-35, Jesus said, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this, shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have loved one another." during the middle ages, foot-washing was practised. altho we do not practise foot-washing today, may the spirit of humility of our Lord be amongst us as we minister to each other's needs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


thank God for seeing me thru 2 papers. they've been tough. but yeah...only God can help me now. so, all to Jesus i surrender...yup, shall leave it all to God now...i've done my best, He will do the rest : )

thanks to ric for a wonderful opportunity to catch a fashion show this evening. it's my first time sitting down right in front so near the stage in a fashion show. as in really sit down and watch. yeah, THAT KINDA fashion show. was great : ) at the end of it, the ADM Class of 2005 -both designers & merchandisers - walked down the stage. as i sat there applauding, i couldn't help but feel so proud of erica. well, just thank God for seeing her thru her tough period. m glad it's all over for her now. m sure this evening has been the show she's been waiting for : ) congrats ric! & thanks for inviting me & eve down for the show : )

as for me...m left with the final lap, God-willing! one more paper tmr & m off to enjoy myself : ) really thank God for seeing me thru the week...i pray tt He'll grant me the wisdom i need for tmr's paper too...m not even done with preparation...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

howl's moving castle

...was absolutely fantastic : ) thank God for a wonderful time of catching up with alex over dinner and during the longgg wait for the movie to start! haa, after this evening out with alex, i've actually come to realise tt alex's quite a gentleman too. like wow, he's one of the rare singaporean guys who would open and hold the door for you, willing to swop seats with u if yours is dirty etc. so, thanks to alex, for accompanying me to tt show, and of cos, for stopping at jurong mrt to accompany me to the bus stop : ) well, while i was taking a bath, a tot suddenly came to my mind. like hey, i've finally caught a movie with alex laaaa. (shelia dearie, u'll prolly know wat i mean?) anyway, i had a really great friday evening : )

hmm...looks like i'd be getting up a lil later again later in the morning. i got myself only abt 3 hours of sleep last nite & got up really early to meet ss at creative. wow-wee, i've never seen ss so on-time caan...he was actually earlier than me! yeahhh, and i was late..aye. anyway, i met him at abt 7am but the queue was already ultra long cos apparently, ppl had camped there overnite to be first in the queue. like how 'kiasu' can singaporeans get. sheesh.

okay, did no constructive studying today & jiahui just asked me if i did! aikes...i'd better try to get gng later in the day before gng for YF. i pray tt God will give me the discipline & wisdom to read up on all those huge stacks and stacks (and more stacks) of notes. well, the only consolation was tt melissa, jiahui, yenting, jade & i spent almost the entire afternoon (till abt 10pm) preparing for our IP & insurance law in-tray problems on thu. just thank God for the time spent with them...and suddenly, i feel kinda sad tt this would be our last time working together late into the nite...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

bloody (literally) squabbash!

really thank God for making things go smooth for me today. just as i boarded the bus at the interchange on the way to uncle siong teck's place for squash, allvina called me to tell me tt i could get alan to give me a ride. the bus uncle had already moved off but was nice enuf to let me get off. i tried calling alan, but he didn't pick up & i kinda panicked when my hp batt went low. i quickly went to a tel phone booth to try getting him (like how long have i not touched one? & it was so oily lo!) when someone tapped me on my shoulder. thank God it was alvin ng! it was nice of him to lend me his hp to call alan & even offered to stay arnd in case they called him back on his hp. when my hp rang, i went "alan ah?" only to hear the person say "no, alex here". he told me tt his parents could give me a ride to uncle siong teck's place...was pretty surprised how they knew i needed a ride there (turned out cos allvina manage to contact uncle hoon poh) but at the same time, felt so relieved. went over to their place to wait and got to catch up a lil with alex. he's so funny. always hurries to grab a shirt whenever he hears anybody asking for him...haa. teased him abt how he chooses his game over us every sun, but at least i found out his game subscription ends on 19th march, so hopefully he'll be free to hang out with us!

(alrite, just realised the whole para above is full of ppl whose names begin with the letter "A")

this evening's squash game was bloody. literally. this guy called junhao, who joins them for squash every tue, rammed right into the wall and his specs left him a cut on his eyebrow. i've never seen so much blood in front of me, let alone clean it up. the kids were all ee-ing away while auntie christine, auntie jess & i wiped the blood off the court & his racket (funny, but i tot it reminded me of a scene in the passion of the Christ, heh). oh my, from the amount of blood on the floor and his hands & face, we really tot he needed quite a few stitches. but thank God for sparing him a trip to the hospital cos it eventually stopped bleeding profusely. indeed, God is merciful...

well, i had lotsa fun playing squash with the auntie celine & auntie christine. and of cos, tennis (for a while) with the tennis-ers incl the formidable liang twins! i've finally seen them play for myself! haa, and i can now say i played BESIDE a twin! hee, was quite paiseh but it was such a consolation hearing the twin (dunno which tho) say "heyy, tt shot was not bad!" or "nice shot" when i get the ball over. haharz...but reality hurts, i suck at it.

anyway, really thank God for this evening. thank God also for uncle siong teck & auntie christine for opening their home to us, and for their love & hospitality!

Monday, March 14, 2005


...with maple syrup actually taste great, i realised...thanks to jade, who intro-ed this 'secret recipe' to me during breakfast at macs this morning! and ha, thanks to melissa who, for the 1st time walked so fast, jus so we won't miss the breakfast time...haharz

wat a great start to my STUDY break. yeah man, i sure did study...if sitting together in the library chatting away counts. haa...wanted to go home & sleep, but mel, jh, yenting & i ended up gorging ourselves and catching a movie! anyway, Hitch's a good show : )

just thank God tt i dun hafta be at sch tmr...cos i'll be able to sleep in a lil more : ) and A (or rather, jeremiah) has gone to phuket with the thailand campus crusade team. i pray that God will keep them safe & use this team to be a blessing to the ppl there...and i pray, too, that God will open the hearts of the ppl who will hear His word and be touched by the Holy Spirit...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

john john is back!

thank God for a really wonderful Lord's day! bro nat, sis pat, and of cos john john & geoff are back! haa...john john really made my day. BIG TIME. when i walked by the cry room during service this morning, i spotted sis pat in there when she turned and waved at me. knowing john john was definitely in there, i walked towards the door and just nice, lil john john slowly pushed the sliding door open with all his might and called out "gwyneth jie jie"! aaaaaaahhhh! and sis pat told me he's been looking for me all morning since they were in the car!!!!! met mrs heng later on and she too said john was looking for me in the car! haa...was told tt the only ppl he remembered were me & shelia! : ) hohoho! when i squatted down to talk to him, john john hopped on to me and clung on like a lil koala! it felt soooo good and boy, i almost melted in his arms, er i mean with him in my arms...heh heh heh :D

had a great afternoon with eve & her bro daniel, peijun, josiah, ss, youren, marcus (& johnathan ng just followed us from church). we (cept josiah cos he had to wait for johnathan) went to the esplanade to catch a performance in the concert hall and wow, it was sure a good one...i dun remember the lady's name...but i know she's the one who trained the singapore idols ppl...and wooo, she's goooood. we walked all over cityhall, suntec etc...and finally went back to the esplanade to catch the live performances by the bay and haa, just wanna really thank God tt He allowed me to complete my proj by fri nite so i could enjoy myself with my friends today : )

alrite...m feeling soo full now and m still drinking mango juice. just got home from dropping by at the new 7-11 store with kor & darrell at our place! yeah, a 7-11 store at teban gardens can! haharz...just bought a drink for the sake of buying something and anyway, kor paid for all the stuff. aw man. i should have taken more stuff lehhhh...(just kidding!)

well...m really very happy today. not just happy. m feeling really blessed. with all sincerity, i thank everyone who has made my day...and of cos, glory to the God Most High for every single joy brought to me today : )

blessed 26th birthday, dixon : )

Saturday, March 12, 2005

to my Best Friend, with love!

woooooooo! feel so HOT now. haharz, hot as in perspiring and all okaay. feels good letting some perspiration out...been a long time since i allowed myself to run! darrell went running so i decided to tag along for a walk in the park...but just before we were gng home, he wanted to do some sprinting and haa...i couldn't resist it and yeah, we had a few l'il challenges...and i beat him like only once, partly also cos he gave me a headstart! yikes...i feel so pok now. darrell said he's fast. but i had rather tell him m slow now. hee...well, i've realised how i can no longer sprint like in the good ol days...but boy, i sure had fun : )

okay, here's a l'il dedication to my one and only Best Friend, capital B capital F! dearest Best Friend, i wish you a very blessed 21st birthday - from the bottomless-bottom of my heart! with age comes wisdom, for you continue to grow in wisdom & stature of the Lord!

Best Friend & me!

Monday, March 07, 2005

the Only One i need

oh Lord Jesus...thank You for being my Friend, the Only One that i will ever need, always always there for me, yesterday today forever, the same...

i lay my life down at Your feet
cause You're the Only One i need
i turn to You and You were always there
in trouble times it's You i seek
i put You first that's all i need
i humble all i am all to You

one way, Jesus
You're the Only One that i could live for

You are always always there
everyhow and everywhere
Your grace abounds so deeply within me
You will never ever change
yesterday today the same
forever till forever meets no end

one way, Jesus
You're the Only One that i could live for
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
i live by faith and not by sight, for You
we live it all for You...
ryan, thank you as well...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

law games 2005

okay. so i had my last law games usual law fraternity games this year but this was good enough. thank God for strength & safety as we played. my finger joint hurts a l'il, but otherwise m fine : ) we won all the matches cept for one...dunno wat's the outcome but it's okay, m just glad i had fun and thank God for my team mates - ana, yanie, fiza, nissa, haider & erfendi : )

today's been a long day which i knew God would see me thru. went to sch to find tt presentation was cancelled so i had 3 hours before my IP test. the test. sigh...the questions weren't tough but m a l'il sad tt i allowed myself to make careless mistakes by not reading the choices carefully! and tutor really disappointed me when we went thru the answers today. she had set the questions so not-carefully & allowed 2 answers for this particular qn. however, when she realised tt the answers for other qns linked to it would be challenged as well, she decided to take back wat she said abt accepting 2 answers. oh well...i just felt tt if she really wanted to make her stand firm, she shouldn't even have made an allowance in the first place and took it back. as i watch the no. of students who argued with her abt it, i was really so tempted to argue as well...but m glad God reminded me tt i shouldn't be doing so. well, she's afterall the tutor and yeah, she has the shall just thank God for giving me the grace to just forget abt argueing with her...

alrite, m finally back home now. just filled my stomach with dinner too : ) hee...all i need now is a good warm bath before i sit at the com & try starting on my probate proj due this fri again : )

thank God for the wisdom, strength, sportsmanship (talking abt tt, thanks joel, for reminding me tt it outta be in me always anyway! ha) and all that i asked for! thank God also for those who have been faithfully praying for me! : )