Genesis 22:1-14: "told you to wait"

Friday, January 09, 2009

"told you to wait"

just slightly more than a week ago, my dad heard me say i wanted to get an organiser and he had told me to wait, and he'll get me a really good one. well...i didn't wait, and went to get one from kinokuniya.

after i spent $28.90 on a chip 'n' dale schedule dad gave me an organizer from barclays. -_-" and when i looked was really good. among other stuff, it includes the monthly page in the size of my preference. he made me show him my organizer, yes, the cheap, i mean chip 'n' dale organizer...and laughed at me. "told you to wait!~" so i asked him, "then what do i do with mine now?"

"throw away la!" =(

sigh...i can't help but silly.


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At 11:15 pm, Blogger gwyneth said...

bleah at you...just YOU WAIT, i'll laugh at you like this too when the opportunity arises..! :b


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