Genesis 22:1-14: the best donut ever

Thursday, September 23, 2004

the best donut ever

thank God for seeing me thru today's civil pro paper :)

just tot i'd share abt last nite. was feeling really frustrated from trying to study for civil pro, preparing my portfolio for submission today and worst of all, after i realised i'd lost my diskette. tt diskette was really impt cos it contained all my civil pro documents drafted in class and there was a particular doc i really needed for today's paper. i didn't know wat to do and just nice, colin came online and after i told him abt the diskette, he told me to go sleep and reminded me tt there's nothing i could do but to leave it to God. looking back, i realised tt wat he said was true...esp abt getting back the diskette if God really wanted me to.'s just anor earthly worries : )

i was abt to go upstairs (i was still feeling down then) when dardar brought some donuts home. "jie, donuts from the bakery. freshly baked. eat it now if u can yah?" he said to me. he'd gone fishing with his bunch of frens after the bbq so i was pretty surprised to see him back at 2am...he just passed me the donuts and ran off happily with his fren. i brought the donuts to the kitchen, not intending to eat it cos i was really full. and not tt i love donuts. but when i tot of wat my bro said to me...i decided no matter wat, i must at least eat half of it...since he got it so i could eat it warm, it'd be useless to leave it till the next day.

as i sat there on the kitchen floor, biting into the donut, i just couldn't help but cry...i was just so touched. just as i was feeling so down and out, he got me warm donuts! u me, those donuts weren't just warm...they were heart-warming...that donut was the best donut i ever ate. hmm...any of you reading this might not understand how i felt...but oh well. but u noe, i wanted so much to tell my bro tt if he ever wished for the best younger bro in the world, he can forget abt it. cos he's tt brother himself.


At 12:36 am, Blogger shelia said...

hey dear...well, am so glad u had the best donut frm the best bro! treasure God's gift to you ya.. =D


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