Genesis 22:1-14: library 'saga'

Monday, September 27, 2004

library 'saga'

studied alone at jurong library today. well, not really alone. this design girl shared her table with me until she left. after tt 2 sec sch boys came along and asked if i could share it. was really funny sitting there studying. we kinda got acquainted becos of this horrible incident. 2 indian security guards walked along each table and chased all the students who were studying away. and they did it really rudely. he insisted tt we had to leave cos we had no reference books with us. i reasoned with him tt ppl might wanna refer to the books later on but he insisted we leave. he wasn't polite at all. well...of cos me & the 2 boys didn't. we went to get reference books, just like all the other students there did. after tt get-out-of-the-library saga, the boys and i kinda talked a little like abt why shouldn't students be allowed to study there, esp since there weren't much ppl lo!

met jaime at the library for a while becos she was gonna have dinner at galilee cafe with auntie celine. tt girl, haiyo! kept insisting on giving me a treat to a drink there cos she so badly wanted to go there while i was trying to save up! haa...sorry jaime, anor time perhaps!

anyway, after jaime left, i was trying hard to concentrate on reading my otcm notes cos the boys were kinda 'warmed up' and started chatting away. loud enuf for me to hear their conversation and i was trying not to hide my smile when this guy was teaching his buddy how to lose weight...haaa...oh well, pretty frenly kids. well, frenly ppl i met at the table today anyway. the first girl & the 2 boys said bye to me before they left...i tot it was really nice of them : )

oh well, enuf abt my wonderful experience at the library today. haa...oh yeah, saw this guy snacking on a snickers bar and i told myself i must get my teeth on a bar today!

prayer requests: safe flight for my daddy as he travels home tmr! and wisdom as i sit for my otcm paper!

yup...gonna snack on my snickers bar now! ciao!


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