Genesis 22:1-14: higher hands are leading me!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

higher hands are leading me!

i'm listening to: New Day -Avalon

so happy today!!! zer & allvina actually just left less than 5 minutes ago. wat a pleasant surprise. zer succeeded again, in bluffing me...haa...last nite we were just chatting on icq and she said she doesn't really wanna come back and it's still a long way to go before she comes back anyway...and today she turned up at prayer meeting~ haharz...

allvina, zer & i walked over to the coffee shop for teh tarik near my place after prayer meeting and zer decided to (as usual) play the same trick on kor. she got allvina to call him to try and ask him to come over to the coffee shop by saying tt she (allvina) was alone with me and she'll be lonely cos am gng home soon since i've got paper later...oh well, kor came over anyway and hmm, guess he was surprised-but-not-so-surprised. haa...

zer wanted kuan pin to pick her up but he was in town and didn't wanna leave so kor suggested tt zer & allvina come over to our place so we could chat while kor (and i) do our work...yup...was fun having them around!

today's been a great day. dear came over (supposedly to study) but we ended up watching "my sassy girl" tho we've both watched it a few times. am glad we got to spend some time together. she's been soooo busy with her ntu frens & weijie tt i had actually felt neglected!!!!!!! [thanks dear!!! *hugs*]

oh, and did i share abt wat happened yesterday afternoon? goes. i was looking for my companies act, searching thru piles of stuff but just couldn't find it. finally, i decided to go on my knees and begged God to help me find it. i got up, walked towards the pile on my piano chair, lifted some stuff and saw it right away. wonderful. wonderful reminder tt i shouldn't depend on myself too much : )

oh well...having company law paper in abt 9 hours and i'm still not prepared. haa...haven't even bathed!!! okay la...guess i gotta stop typing and get down to doing stuff. yup...oh...and of cos....



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