Genesis 22:1-14: thankful - with all my heart ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

thankful - with all my heart ;)

abt 5 months ago, i started to feel the left side of my chest hurting quite often. but due to camps and the many events in nov-dec, i only went to see a doctor in jan.
3rd jan 2007
thank God for answering my prayer, when He gave me a dilligent doctor who detected slight murmurs in my heart. even tho the ECG report read "normal", she was conscientious enough to tell me an ECG might not be able to pick up small defects and referred me to a cardiologist. the appt was set on 21st feb. i was told tt was the earliest date available, but i believed God could do anything. by God's grace, when i called the hospital, i was given an earlier date - 19th jan! praise God!

19th jan 2007
i met the cardiologist, who detected slight murmurs as well. ECG read "abnormal". was scheduled for an ultrasound scan in feb. before seeing the cardiologist, i had told shelia "m not scared anymore. m very sure i'll walk out of the hospital today, able to tell my friends & family m perfectly fine". so...honestly, tt faith waivered.

9th feb 2007
thank God for helping me realise tt as a YFer, i had the privilege of my fellow siblings-in-Christ praying for me. so i shared with them my fear and requested tt they pray for God to remove all my fears + anxieties and look to Him when m afraid, esp during the nights...thank God for courage/preparing me as i went for the ultrasound scan. during the ultrasound scan, i was not afraid at all, chatting with the lady doing the 45-min scan. but when i overheard anor lady + her discussing the possibilty of a shunt, i was so scared, i teared...

16th feb 2007
the cardiologist explained the results of the ultrasound scan. they found:
  1. i've got mild mitral valve prolapse. (something to thank God for, because all i have to do is take antibiotics before any surgery/dental procedures)
  2. the right side of my heart dilated, suspected a small shunt & so was scheduled for a transesophageal echocardiography.
8th march 2007
by then, i wasn't afraid of the situation/outcome anymore. i knew that my life is in the hands of Elohim, my Creator and tt He has numbered me my days. worrying will not change my days on this earth. what i was afraid of was...the procedure. the discomfort. haa...but thank God for family, friends & uncles + aunties at prayer meeting who faithfully prayed for me to have courage. (the scan was erm, well...rather interesting. haha...i'll tell you if you ask me abt it)

9th march 2007
the cardiologist confirmed tt there are 2 small shunts (holes) between the left/right atriums. people with mitral valve prolapse tend to have atrial septal defect but thank God, because the 2 holes are small, he will not have to do anything abt them but will just continue to monitor me annually. praise God!

i thank God for His grace & mercies on me. indeed, the God i serve is all-powerful, faithful and real. i thank God for the people He placed around me, who encouraged me and faithfully prayed for and/or with me during this test of faith. most impt of all, i thank God tt despite these little defects, He has kept me healthy the past 22 years and like i told mommy, "even with a mildly incompetent valve + 2 small holes, i've been actively involved in sports and even won medals. w/o them, i'd probably be taking part in the olympics! hahaha" :b all praise & glory be to God!

p.s. a big THANK YOU to those who've been my faithful fellow-prayer warriors!


At 6:13 pm, Anonymous aa said...

hi gwyn,
you will never know how glad i was when i heard the scan results that heart leapt...
good health is the foundation of a productive and rewarding life. Don't take two months to see a doctor huh! Just a reminder.

At 6:37 pm, Anonymous aa said...

hi gwyn,
me glad, glad in a sense you don't need to do any thing. just see him once a year! and i'm right,
most heart murmurs are harmless!

At 10:49 pm, Blogger gwyneth said...

haha, you're right AND prolly meant to say there'd be nothing wrong lorr. wrong because it turned out to be something ultimately...but yeah, thank God for sparing me from a surgery for now :)
and thanks for being so concerned thru out this whole period! really appreciate your smses, advice & encouragement ;)

At 10:56 pm, Anonymous aa said...

you're welcome... i might be "loh-soh" at just bear with me huh.
oh yes, i find your sharing very touching...

At 5:15 pm, Blogger timo said...

heeeeey! wa i din't know. i'm glad ur ok.

At 10:29 pm, Blogger gwyneth said...

helo timo, thanks! yup, m okay i guess. thank God...


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