Genesis 22:1-14: green tea shampoo, er, shower gel

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

green tea shampoo, er, shower gel

i'm listening to: Yue Ding -Zhou Hui

played squash with eve today. josiah was supposed to join us but came only after we decided to stop playing. so the both of them came over to my place to chill instead. went to the supermart nearby and we were really shocked by how cheap the prices of the stuff were!!! bought some chips and pigged in front of the tv till dinner time -.-"

eve wanted me to try her new body foam...some green tea thinggie with after her bath, she told me she left it on the bathtub for me to use...when i used it, first thing tt came to my mind: where are the beads?? tot she said there were micro-beads or something...but still, i just went ahead and soaped myself with thing tt came to my mind: where's tt shiok feeling she said it'll give?? nm...i'll tell her it doesn't work on me.

but after my bath, i came down with tt bottle of body foam and told her i left it on the bar-counter. forgot to tell her tt there were no beads and all.

about half an hour later, she was keeping tt bottle when she suddenly started laughing. "oh no gwyn! i gave u the wrong thing! this is shampoo!"

-.-" wonder my skin felt funnily-smooth. no wonder the body foam didn't have micro-beads in it. no wonder i didn't get any shiok feeling. hmm.

next birthday or christmas prezzie for eve? a voucher for her to get new specs.


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