Genesis 22:1-14: just some updates

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

just some updates

i'm listening to: You're My God -Jaci Velasquez

haven't blogged for quite a while. much has been happening tho, as usual. just wanna give thanks to the Lord most high for keeping me going, whispering into my ear tt He'll be there for me, constantly giving me strength.

wed, 11th aug 2004
went to sch for proj meeting. managed to get off early to meet jonathan since he was on block leave. haven't had a chance to talk to him. had a good afternoon having lunch with him at sakae sushi (his treat!)...haa...thanks Best Friend. both of us met up with alan for dinner. poor 'ol alan didn't have anyone to eat with. aww...

thu, 12th aug 2004
went to sch again for proj meeting. so much for a term break. anyway, met up with gerald and i asked erica to join us since she called to ask if i'd like to have dinner with her. took a long time before we 3 decided on where to eat. walked arnd, sat at starbucks and finally ended up sitting by the merlion park. realised tt it's a really nice place to just sit back, relax and enjoy the breeze...

fri, 13th aug 2004
went to pastor's place to help mrs heng make tiramisu with allvina & charissa teo. baked shepherd's pie for lunch too. went home since i had no plans...looked at some recipes online and suddenly decided to bake cookies & cream cheesecake :D was baking halfway when dear called to ask if i wanna go over to zer's place for movie and apple crumble...heh, popped by since kor was driving down too :P wow-wee, zer makes great apple crumble!

sat, 14th aug 2004
went to sch AGAIN for accounts class. went to church early to meet cher & daniel to prepare for this week's precepts. started to feel sick but stayed on for gtf's "church leaders' appreciation nite"...came down with fever so mrs heng gave me some pills to knock me out at nite...felt real sick back home...

sun, 15th aug 2004
real disappointed abt missing church. the moon was blue tt nite (okay, lame...haa)

mon, 16th aug 2004
got mc and had a real good rest. was telling a fren i felt like crying cos of the stress from work i haven't completed. thank God for tt fren who reminded me to cry out to God instead. thanks joel :) thank God also for giving me peace tt passeth all understanding...and for helping me complete my work on time for submission on tue.

had the opportunity to meet up with zer today for dinner before prayer meeting...thank God for the good time of fellowship :)

oh well...glad tt today's wed already...looking forward to sat and sunday...oh yes, peeeeeople, those of you who read this...remember yah...this fri is ZER's birthday!!!!!! :P


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